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  1. Exploitation de bug, blocage des jardins avec sa monture
  2. unable to apply updates error 1005 HELP
  3. Land Grab Hacks
  4. glider hack
  5. Is this meant to be?
  6. After 20 minutes the Client freezes up and restarts my computer!!
  7. Cinderstone Moor > Seachild Wharf town has guard issues
  8. Crest on Customizable Masks Disappears
  9. disappearing in game mail attachments
  10. Text bug: Crafted Life Rings
  11. Loot/XP rights need better revise.
  12. 5v5 Arena "Skill Buff Window" Disappeared forever.... and I don't know how
  13. lf gm's input
  14. Land hackers...!
  15. Founder vs starter packs.
  16. Bugged Looting - Bot induced
  17. Lost Patron Buff! Can't pay taxes!
  18. farmers work station
  19. Sunder earth/battlerage
  20. Arena disconnect drop out from arena
  21. FISHING BUG - Freshwater sport fish disappearing!
  22. Hacker Makujo
  23. Illustrious Lake Set Bonus Broken
  24. For a PVP game...
  25. Fish animation in fishing boat live well causing severe fps lag
  26. Fear is broken
  27. Floor ate my Portable Phonograph!
  28. Presents and Politics Quest Bugged
  29. Bikini top Image issue *Real money Market Item*
  30. Weird Looking Ground Textures
  31. Players should not get killed while in a house
  32. Songcraft - Loudspeaker passive broken
  33. Back slot priority reset on its own.
  34. Mining Bots are Back
  35. chacter log in help
  36. Gha gear bugged and lunastone
  37. Missing Trees!
  38. Labor missing.
  39. Stuck Farm Cart
  40. Error log
  41. Worker's Compensation didn't increase labor
  42. Poor performance
  43. A sad fisherman story... Trion pls do something about this fps bug!
  44. Enemy say chat no longer shows in chat window
  45. More on the Bots you can't seem to control
  46. Elite Merchant's Cushion
  47. Missing Trade Pack gold
  48. Problems with the game launch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  49. New patch 1.2 build 4.13 crash game on start
  50. Trouble at the Weeping Mine
  51. Windscour Housing Province Music not transitioning
  52. Cross faction /say is not going to chat box
  53. No trade pack payments.
  54. Stuck in arena gate before drop
  55. Isle Of Penance: Don't Glide Into the Prison
  56. Bots on Dewstone video
  57. Mirage Horse Mount Bug
  58. Patch 1.2 Buld 4.13. Afternnon Sun Potion is gone
  59. My turkeys are gone and mushrooms are there.
  60. Game keeps going to the desktop
  61. Not receiving labor points back for Bot busts
  62. problem remove cloturess
  63. QUEST - secret of the yaksa
  64. Used Gold?
  65. Really this game is going to nag me every login
  66. Mine Grub, Cursed Earth Bug
  67. Reporting Dark Requiem Cheats or Server Bug?
  68. Main quest dissapeared
  69. main quest line dissapeared
  70. 2 issues
  71. Large Scarecrow Farm consumed LP and Lumbepack but still undone
  72. Thatched farmhouses only???
  73. Gm's my patron
  74. Unattended Gameplay
  75. Arena matchmaking is broken
  76. Spellsinger
  77. Jury que major bug !!!
  78. Armor Clipping through Mount
  79. Falling Through the Ground
  80. Payment System: Cannot become Patron or Save Payment Information [paypal/cc]
  81. We found some bots! [In depth]
  82. Vanishing Client
  83. Plate armor for lower body looks wrong
  84. Greater Howling Abyss Bugs (minor)
  85. Songcraft Tree - Loudspeaker
  86. Chat bug: Local chat not showing for/from opposing factions
  87. Bot report: Sleeper bot
  88. Bot report: Questing bot
  89. Bot report: Chat spam bot
  90. Bot report: Exping bot
  91. Bot report: Mount trainer bot
  92. Bot report: Auction bot
  93. Jester's coin purse disappearing
  94. BOTS on building spots
  95. Issue with Elf hair and new Bloody Gown Costume
  96. Galleon / fishing boat speed bugs
  97. Can't logout normally.
  98. Crashing since downtime on 10/21
  99. Trion dont give a ♥♥♥♥ about our bug report
  100. Bots - Using bounty hunter/executioner to remove debuff
  101. Hacker?
  102. Cannot Pick up my Farmer's Workstation.
  103. Dot Abuse In Arena
  104. So i was Gliding in Falcorth when this happened...
  105. Nui Buff (Temple Prest)
  106. My friend's account has been suspended or banned two days ago
  107. Login Failed
  108. Bugged Story Quest, Glittering Prizes
  109. dahuta's breath broken?
  110. Why can't build house or large farm at Gweonid Lake
  111. map bug or my computer ...
  112. Texture Glitch
  113. Ynyster border NEEDS to be extended
  114. Can't use skills (bug from Alpha)
  115. Bug d'une quete a Ezna
  116. Hackshield issue with power saving modes.
  117. Game Crash, Glyph start leads to Korean Site
  118. Witness Protection 4 Quest - Minor Issue
  119. We all pray when splash screen loads slow since it will unleash hell in your computer
  120. Sad Truth's Quest Bug
  121. [Patron] Labor Not Regenerating While Offline
  122. Chinese Gold Seller on Ezi
  123. Crossfaction /say broken!
  124. Upon death, main story quest disappears completely.
  125. [Fish-Find Longliner] 2 Solidshaft or not?
  126. hasla quest: Do the Monuments Exist?
