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  1. Possible Spawn Bug
  2. Fishing boat bugs
  3. Occultism; Distressed Debuff.
  4. Half of a lake(or something) covering some land / houses
  5. Overhelm not hitting : Bug or not ?
  6. Draw Distance/Object Rendering Issue
  7. Polar Bear Problem !!! Urgent !!!!
  8. ArcheAge randomly activates ctrl key (ctrl-lock).
  9. Music Sheet Bug
  10. Boat bug causes banning
  11. Chat bug, crashes game
  12. Archemaster title bugged !
  13. Handicrafts Bug: Making Sealed Earring Produces Sealed Ring
  14. Flickering nicks
  15. Quests broken
  16. DC on Airship - Fall Death
  17. Authentication servers disallowing traffic
  18. Fish stole my polar bear!
  19. Hadir Farms: lv50 but Lucius keeps giving Mentor quest not Mentee
  20. Zeal Bugged
  21. Harani story chapter 18 missing?
  22. unable to create new character
  23. Game freezes locks up crashes... sigh ill be back in couple months
  24. Massive graphics glitch
  25. Public Regal Cooking Tools
  26. Farmer's Workstation bugged
  27. Presents and Politics (WEST) quest Missing NPC.
  28. (Urgent) Archeage Encoding Broken
  29. Arena Bug
  30. Possible Exploit in Ezi
  31. Healing power dosen't work on Shield
  32. Auction House Down!
  33. Someone Exploiting Auroria
  34. Major bug, ezi server is never up
  35. HUGE FPS Drops at fishing spots on the ocean.
  36. "Login failed - Server is currently busy. Try again later" ??
  37. Random Shield Animation Bug
  38. Broken Quest
  39. [Minor Issue] Songcraft - Alarm Call
  40. Maces are under wrong quest reward list
  41. Being hidden behind a house while claiming a plot. Bug / exploit ?
  42. Sentry/guard aggro abuse
  43. Uproot Bugged
  44. Suggestion to this Section
  45. Ummm...
  46. [Minor Issue] Character Model Polygon Mishap
  47. Boting
  48. Crests not printing
  49. Deflect and Retaliate
  50. Dewstone fellowship packs incorrectly priced?
  51. Typing letter V Bug - will automatically paste previously typed text
  52. Custom Crest on armor disappearing when loading in, not client-side
  53. plots for thatched farmhouses only
  54. Anyone know speaks q pq does not fit has plenty of room
  55. Being Hit With AOE Inside House
  56. Being Pulled Out of Safe Zone
  57. Human Cannons facing wong direction?
  58. Arena Participant Status
  59. Grapevines vanishing without giving resources
  60. Galleon speed bug
  61. Bots farming Archerfish
  62. Guards attacking me if a player run to them with my dot on it.
  63. hadir farm bug report
  64. First Shortcut Bar Empty
  65. Music sheet bug?
  66. Regal Alchemy Table
  67. Cannot move items in my house
  68. Chat: how in the world do I stop seeing this?
  69. A rather creepy bug
  70. INgame Super Hero FLASH
  71. Unable to buy property in Madhevi Pumpkin Garden
  72. Missing an entire day of trade runs after maintenance
  73. Reedpipe Leader Palaxis - Not spawning?
  74. Unbuilt houses able to block space on adjacent property
  75. Armor quality set buff bug?
  76. Quest Reward not given while my inv is full
  77. Fishing Boats cause FPS lag
  78. Bots on Tahyang
  79. For Marian quest can't be completed
  80. Arcane ruining Heroic set buff
  81. Deflect and Retaliate does not resets all battlerage CDs
  82. Gold sellers bot & hack.
  83. Earthen Grip Effect
  84. Any GM can help me pls i cant move in game
  85. Ship lights turn on automatically
  86. thunderstruck
  87. Can't enter arenas
  88. GHA is broke. Fix it please.
  89. Vocation Badges
  90. Stuck under the map
  91. small trade run glitch
  92. Pine Woodlot is not Tropical like it says!
  93. Rng!!!!!!!
  94. PvP bug !!
  95. Trolls Not Respawning After Dying in 1v1 Arena to Extend Match Length on Purpose
  96. Guild Vindictive Kaprosa Server Bug Exploting
  97. Fishing and gliding bug
  98. OK Trion.. not only did I get killed by a hacker, but your support tickets wont let me submit it.
  99. trap scenario
  100. MarketPlace Bug
  101. Eznan cutter will not despawn
  102. Explain why tool tips still show stats but crafted costumes have none.
  103. City Of Towers Multiple Bugs
  104. Houses
  105. Instant crash when game connects to specific IP
  106. Life Rings?
  107. Trion Fix these issues!!!!!
  108. My vambraces do not show up on my character.
  109. Can't Despawn Ship!
  110. Quest Bug: Blood for Blood (Sanddeep)
  111. Royal's Disguise Hood?
  112. bot reporting
  113. Game is broken!
  114. (Skill Bug) Teleportation / Drop Back
  115. Bug abuse
  116. Several not Bugs but nowhere else to post
  117. Stuck on intro screen
  118. Fall damage bug
  119. HereAfter Stone consumption glitch
  120. A bug, tree disappear after harvesting.
  121. Not receiving tax emails for property
  122. Ban for free
  123. glitched and clipped through one of the hill.
