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  1. What is this square of light?
  2. Bug When Fishing.. "You dont have permission"
  3. Auction House Search
  4. Farm Fences!
  5. Gold Trading Scam problem
  6. Fishing boat fps lag
  7. Wanted Debuff
  8. Prisonner Debuff
  9. Red Regrade Charm Failure
  10. Gold Loss for Legitimate Players
  11. Desummoning boats
  12. Apex duplication exploit
  13. Cannot "Report Unauthorized Program" at nui shrine
  14. GFX Card runs VERY hot since last patch
  15. Please fix the commerce bonus proc
  16. Trade Pack Owners Changing
  17. Patron Status lost
  18. Cannot create character despite open character slot. Error message "This name is pending deletion. Please try again after maintenance."
  19. If you accept Arena prompt while dead, you are ported through the opening gate
  20. Camera rotation via keyboard
  21. V BUG - Fix please :)
  22. Bug on Guild Management
  23. Pirate Faction Daily Quest
  24. Sliding
  25. Ghost Merchant Ship (Two Crowns)
  26. red regrade charm not 100% chance from rare to arcane :S
  27. Area Banner Names
  28. Game won't load up?
  29. in game report not working
  30. Ollo Server Crash
  31. Tahyang Server crashed?
  32. Illusionary Building
  33. /w chat keeps being broken
  34. Game starting problems
  35. Extreme gameplay bug, Thorns(GHA PLATE ARMOR SET) procs Shadowplay's passive "Counterstrike".
  36. From Blue to Blonde just like that!
  37. Cant use skill while using Human cannon and water bomb
  38. Disapearing Thunderstruck Tree
  39. Trade bug did not send gold for my 6 pack trade.....
  40. Getting Stuck Inside Objects
  41. Exploit or what?
  42. Mailbox expired and lost my attachments ?
  43. Getting disconnected while 100 or less away from jury
  44. Battle for Halcyona needs base crystal fix please (not enough time to get rewarded)
  45. Crests not Showing
  46. trade pack car
  47. Invulnerability hack in arena
  48. Carrot Dash fix ASAP plz!!!!!!
  49. Running at a rock and...
  50. Auction House gold
  51. Game disconnecting only in 5v5 arena
  52. Building invading my farm's area..
  53. Can't edit guild ranks
  54. Texture problems
  55. Gliding ability of the Goblin Glider doesn't match its stats
  56. Command "block" also should apply to mail system to prevent getting "offers" from gold spammers.
  57. This arena bug NEEDS to be fixed.
  58. mouse pointer
  59. Alchemy bench issue
  60. Stop feeding the servers Acid
  61. Airship disappears into cliffs upon arrival = death with tradepack
  62. Trion, a question if you will.
  63. Songcraft Passive: Loud Speaker - BUGGED
  64. Gold eating auction house
  65. Account complaint
  66. fail update
  67. No Gold Reture from Failed Auction Bids
  68. The Game is not starting?
  69. Why are the broken servers still up????
  70. Disconneting from game
  71. Gods have Disonnected me.....Again
  72. Update
  73. Recent update wont let me into the game
  74. I want to playu
  75. In-game store does not allow item purchase - timeout since Auroria patch (WE CAN'T SPEND MONEY!)
  76. Quick recovery (vitalism) dont work properly
  77. Bug: Auctionhouse not propperly refunding gold that was outbid by 3rd party
  78. In-game bug giving me a ban.
  79. No NPCs in Hellswamp's housing area
  80. Farm cart upgrade??
  81. Troubles in the tree nursery
  82. Corpses decaying too fast
  83. Quest log dissapearing after dc
  84. Cancelling of House-sale
  85. Mailbox bug
  86. Distorted Dimension Bench in Serpentis.
  87. HA/GHA Wall bug
  88. Halcyona war broken?!?!!
  89. Mobs not giving XP
  90. Can't see any NPCs/Mobs
  91. Not removed items and Texture bug
  92. Bug user with trade
  93. The new report spam is worthless
  94. I canīt log in ArcheAge
  95. I was riding around when this happened
  96. REDS Guild Hacking
  97. Castle bug lulz.
  98. galleon anchor owner mark clearing exploit
  99. Constant crashes
  100. No NPCs in Halcyona - NAIMA Server -
  101. Invisible Characters and Objects
  102. Whirlwinds in Falcorth
  103. Quest issue
  104. Where do I report a Player?
  105. Naima Down
  106. Dewstone Bridge
  107. Fix the Mirage horse!!!!
  108. Can't equip item, Slot is locked.
  109. Quest "Splash Attack" Sanddeep Broken.
  110. Castle Walls only take Siege Damage
  111. bug 8x8 auroria
  112. Object render times and no colisions
  113. Peanut Seed Bundles Time Wrong
  114. Do something about people attacking you while in your home
  115. crafted pictures not displaying
  116. texture bugs-create a ghost mountain
  117. Stuff won't load
  118. New 80 slot chest wont rest on floor, it hovers
  119. Abuse of the low level respawn mechanic
  120. Eu: Aier hack at the moment
  121. Trade Pack disappearing off Farm Cart bug
  122. Hack Shield crash/kick
  123. Car Frame
  124. Smoke Screen from Flashy Racing Kit broken
  125. Hole in Falcorth Plains
  126. Speed Racer Archeum trees turning into TS trees
  127. Harpoon clipper once distroyed cannot be repaired....
  128. Bug report: Post Auroria 08/Nov/2014
  129. Keybind Issue w/ Numpad
  130. Mixing Arcane and Heroic armor gives Arcane set bonus
  131. Journey to the Center of Haranya
  132. Proficiency inconsistency
  133. Unable to change guild settings
  134. Farm Cart Will NOT go away
  135. Getting boot by the gods right before Jury duty
  136. Terrain Loader/Generator
  137. i did not break it i swear to me i found it like this...
