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  1. Glorify use cheat!!!
  2. BUG: Teleported to unknown content via summoning clipper
  3. Arena bugs... alot of them in the past week
  4. Cyanfin missing a skill
  5. Regrade dupper
  6. Nyan Firework took labor instead of givinit
  7. Guardproblem in Ynestere
  8. Glider Bug xDD
  9. Farm Cart stuck; need help fast!
  10. Quêtes de la confrérie du sel bleu (alchimie, cuisine, couture) fr/eng Quests of the brotherhood of blue salt (alchemy, cooking, sewing)
  11. Exquisite Diaphram recipe missing from Regal Carpentry Workbench
  12. Developers oversight (I hope): Please turn player purple when they steal.
  13. Disconnect after selecting server.
  14. Armor Rarity Buff
  15. No Mass Production for Paper?
  16. Ship cannons and owner´s mark (DEVS please read.)
  17. Tree Leafs
  18. Screenshots Crash Game
  19. Existing Custom Crests No Longer Displaying on Items
  20. Problems with whisper
  21. Snowflakes not working correctly
  22. Fishing boat lost. BUG
  23. Mirage Elk Armour Bug
  24. Game Crashes while trying to use Regal Cooking Tools
  25. Lost Clipper
  26. Crash to Desktop when making bundles at the farmer's workstation
  27. Quest bug
  28. PC shutdown after 20 minutes of play.
  29. Arena Glitch
  30. Bug or Macro ????
  31. List of bots
  32. Noticed something with the public alchemy table.
  33. Bug item Collier de guerrier chevronné en argent
  34. Issue with my Crust inks
  35. Major Graphic Error since RELEASE!!!
  36. @Trion Jola's Eternal Grudge not working in Arenas... Why?
