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  1. Your GM's are full of ♥♥♥♥.
  2. Cart exploit did you intend for this?
  3. Inventory Graphics Bug
  4. IG Patron Status Wrong
  5. Landgrab Hack...
  6. Car Display
  7. missing tree on farm
  8. Mirage Lilyut Horse Bug
  9. LandHack strikes again from inside a house!
  10. Reporting Bots "Invalid Target"
  11. jury duty queue
  12. Speedhackers making tons of Gold
  13. 7 Times Crashes before jury que popped
  14. Report BOTS in [Calleil]
  15. Jump Exploit
  16. Hole in the world north of Caernord
  17. Daily Quest Bug
  18. reporting a bug and need help
  19. Graphic bug
  20. Freedich Island glitch or maybe cheat
  21. Client crashes and Jury Duty
  22. bubble does not rise up when used on moving ship
  23. aoe fear of target carying pack while in water causes target to teleport to seabed
  24. World - Character falls through the earth and into a vast under ground ocean.
  25. Land hackers everywhere
  26. Certain game crash while opening marketplace
  27. Artisan's Life Ring
  28. Disappearing mails..
  29. fishing and bypassing hackshild
  30. Missing 8x8 Farm Plan - Not Returned or Mail Destroyed
  31. archage.exe process stops while booting
  32. not complaining about some packs lost at maintainance, but ..
  33. Hacking Programs
  34. Loyalty Tokens not being removed from account after purchase
  35. Neighboor building colliding with my scarecrow farm
  36. Flashy Racing kit giving bugged Glider Smokescreen
  37. We are unable to complete your purchase.
  38. @Scapes | Bots abusing quest, instant eco-friendly fuel = Gold
  39. Bug or Hack, you decide
  40. Seductive Rose : Exploit or Fair?
  41. Bug with full inventory when salvaging items.
  42. Chat window auto copy/paste
  43. Another exploit possibly?
  44. Farm Cart Bug. No Baskets
  45. Portals to Houses Now Require Permissions
  46. Lower The Cooldown On Riders Escape - For The Love Of God
  47. Converting lumber to paper grants no vocation badges
  48. Trion please look here BIG BUG ABUSE!
  49. Anti-jeu [demande d’ajout de garde pour évité l'anti-jeu]
  50. Game freezing/canceling while loading...
  51. Auroria Hellbent Sabatons
  52. Eternal Flames - No progress for killing Akmit
  53. Graphical glitch (blue squares)
  54. Can't buy credits
  55. Players Using "Red" Scarecrows to Avoid AFK
  56. Enla Nuimari siege didn't work
  57. Castle siege did not work wtf
  58. Castle Siege did not Work!!! Naima US
  59. Major Issue with Seige Scroll on Namie
  60. Siege scrolls dosn't work
  61. I had someone hack/glitch the trading window and now I have almost nothing.
  62. I haven't even played the game yet and already need help Q.Q
  63. Labor point not increasing
  64. not receiving trade pack payments - GAME BREAKING!!!
  65. Castle siege bug or not?
  66. APEX still bug?
  67. Genocide Aranzeb bots. Gm please !!
  68. Sheath / Unsheath weapons , 1-handed weapons becomes tiny
  69. Whenever the server gets remotely active, weird #@$ happen
  70. Castle Piece Funds
  71. Tier 1 Hasla Sword > Tier 2?
  72. 200gold lost from auction house no support answered, ignorance seems TRION's bliss
  73. Don't wanna advertise this. Major game breaker
  74. Minning have bug
  75. Enla Server Land Grab Hacker
  76. APEX exploiters on NUI
  77. Impale While in the Ocean
  78. Trade run mail bug!
  79. Please fix bug of resetting danger levels
  80. New Trade TP hack
  81. Stealing vehicles in peace zones? - Game breaking.
  82. beyond a joke this game.
  83. Galleon/Fish-Find speed bug, and Air-filled sea cherry bug
  84. How to fix ALL possible Apex exploits (GMs please read)
  85. Rose Bug Abusers,
  86. Invite to Dance
  87. Portals not Appearing
  88. Calleil Server. No Gold received from trade packs delivered, including over 48 hours ago.
  89. Huge stat bug
  90. Auroria may broken?
  91. Bug Nuian Quest line
  92. Blocking Bridge in Dewstone (safezone) Nui Server
  93. unfair ban
  94. Terrible Fishing Boat Ladder Glitch
  95. Patron Suspended?
  96. Sport fishing bug?
  97. Flirtatious Flower
  98. Player in a Party can get an Invite to a raid from a solo-player?
  99. Bug: the NPC Moderate Shuewon missing from quest Won't Take No For An Answer.
  100. [Major] Race-based lag in some zones.
  101. Illustratious Lake set
  102. main quest missing(elf)
  103. defense skill
  104. Royal's Disguise (marketplace item) graphical glitch
  105. Letter to Development Team fix this bug
  106. Flower exploit
  107. glyph Stuck on applying
  108. Lilyut Hills Moonshine Plaza Packs on Freedich
  109. Armor Arcane/Heroic buff BUG!
  110. Stuck in falling limbo under the world
  111. Bug on Heavier Tax!
  112. Land Grabber Hacker at Solzreed
  113. KC Bugs
  114. Server Enla A few people blocking bridges to grief. please do somthing many have stoped playing due to griefing.
  115. The game is taken by hacker
  116. Bear roll exploit
  117. Can't complete the main quest storyline because NPC is Missing in Action!!! He QUIT
  118. AA servers
  119. Failure To Load Assets At Game Startup
  120. problema With geometry
  121. Auroria Gear Bug
  122. HUGE Exploit/Bug - Trion please fix ASAP!
  123. Owner's Mark - Fix This FFS!
  124. Botters Immune from being reported / "Invalid Target".
  125. Problems with the safe of the cart.
  126. Patron still not fixed for me
  127. Can't place vehicle display stand?
  128. Exploiting..
  129. Charged credits for Market Place items with error "failed to purchase" no items received
  130. Utilisation de fleur pour perdre les commandes du chariot
  131. mesaging system
  132. Hakers
  133. Apex bug on use !!!
  134. extreme lag on the ocean on enla
  135. two chat boxes greyed out mini map
  136. Know land grab hacker
  137. fishing, you do not have permission glitch
  138. Fish-find Longliner glitched: "Can only be summoned where the previous summon was deactivated."
  139. Overlapped building scrolls
  140. what is this? HP Bug? MP Bug?