  138. Giant Rocks in Falcorth Plains
  139. Quest: A strange request bug
  140. Bug report ( Quest: Goblin treasure )
  141. Ocean Graphic Bug
  142. Villanelle Floating Twin Boulders
  143. loyalty store - Can't gift certain items I could before?
  144. riders escape - decrease the cool down
  145. Auction house bugged
  146. BOTS AT LARGE, Once again....
  147. Repair costs on honor weapons is broke
  148. Unable to complete Grimghast Rift quests or obtain new daily to proceed to Grimghast Rift quests
  149. Grade A job
  150. Owners Jaun's NPC Glitched?
  151. GR quest Bugged
  152. Lost my story quest at level 28 Tying Up Loose Ends
  153. Glider Smokescreen Bug
  154. Splash Attack and Trouble at the Weeping Mine quests are bugged.
  155. Lake set bonus, magic attack %, not working.
  156. Fishing Lag
  157. 75 to close the game crashes when the jury as well .
  158. Lag Bug Causing Bans
  159. Missing minor healing potion at all alchemy tables
  160. Speed of Mirage Donkey
  161. Camera Off Center
  162. Hard Lag
  163. Stones/Area not showing up when attempting to place scarecrow
  164. Rite of gladiator quest suddenly disappear
  165. Bug quest The last spirit returns
  166. Maple Woodlot
  167. So many bugged quests now
  168. Sunflower Plants
  169. Huge FPS-Drops since last Hackshield Update
  170. Arena Black Screen
  171. multiple fishing boats
  172. Naming Music (doesnt work?)
  173. "Not enough space"
  174. Moving While holding Modifier
  175. Death by Airship dc
  176. Crashing like crazy since the update 11/12
  177. Row of bots
  178. qeust log not working
  179. Bridge Blocking Abuse
  180. Game Close in Launch..
  181. Game Client Crashing
  182. "Muffled" music while driving a farm cart
  183. @Trion Community Posters > Questions about apparent bugs
  184. Patron timer inaccurate ?
  185. The "V-BUG" or Copy & Paste Bug - ANNOYING !!
  186. Hidden Illegal farm inside a boulder only visible to certain people
  187. Crest on Cloak bug?
  188. Nowhere to Construct This
  189. Help mee
  190. respawn in water when it should be land?
  191. Mirage Donkey Bug
  192. Bug with patron after a ban
  193. farm cart unsummon bug?
  194. Hackshield is a piece of crap.
  195. cant leave combat
  196. Car display stand - cannot be placed anywhere
  197. Bug: Moonshadow Glider Speed
  198. Reported spam? Get 30 min chat ban!
  199. Missing Trade Profits from 11/12/2014
  200. Halcyona Item Box Not received
  201. Moving Mountains in Rookborne?
  202. Battlerage Thwart skill Debuff does nothing
  203. A little help that would save me a bit!
  204. Bug or massive clarity issue
  205. Cannot Apply Crests onto Auroria Cloaks
  206. The game freezes on the screen of servers
  207. bug on my 16x16 farm
  208. Cheater or Bug...
  209. Hacker report
  210. Auction House Snipers !!!
  211. I found and fell through a hole in the game world - Watch as I swim under Marinople.
  212. Missing Packs
  213. Got Stuck Inside the Workbench machine
  214. Ship speeds not as intended
  215. Graphic glitch And memory Leak
  216. Blue Salt titles not becoming available
  217. Guild Title not use Capitals
  218. Tenacious guild has discovered a glitch and most likely is exploiting it
  219. Farmer's Workstation
  220. New Fishing bug?
  221. Impish Fire Elemental from Mahadevi Dungeon jewelry set a no show
  222. Magnificent Lake 9% magic attack bonus broken
  223. Quest "Presents And Politics" is still bugged!
  224. Farm Carts/Wagons Block Off Traders
  225. banned from chat for no reason
  226. Crafting an Acorn Beehive with Queens in your inventory consumes the queen bee as well.
  227. Invisible hole in ground in Falcorth Plains.
  228. glider smokescreens from rng box buged
  229. [Cloak] Hopes of Peace - Logo not working
  230. Game pastes your clipboard when you press the V button
  231. Landgrab Script (Again)
  232. Anti spam filter is a little harsh
  233. @SCAPES Possible clipper bug that triggers a ban
  234. Drumline Percussion Pack doesn't work!
  235. DirectX 11 bug?
  236. Cryengine Buffer Overflow
  237. Poorly designed land spots
  238. Random teleporting to the bottom left of the map.
  239. falling through world
  240. Graphical bug (neck, arms)
  241. i'm not sure if you are supposed to drive ships like this
  242. Fix 5v5 Arena Disconnects
  243. Auto-Decline Raid invites will not stay removed
  244. Game crashing due to hackshield scans
  245. @devs: when shop comes up again, please re-enable gifting of loyality tax-cert
  246. Change/Modified Level 20/32 Dungeons!
  247. Dahuta's Breath bug?
  248. Line of Sight Exploit (Hasla)
  249. Can I please have my coral? BUG : Blue Coral yields nothing
  250. Problem with mail system / return from auction house