  127. Hallowtide Patcher comes up with error!!
  128. The Coral and the Bug
  129. Where to begin....
  130. Strange auction delay?
  131. What the hell is going on with textures bugging ?
  132. Mirage Island bug
  133. Falcorth Mountain Bug
  134. Quest: Trouble at the Weeping Mine
  135. Grand Sylvas Nocturne Top costume piece won't equip in costume slot
  136. hackshield crash
  137. Hackshield causing crashs? Please help...
  138. Entering Arena crashes game immediately
  139. New Hack, Missing items from Privately owned land.
  140. Salphira disappeared... so did a few other servers
  141. Heroic Cloth Armor set bonus Bug
  142. Map name not Showing
  143. Random Crashes
  144. Lavender lighting bug? or just me?
  145. Waited for a 16x16 tohave a bot steal it who wasn't even online
  146. Possiable unlimited labor Exploit!
  147. Immune bug still present in game since launch
  148. [BUG] Ezna ship + trade pack cannot be summoned after server restart
  149. House placement hackers
  150. CRASH - everytime, now this thread.
  151. almost everything is gone? invishible
  152. GM Attention Please! - Crossfaction /say not showing. Bug or feature?
  153. wrong deathspawn
  154. Being disconected at sea (only when fishing )
  155. Tired of Bots
  156. I can't add a Payment Method via wensite. BUGGED!??
  157. All shortspears are right hand only
  158. Leech ( Auramancy) skill bug?!?!
  159. evenstone breaking hasla sword.
  160. reds not being hit by guards.
  161. Random Crashes in Hasla
  162. Report Players in the Courtroom
  163. Safezone Statues Being Moved
  164. Occultism passive broken
  165. Illustrious Lake Set still bugged
  166. GHA Map Bug
  167. cant put lunagem on armor?
  168. Bug FPS drop without high activity system
  169. Not sure if this is the right place to post possible cheats but...
  170. 6 polaris cub => 6 polaris ursun...
  171. Build Farmers Worbench with twink
  172. Farm wagon
  173. Play Dead delay
  174. Game uniable to render players,npcs,buildings ?
  175. Game unable to render players,npcs,buildings ?
  176. GMs Please fix bug
  177. Quest bugged pls fix
  178. Gilda Star disapearing
  179. Sylvas Norcturne shoes bug
  180. Whole Wave Lunafrost Missing from Alchemy Table
  181. Focal concussion effect not working.
  182. Quest "Trouble at the Weeping Mine" broken?
  183. Purple Drank guild PVP arena hack
  184. Jury quets bug?
  185. Under Dahuta's Veil
  186. Dahuta's Veil
  187. Unable to craft Afternoon Sun minor health potion
  188. Started 3 days ago , now I quit..why?
  189. Equipment Set Option Bug..
  190. Can't play Archeage anymore. Very disappointed.
  191. Patron status not working
  192. Well i have fallen through the world :P
  193. UI saving issue
  194. [Constant serverlags] Shatigon EU
  195. Character slot name pending deletion
  196. Please for the love of god, fix the fishing boat lag.
  197. One sides fights in non-pvp zones
  198. Crest on my shirt keeps reseting to default
  199. A small, yet annoying bug with the lasso skill [Video]
  200. More Galleon glitch / bugs
  201. Merchants in map dont display.
  202. Things you could do to make the game a lot better!
  203. Crashing and many other issues since last update
  204. New Problem Not Saving in Game Settings
  205. Can,t Play Archeage
  206. DX11 - Texture Loading issues - Trion - Would appreciate it if you could confirm
  207. Missile rain skill in arena 5v5
  208. Problem with Improvised Armor: Black Straps
  209. Archeum sapling on Mirage Island not there. (Salphira)(See Screenshot)
  210. Bug : Fall through the floor with a trade pack
  211. Extreme lag, spikes and graphics bugs
  212. Alchimists healing potion 3rd rang cant be created
  213. Razer Naga and Hackshield
  214. 'Self Sufficiency' Quest Line Broken
  215. Mirage Lilyut Horse Bug
  216. Please fix GHA
  217. Assortment of issues.
  218. Bug with RB farm
  219. Falling through the ground.
  220. Jury UI - only page 1 shows details?
  221. I just see the heads of the chars
  222. Giant disappearing boulder of Arcum isis
  223. Let's plant a tree.....AA is full of that BS
  224. Arena Crash on Enter
  225. Snowflake
  226. Focal concussion and purge and more bugs.
  227. Where is the Archem
  228. Jury Quets are pissing me off
  229. Cant go to trial nor recieve trial quest, Trions answer: you're doomed and we won't compensate.
  230. Illustrious lake set bonus not working as intended
  231. Auction house failed sales
  232. the Scattered Journal quest won't start/finish
  233. Minor Bug - Lack of Confirmation
  234. Major Bug - Players disconnecting other players(Unconfirmed)
  235. ganked but xp loss
  236. UI - (not)Saving Changes
  237. Auction bug??
  238. Cannot build scare crow
  239. Sliding Mount
  240. stuck at first person view, wont zoom out
  241. Animations of Skills and Selections are bugged
  242. Courageous Action Working As Intended?
  243. Bug: Unlimited loyalty points!!!!
  244. Mirage Lilyut Horse Bug
  245. Target too far bug
  246. Ignore this. ( I fixed it)
  247. Target is NOT facing the wrong direction I am. Please fix the message.
  248. All fishing spots has vanished from Silent forest on the Eanna sever as of today. Please fix.
  249. Thunder struc tree proc rate illegal farm vs owner farm
  250. Huge rock at my house