  141. stuck swimming in a tree...
  142. Cryanimation: Buffer Overflow?
  143. Crests are all blank
  144. Taxes wiped after server retart
  145. The name is pending deletion. Please try again after Maintenance
  146. teleporting when on ships -
  147. Bug with Alarm Call Songcraft
  148. Loyalty Tokens
  149. invisible mountain / rocks (?)
  150. Meteor braking sleeps before it hits [repost]
  151. Marketplace broken!!
  152. Patron charged in paypal, but free account ingame...
  153. MARKETPLACE Kaputt?
  154. Problems in the property Pumpkin Head
  155. Teleport book and manually saving teleport locations
  156. Broken
  157. Can't interact with Private Sawmill 8x8
  158. Help!!!!!!!!!
  159. Farm Cart and Glider Menu NOT showing
  160. Teleport hacker Now floodiung me with false suspect reports out of fear of being reported himself.
  161. Game crashing!
  162. No mail from my cheese larder packs after 22 hours
  163. Skill cool down buff not working?
  164. Regal Carpentry Workbench won't craft Exquisite Diaphragm
  165. Arena bug exploit 5vs5
  166. Arena 5 vs 5 bug abusers
  167. Loyalitätspunkte des entschädingungs Dienstausfall pakets verschwunden
  168. Report Spam not working
  169. Hart - the landgrabber
  170. Bug on Mirage Horses
  171. Alekss from Orchidna block the gold trader
  172. Dance Expliot - Melisara
  173. I can't play the game
  174. Movement bug with Mirage Donkey
  175. Kaboum meteor in Vilanelle
  176. Crappy Code
  177. Death Bug
  178. cant join jury
  179. Tanks able to hurt people from peace
  180. Killing someone in their house... this has to stop
  181. Self Buff Exploit in Arena?
  182. Back to black ><
  183. Bloodlust and Infamy Points
  184. I am unable to despawn my boat
  185. Auroria Gear Not Implemented/Working?
  186. south cinderstone seriously hacking
  187. Guild "Uncut" is Abusing/Exploiting Gameitems
  188. Grimghast-Quest (daily) is bugged for me.
  189. buy apex and dont recive
  190. Cant access Marketplace
  191. Mounting makes quest directional markers disappear
  192. This player needs an ban for a long time. (GM must see this or I bump again and again)
  193. Weapon Merchant Honor weapon repair cost - a response?
  194. Granbleu's Dive Helmet Light is 100x better on surface than underwater
  195. Improvised Materials: Black Straps no drops
  196. People exploiting flowers.
  197. People blocking tradepack npc on Nebe (EU)
  198. !!! Quit the game cause of flowers bug , MUST solve it !!!
  199. Alchemy
  200. Bugusing
  201. Screen tearing on random plays / npc's
  202. Flower exploit ALLOWED by Trion
  203. No more daily quest with the priestess of Nui.
  204. Sovereign Piano Bug
  205. Crafts Theft
  206. Quest: The stuff of legends in hasla [broken]
  207. My farm cart and my glider and my clipper boat control menu panels are missing
  208. Can not use other portals am i the only one
  209. Store Bug
  210. Terryfying roar doesnt work.
  211. bekomme keine handwerksabzeichen mehr
  212. Scarecrow farm bug
  213. Farm Botter
  214. Following players use bug exploit
  215. Following players use flower exploit
  216. Dear Trion Worlds (Exploit/Trolls)
  217. Possible New bug / hack/ exploit to steal farm haulers
  218. Horses in incorrect place near Roadstead Post
  219. Mirror Light doesn't cleanse some debuffs
  220. Quest: Tigerspine mountains: Return to headquarters {not completing?}
  221. Multiple Startup Issues
  222. I can not open my bag inventory
  223. Character Unable to move at spawn points or after login
  224. Fell through world .. stuck
  225. You already have property in restricted zone
  226. Guild Permissions: Still an issue after 3 months?
  227. Unable to use "F" key in quest conversations
  228. Bug Pack Teleport
  229. Improvised Armor: Rags and Metal Quest won't complete
  230. Trade hauler immediately desummon on dissconnect
  231. Archeage.exe crash: The memory could not be written
  232. Respawn timer in 1on1 arena
  233. missing specialty payments
  234. I have made a trade with a player and i didnt get the gold!
  235. Tiger Strike Range is 20M right???????????????????
  236. Fishing bug
  237. Credit count faulty
  238. Fellowship plaza...
  239. Bug in the aircrafts of Falcorth
  240. Snare
  241. Chat Ban bug
  242. Blue Crane Feather
  243. You must remove in the Guild Section (in-game) the Current Location
  244. Hauler Glitch/Hack
  245. New Costumes Change Firran Hair
  246. cant place my winter maiden festival tree
  247. Bugged event: Cant be used on Auroria
  248. Goblin glider not normalized
  249. Skill bug (FIX IT)
  250. Why is the Winter Maiden Festival daily tree so finicky?