  37. Battleground action/ability bar gone
  38. camera is locked can not pan while holding left click
  39. Bots in Exloch! "Lucius (NA)"
  40. Auroria Mineral water bug.
  41. Serpentis "Cloth" box may contain Leather gear
  42. Mining Bots - waste of labor to report - EZI
  43. Emberwild Charger speed.
  44. Weird shield bug..
  45. Regrade bug?
  46. Not getting Labor
  47. Dolphin Mount Sonar Skill Does Not Work
  48. Harvesting Uses Labor But Doesn't Produce Items
  49. Stuck with Luggage
  50. Nayah Luna Firework - Losing 1k Labor
  51. Safezone not safe
  52. Redtalon mount armour helm doesnt appear on credit mounts
  53. Talk to Lucius Quinto Quest Bug
  54. Bright Futures Armor has no level specification
  55. Quest "Defeat Morpheus!" bugged?
  56. Building doesn't fit in this area
  57. Help pls, my Story Quest is gone
  58. [Dream Ring] The Price of Labor
  59. Witchcraft Lassitude Bug
  60. Pure Sky Dynasty Robe clipping
  61. Slayers, Affinity, and Blacklisted
  62. Trade Run Rewards Missing
  63. Self-Sufficiency Quest: Crafting Items Missing
  64. Damage Mulitplpier on PTS
  65. Veroe shield graphical glitch
  66. Quest : Trouble at the Weeping mine
  67. 2 quests broken
  68. AH Bots using AFK to prevent being reported
  69. Language issues
  70. Do you or do you not know...about.. THE BIRD
  71. Bugs
  72. {Quest} Dream ring - Dephinald's treasure
  73. Suggestion: Dueling area or Nuia Statue health/mana regen
  74. Key binds DON'T Save
  75. Dream ring quest bug
  76. [Dream Ring] The Price of Labor
  77. Noble's Lux Bed
  78. keybind alt+q doesnt work after recent update
  79. Rookborne Basin - Watermist Bug
  80. Fix the ability to teleport to houses that have changed hands/demolished
  81. ucc not loading
  82. Awsome bots
  83. Chat blocked?
  84. Can not get on a jury
  85. Missing Plants
  86. GrimGhast Rift Quest Bugged
  87. Bots Can't be reported
  88. "Fishing for a Compliment"-Title not obtainable as pirate
  89. Specialty Workbench has disappeared.
  90. Raw Chicken Meat for daily gilda quest..
  91. Voiceover for common npcs switches languages when clicked on
  92. "Invalid Target" when reporting bots
  93. New glitch?
  94. Quest: Harvest the Cotton in Deepsand NUIA
  95. Attempted to purchase a couple APEX
  96. Shadowsmite does not trip characters stunned by focal concussion
  97. Misplaced mountain in Rookborne
  98. Crests not working
  99. Server ( Nui ) Auroria bots farm ?
  100. Songcraft skill dont work
  101. Fishing bug?
  102. Frequent Disconnects
  103. Meanwhile on PTS
  104. Gruban's Letter bug.
  105. Devouring doomgate stuck in hill in hellswamp in Ollo
  106. Lader Gone
  107. Error message in Silent Forest Underwater Cave...
  108. Trade Pack delivered. Money has not been received.
  109. Teleport Hacking Bots in Inoch right now, could use a GM or something.
  110. Vocation Tonic dosent work with with mining?
  111. Secrets of Ayanad Update - email with gift box bug
  112. Grief's Cadence
  113. New Anayad patch missions bugged
  114. game crashes to desktop
  115. Bunch of Text is in korean
  116. Quests no longer in quest log
  117. Yada costume functionality button bug
  118. Stuck in textures at Library entrance - Can't escape, move, shadowstep, jump through a portal, nothing.
  119. Steel Tsunami shield
  120. stolen prince chests
  121. Blue Salt daily quest failure
  122. Archer: Endless Arrows: 1dmg : rank 1
  123. Quest: An alle Abenteurer und die Quesi die Purpur Wache
  124. Ui Layout Failure
  125. Basic shortcut bar doesnt display
  126. Unable to hand in "Eternal <attribute>" quests since cap raised to 55
  127. Custom crests not showing
  128. Korean Code Still In The Game?
  129. Bug with songcraft passive
  130. New retrieving of Mailbox entries sometimes fails
  131. Feast tables not working in many places...
  132. Game freezes frequently since Ayanad patch
  133. Game crashes every 5 minutes now
  134. Can not find NPC to turn in for diamond shores daily
  135. Alt Tab Issues
  136. Can't see my cloak
  137. Unable to aquire Tough tendons needed for incomplete quest
  138. Crashing every time I try to exit Marketplace
  139. hellswamp poison mist
  140. Found a way to crash people..
  141. Experia Pathc Growth Time - Random Extension During Server Outage
  142. Prison / Silent forest carriage bug
  143. Minimize/alt-tabbing issue
  144. Bug with water
  145. can't equip harrod with battle pet armor.
  146. Memory Leak in the Library
  147. Closing Marketplace crashes game.
  148. Action Bar Blank
  149. External Quest Bug
  150. FPS Bug
  151. Switching between window modes resets UI entirely
  152. Missing Patron status ingame
  153. Items on farm disappear
  154. my main character dosnt earn exp i stucked at lv51 and cant lv to 52.
  155. 2 minor bugs
  156. players using korean skills!
  157. Farmhouse
  158. four letter word chat or less won't appear
  159. Something Is Wrong With Experia Patch Timers
  160. combat skills xp does not increase
  161. Guards bugged
  162. Interaction Option keys not working with Status-sensitive Shortcuts always active
  163. Quest low
  164. Auroria Heartbound Shoes Effect NOT WORKING !
  165. Can't transfer properties to characters with less than 4-letter names
  166. since the implementation of windowed fullscreen ...
