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  1. UI Size Settings Reset Bug
  2. Crest Stamp became blank and bug.
  3. Microsoft Security Essential block the launcher and flood the disk...
  4. visual screen bug
  5. Flooded Tomb Ghost - Silent forest - coffin in hidden cave
  6. Mining Proficiency Not Lower Cost or Time
  7. vehicle wagon not build
  8. Bug or no?
  9. Lassitude Bugged
  10. Auction House failed bid - Lost half my gold
  11. Guild Positions
  12. Random Crashes to desktop with no error code - SOLVED !!!
  13. Patron Labor Point Bug
  14. Quest: Harvest the Cotton Wagon Bug.
  15. Disconnecting and shutdown when interacting with the AH merchants
  16. broken gap closers
  17. Tradepack and maintenance
  18. QUEST: Battle for the golden plains
  19. Clipper "rubberbanding" (game breaking version)
  20. Cutscene Instances/Story (Getting stuck inside a new instance of the same being unable to log out)
  21. Exploit - AFKers in courthouse cannot be reported due to buff
  22. bow no longer working
  23. Auction bug
  24. sorcery spell 'Freezing Earth' doesn't work as described
  25. spammer cant be blocked
  26. Strawberries and blueberries are not vegetables
  27. Falling below the grounds
  28. Skill - Renewal - Vitalism Tree - Works as intended?
  29. These gold spammers on Ollo.....
  30. The AFK heroes are still here
  31. No longer in jury queue after using infamy potion.
  32. rendering textures slow dx9
  33. Healing potion craft
  34. Game crashing on some windows
  35. Enemy/friendly Buffbar Bug
  36. Game engine pop-up / pop-in
  37. Falling trew world/textures
  38. AFK players on Mirage's Island can not be reported
  39. Ode to Recovery (songcraft skill bug)
  40. Gold farmers!! glitched into rock please look!!
  41. No more main quests after Sloanes secret
  42. Presents and Politics Quest - No NPC
  43. Glider Bar
  44. Character
  45. Main questline GONE
  46. Custom Crest Stamp not appearing
  47. Thanks Trion Team.
  48. Cant Log In to Other Server
  49. video of bots teleporting straight to sanddeep gold trader
  50. Quest Log is blank
  51. Can you please fix Farmer's Workbench?
  52. Custom chat channels disapearing
  53. Gifting
  54. Bounty Hunter Cloak
  55. Auction House Excact search????
  56. Tree Planting Bug
  57. Sandeep Banshee Quest Bug
  58. Quest bug: Hal'dir Farm with a Mentor (when level 50!)
  59. My pet dont attack
  60. I got 1 bug report and 1 Annoyance
  61. I just lost 2x27gold due to an AUCTION HOUSE BUG
  62. Archery Endless Arrows Skill doing 1 damage per hit in duel
  63. Stuck in a sea under Count Sebastian's Retreat
  64. Patch broke underwater water breathing !!
  65. Queensgrove
  66. Failed to load game data!! HELP
  67. Font size too small in game on 1440p screen after this update
  68. Stuck inside a house
  69. Auroria item on auction house
  70. Can't chat more than one character
  71. Game Crashed
  72. Chat on Ezi borked
  73. AFK Timer bug
  74. Quest in Sanddeep
  75. gotta kicked out and get in the queue, but actually selected "Select Character" ingame
  76. [Skill Bug] Twilight & Ship Movement
  77. No patron
  78. Never! AFK Kick
  79. Spammers using new chat exploit
  80. Fullscreen issue (not filling screen)
  81. Game crash quest disappear
  82. Authenticator not working?
  83. Enemy Boat Harpoon Bug!
  84. Issue with Patron status
  85. A bugged Harani quest.
  86. Cannot "Manage Guild"
  87. Parts of my character should have armor, but they are invisible....floating head o.o
  88. Lost gold.
  89. No LOS -Portable Harpoon Cannon Ship Pack
  90. Apprentice's Ocean Gear Set
  91. AI Immunity BS
  92. Trade Run: Solzreed to Memoria Blue Salt Brotherhood Quest
  93. Fix stealth
  94. Can't report bots of other faction
  95. Why Thread Deletion?
  96. Issue with Hotkey Bar
  97. Can't create new characters on NA
  98. Spam filter is blocking my whispers
  99. YOU created a bug
  100. no coneting
  101. Main QUESTS bug
  102. Swimming problems
  103. Suggestion: Teleport Camping
  104. Glittering Prizes
  105. Kill Hieronimus With a Mentor - Bug
  106. I can't change name display
  107. No Item nor money back on AH
  108. Teleporting Gold bot's
  109. No Custom Crest Display at High Graphics
  110. Quest: Breath of the Dragon. Forever incomplete
  111. Loading bug issue
  112. mounts and pets
  113. Battlerage: Triple slash
  114. Pressing V Key pastes text in chat
  115. (((((((((((((Witchcraft (Focal concussion),Occutilism(Overpowered spell locus)))))))))
  116. Please add right click reporting features in game
  117. Bugged Archery Skills
  118. Bots in Enla Server Near North Devi River
  119. Crest Brainstorm Causes game crash?
  120. Game Crashes Mid Play
  121. Another Patron Status Request
  122. "Your local files cannot be upgraded to the current version. A full re-download is required."