  124. Kroloal Cradle Last Boss Crash
  125. Crest Ink and Patron Status
  126. Too many people pushing scarecrow afk'ers into monsters
  127. Solzreed harbour rocks.
  128. Pet is a scarecrow
  129. TURN OFF labor regeneration while you hit scarecrows or sit in chairs
  130. Alchemy Blue Salt Brotherhood Quest
  131. Am I missing something? (Error log during a lag spike)
  132. Stuck in a waterfall near Madahevi
  133. Why can't this game save settings?
  134. Plant timers disappear when planter is logged out
  135. Devs, please!
  136. Falling under textures in the middle of Marianople
  137. Raising an elk
  138. Disappearing Jujube trees
  139. Deleted
  140. Auction House/Mail System bug?
  141. "cant build here; You already own a building with ownership restrictions"
  142. Nowhere to construct this
  143. Crate Bear Battle Pet
  144. Artistry Bug That Could Potentially Ruin it
  145. Firran starting area missing quests
  146. Repoting bots gives no return on labor / bot chokepoint @ chieftan kobold in tigerspine
  147. Fix Pirate Doubloon Quests
  148. No vocation badges from crafting, a bug or a text bug ingame?
  149. 1-Judge rooms (Court House) -20ppl with away status. 2 -Clicker/autoatt on
  150. Mirage Market Place Horse Uncontrollable
  151. Blocking Guild Invites prevents Guildies from inviting you into a party
  152. Contacting a GM
  153. Peanut seed bundles
  154. Market Bug
  155. Stuck Fishing boat.
  156. Quests Unreadable!
  157. Wrong quest tooltip
  158. Dash FPS Drop
  159. Cannot use Expansion Scrolls on Warehouse
  160. Walking high in the air above mountain north of Crescent Throne airship tower
  161. Coin purses
  162. Guards dont attack when rowboats are there.
  163. What is the matter with you, Trion.
  164. Problems with the chat.
  165. Client Crash to desktop
  166. Serve Disconnect / Duplicate login
  167. For Marian problem
  168. Jury Queue Resetting
  169. Meteor Breaking CC's before applying damage.
  170. Enemy Faction getting flagged for PvP
  171. Bug Issue - Quest "Demon-Hunter"
  172. Quest Text - A Desperate Search
  173. Teleport Book not recording anymore
  174. Focal Concussion bug
  175. Come on Trion, WTH.... Afternoon Sun healing potions
  176. HELP ME! Misplaced Suspicious Activity and Retribution Debuff
  177. Getting stuck inside trees, animal pens and other miscellaneous farmland equipment
  178. Settings Constinatly Reset, Mouse Pan Speed Rubbish,
  179. Whirligear in house causes screen to freeze on login
  180. Ship destroy bug or wath ?
  181. "Duplicate Login. Verify Information"
  182. Trickster skill rotation?
  183. Right-click sometimes won't progress NPC Text
  184. Black screens and crashes
  185. Jury Queue resetting (without invite)
  186. 5v5 Arena Exploit - Archery "Missile Rain"
  187. 1v1 Arena and falling off the platform
  188. Possible Unpaid Land Tax Bug
  189. Stupid Useless ♥♥♥♥ing Debuff
  190. Teleport exploid bug?
  191. Attacking reds leaves bloodstains
  192. A Website i found selling hacks
  193. Can't retrieve Small Scarecrow and Donkey Quest after abandoning it.
  194. Players able to push you off safe spawn point.
  195. Some players swimming faster than normal.
  196. Chinese Gold Seller on Ezi
  197. Temporary Scarecrow Garden Area
  198. A whirlwind that will never go away.
  199. DC during 1v1 arena que
  200. Game doesn't launch
  201. Poorly implemented housing problem
  202. Falling through the earth
  203. Chest disappearing in Palace Cellar quest.
  204. Crafter not recieving gilda
  205. ArcheAge not appearing on Window List
  206. Bug with ripening chamber
  207. Adventure - Travel Journa Quests not working?l
  208. This
  209. Flirtatious Flower
  210. Npc Mounts on farms (Kyrios)
  211. Shadows where there shouldn't be
  212. Bamboo woodlots
  213. Three weird bugs
  214. Quest Bug: Presents and Politics
  215. Why no one do something against this lags?
  216. NPC chat issue
  217. [BUG]Most common and REAL facts on Aier(EU)
  218. Falling through the world....
  219. [BUG?] Nothing on the Auction House?
  220. Harani Male Graphical Bug
  221. Galleon Turned Invisible at Docks
  222. Can NOT enter Mirage Isle
  223. vocation badge earning error
  224. Rainmaker Cleaner not being sold from general merchants
  225. [BUG?] Ebonfur Bjorne [Mirage quest]
  226. [BUG]Crashing to desktop when attempting to chop a tree quickly.
  227. Patron-Status decreased by 1 Month - WHY?
  228. My chat suddenly got blocked without a reason
  229. Crash to desktop when accepting arena invite
  230. The Lonliest Glitch (Error)
  231. Bug patron!!!!!!!!
  232. Courageos Action (Witchcraft #7) + Shrug it Off (Auramancy #8)
  233. Innocent When Proven Guilty 1
  234. Some textures won't ever load proper on High Setting
  235. Invincible skill
  236. Defense spec glitch
  237. Mountain spawned on my house in rookborne.
  238. So tired of getting stuck within the geometry of objects
  239. Chat blocked / eastern area
  240. "Escape" skill takes 300 seconds delay???
  241. Occultism - Reprisal: Broken?
  242. Animal Pens are hard to interact with.
  243. Lamei
  244. Tax paid farmhouses stolen from owners on shatigon
  245. handicraft accessories
  246. Gold Sellers spams.
  247. Boat Speed glitchs
  248. Handicraft rings bugged : Artisan's life ring no equip effect
  249. House bug ?
  250. silent forest > falcorth trade run bug