  167. Bad memory leak causing disconnects
  168. Texture Problem
  169. Cannot Turn in Eternal Quest for reward
  170. Magic Circle 2 and Magic Circle 3 interfering with eachother
  171. Lighting bugs ghostly faces
  172. So this is new - character experience frozen at 100% of level 53, won't level up anymore
  173. I need help with error 1034
  174. Please make Battle Pet Armor visible on Bloodclaw Ursun Bear
  175. [Blue Salt Brotherhood] trading guide Sahel. BUG
  176. Enhanced engine buff bug
  177. Songcraft Songs Forcibly Stopped When Fighting Recordkeeper Wynn
  178. caenord guards bug
  179. God's whip friendly fire
  180. custom crest have never shown for me
  181. Black Screen of Death with sound + movable cursor, everytime
  182. Battlerage Passive broken - Deflect and Parry
  183. mail system
  184. Eliminte or change the mail system spam filter please
  185. What THE HECK is THIS? screenshots
  186. Ground Glitch?
  187. Crest Stamp cannot be applied to grand cloaks from haunted chests
  188. When will you fix the game visual freezeups: graphics FREEZE but you can still walk/interact with things, but you can't see anything
  189. Double free appreciation package?
  190. Bug anti spam system
  191. Visual bug
  192. Can we PLEASE fix the crest ink issue?
  193. First Letter Capital in Guild Rank Name
  194. The life of an Alchemist
  195. Regrading Issue : Say what?
  196. What happened to Calleil?
  197. snuggly plushie clear mind duration
  198. Mana/life steal bug
  199. Land glitch/bug Severity: 4
  200. Sent Items mail is broken
  201. [Possible Bug] Library boss daily quests
  202. Unable to send mail until cool down lapsed
  203. Level stuck
  204. Occasional innability to steer my clipper
  205. Cant finish Commermorative Event Quests
  206. Pick a hill a mound...
  207. Some words in Korean?
  208. Found an invisible pothole in Lutesong Harbor
  209. Loot distribution glitch
  210. this glitch needs to be fixed!!!!
  211. Lutesong port bug?
  212. Why can't I assign UI shortcuts to some of the number pad keys?
  213. Missing item in AH list after server crash [3/18/15 at 12:00 AM PDT (GMT-7)]......
  214. Gilda trader handed out crystal stabilizers?
  215. Activating Korean UI displaying hidden information....
  216. NPCs and main character are not showing
  217. Report Unauthorized broken
  218. Freerunner Rank 2 is bugged (not upgrading)
  219. Trouble at Weeping Mine (Quest)
  220. Archery [Snipe]
  221. Game freeze and crash Diamond Shores when leaving house (1st log in of the day)
  222. Spreading Flames Event - Death by dragon - experience not recoverable?
  223. seven times the challange
  224. Devouring Jabberwock no respawning
  225. Misloading Items Exploitable?
  226. Armagedon Legguards + Vivid Earth Lunagem Celerity don't combine
  227. Players of Same Faction (PIRATE)
  228. Pegasus clothing glitch.
  229. a big bug in the main quest story line for elfs
  230. character is frozen
  231. Server-Time Bug
  232. Teardrop chest can't be placed ontop of sawmill
  233. [Needs GM Action] Missing land appraisal cert after patch
  234. Farm Hauler is bugged
  235. Farm Hauler Bug (Causes DC)
  236. Bug and suggestion on WAR DRUM and Drumline percussion pack
  237. AA Mount bug
  238. Camera Bug
  239. Fishing-bugs
  240. Bug regarding Transmoging pet/Mount Armor?
  241. When will you fix the random screen freeze-ups that make the graphics freeze, but not the game?
  242. Heroic -> Unique is it working right?
  243. "Quest failed" sound in loading screen
  244. Pegasus Mount Glitches Character and Gear
  245. Land bug.
  246. Crest Printer FUBAR
  247. Corrupted Wit Buff
  248. Hereafter stone usage on Auroria
  249. Launcher Error.... Still.... After months...
  250. Dark Tear Witchcraft Disciple costume