  123. Disconect on Airship = Death
  124. Account Ban after hack
  125. Is there any lunagems works on bow?
  126. Armor bug ?
  127. CryEngine Error new server Nui EU
  128. Since last update, UI unit frames reset when game client closes due to player AFK
  129. Prison Break
  130. Suspected of botting!
  131. People still kill me when im in my own house with the windows closed
  132. F2P player, apparently had auction access after first day patron bug.
  133. Gaining footprints and infamy from stealing the opposing faction's crops
  134. PVP flagging
  135. Users avoiding AFK reconigtion
  136. Courtroom AFK exploit.
  137. Fix your servers.
  138. Guild Invite Bugged ?
  139. Vanishing Failed Bid Money?
  140. Self Suffiency: Craft Wrist Guards
  141. Game doesn't remember custom UI positions
  142. Bots that Autorun to the Judge to Prove Their Innocence
  143. Farmhouse in farm Area
  144. 2 "why does it work this way?" lame game mechanics
  145. Phantom Character problem
  146. Quest dissapears from map
  147. Can't view crime info past first page
  148. Don"t fix the afk boot
  149. Can't use chat in game
  150. Spinners & Runners. SPINNERS & RUNNERS EVERYWHERE.
  151. Quest: Harvest the Cotton in Sandeep broken
  152. main quest bug, or lack from level?
  153. Name display bug?
  154. Songcraft Passive: Uptempo
  155. Lagg/freezes ingame
  156. Mountain in Falcorth Plains
  157. Meteor Strike Breaking Sleep CC before it dealt damage
  158. Lutesong Junk (Eastern Galleon)
  159. Item stats +0 , is this a gameplay bug or just a text bug?
  160. Quest tracker issue after patching
  161. Character lost!
  162. Quest tracker issue with resize UI
  163. Sprint is bugged
  164. Ezna Farmhouse house transfer/sell to character on same account
  165. Guild perms and titles
  166. Map Bug
  167. Mounts and Pets Xp Lost
  168. Auctioneer
  169. Skill Flamebolt
  170. People are cheating the AFK system.
  171. Bug: turn keys become strafe keys while holding left-click
  172. Range bug
  173. Entire Game (NOT Voices) In Korean
  174. Nuw ubable to load in to Ezi
  175. Glass Phoenix Glider is gone
  176. Launcher Error #1005
  177. Heroic Armour Buff Not working correctly
  178. Under the World
  179. Jury Duty Audience = Afk Audiance on ollo
  180. Breath Bar?
  181. AH bidding - lost all my savings.
  182. I fell through the earth
  183. North coast of Ynystere game bug takeing tradepacks
  184. Leveled up, but stayed the same level
  185. Sanddeep aquafarm zone bugged
  186. PVP Bug
  187. Kicked by the Game Master???
  188. Farm area around base Western house is not th same as base Eastern house
  189. Moonswept Homes in Twocrowns, memory tome not working
  190. Sabre fang cub won't stay grown
  191. Tigerstrike and Charge range is broken.
  192. Can't get rid of anything in my inventory!
  193. Broken Protection in alliance zones
  194. Auction House Glitch
  195. HACK: Game Breaking Hack - Economy is dead
  196. Gear Quality buff
  197. Intentional Exploit
  198. CHATBUG: Gold Spammers posting in chat without name appearing
  199. Plate armor gone from quest
  200. Gold Trader Francesco not on Dewstone map
  201. Elf Main Quest Missing
  202. Custom Crest Colums
  203. Ayanad Ruins Worldgate in Caernord
  205. Pirate Daily CAN bug
  206. How they abuse the Afk timer now
  207. Trees disapear
  208. Black arrow mount bug
  209. Capes not keeping custom emblem.
  210. New Saberfang Battle Pet doesn't get older
  211. Crest is 'uploading'
  212. Building place bug!
  213. Escape From Black Sands
  214. AFK Exploit
  215. ''Rite of the Gladiator'' Arena Quest is not progressing
  216. Prisoned for 1d 4h, ESCAPED!
  217. No water bug
  218. Criminal Record Memo only shows when hovering first page
  219. Hotkeys being disabled
  220. Glider Upgrades - Founders Pack Fails
  221. Prisoner Debuff not decreasing?
  222. Trees are taking 6x the normal time to produce
  223. 5v5 Bug
  224. Bug when selling Scarecrow farm to same account
  225. Quality of Life suggestions for guild management
  226. Bots all over Tahyang
  227. Bug Report : Drumline Percussion pack
  228. Crashes
  229. Any reason why one of my crest ink lost it's image?
  230. Trion, fix your game please.
  231. Bugged Quest NPC - Can't Complete Quest
  232. Seal-point Sabrefang Cub bugged!
  233. Mouse Pointer- Very Annoying
  234. Login logs me out then duplicates me
  235. Windows Defender blocks archeage
  236. Triple Slash not doing damage on third strike
  237. Training scarecrows - used to afk bot and remain in game.
  238. I fell through the World
  239. levelling alt classes
  240. Can't buy farm
  241. Problems with Spiked Iron Fence (and Stone Post)
  242. Black textures
  243. Character Log in Bug - HELP!!! :3
  244. Starting to get Blurry Ground Textures
  245. Prisoner debuff should decrease while offline!
  246. Website Cashshop
  247. Can't interact with workbenches
  248. Seal-point Sabrefang Cub stays a cub
  249. slow rendering caused by packed servers?
  250. can't see names!