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  1. Turning off shadows in game crashes
  2. Library boss remains glitching
  3. Red Dragon Questline Broken
  4. Trade exploit
  5. Shrug it off bug
  6. Harpoon on my clipper?
  7. Bug dans la quête d’échange commercial /Bug in the quest for trade
  8. Bug with Blizzard Bears
  9. The Sea Drake Figurehead Bull!!!!
  10. Mailbox locking up
  11. Machining proficiency and ship repairing.
  12. Graphics Degrade as I drive Hauler
  13. Bug Status Patron
  14. [BUG] Standing inside a mountain
  15. Taxes increase due to prepay?
  16. Not able to log in with vehicle summoned
  17. [BUG] Selling stuff, but don't earn any coins!
  18. Cannot desummon ship
  19. Cannot change sound quality
  20. Tutorial
  21. exploit non valider apres la mise a jour
  22. Character Glitch Out
  23. Halcyona Piece times
  24. Commande
  25. Unvalidated Achievements
  26. Lets get the Crystalized Regrets fixed now
  27. Crimson Lightning Essence Fragment Won't Combine
  28. After closing ArcheAge, Mouse stops responding entirely
  29. (some) Experia Patch Timers Resetting on Maintenance
  30. F#$%ed up programming
  31. Losing 140g thanks.....
  32. stuck in a setting
  33. Marketplace Purchase Failed
  34. Crash when harvesting second Daru Skyreach lot
  35. Found a hacker!!!
  36. Daily Raise a Wild Elk / Horse Quest bug
  37. Charred Bonekraal Figurehead Legendary Effect Not Working
  38. ANNOYING Map bug please fix !
  39. HUD issue
  40. I have this kind of things almost everywhere. How to fix it?
  41. Apex Squall Passenger Seat View - Bugged
  42. Daily Quest Feat
  43. Attacking while underground
  44. Music Sheet Bug
  45. Localization Issue: Timers for Mistmerrow event are not appropriate for regional localization
  46. Crystalized regrets are broken
  47. Broken Quests
  48. The Intrigue is too much
  49. Archeum Tree Sapling gathered nothing
  50. Teleport "Hack" may have been used.
  51. Battlerage :Triple slash
  52. blocking gold merchant in falcorth with hauler
  53. Stutter / FPS Drops
  54. Gilt Blackwood Coffin Bugged
  55. Car Passenger Camera view is awful now
  56. Tahyang Server - East Faction
  57. Seabreeze Shroudlight Bugged
  58. Destroying own boat for profit.
  59. Unwavering Focus Cloak doesn't work!
  60. Family shared chests, gazebos, etc broken
  61. Corner Reading Room
  62. Unable to edit keys into the prologue
  63. Farm cart - packs
  64. Cannot place Splendid Costume Chest
  65. After Hotfix...
  66. Bag & Warehouse Space Issue:
  67. Farm carts Broking Trading economy.
  68. The mess on your inventory / chest at each connexion
  69. Please fix the the gender only costumes
  70. Game crashes when selecting a server
  71. Dawnsdrop equipment effect
  72. Sea of Graves map bug
  73. Cloudgrain is gone?!
  74. New honor lunagems can't be put in shields?
  75. Farm Hauler Summoned then Disconnecting
  76. "The God Have Disconnected You" at Server Selection
  77. Dawnsdrop Guards do not increase the speed it takes to combine archeum into next tier
  78. Character Select Screen Lighting
  79. Bug with XP Boost Potion buff removal
  80. Summon Wraith Broken post-1.7
  81. Directed Feedback: Share Your Non-Retroactive Achievements
  82. auroria savage vambraces bug
  83. Merit Badge
  84. Can't apply a new Crest Stamp to an old Clipper
  85. [1v1 Arena] Death Time
  86. Left hand V2 weapons and lunafrosts broken? (Seer's Vision)
  87. Serious what's wrong with your chat spam filter
  88. Summon Crows
  89. Achievements
  90. Erreur 2023
  91. UGGHH dc during Kraken
  92. graphic bug?
  93. Pet frame won't lock after resummon.
  94. Trion annoying bug plz fix k
  95. Honorbold Precision Lunafrost is BUGGED?
  96. i can not put corals on my aquafarm
  97. Can't retake crimson rift or grimgast quests
  98. Daru Bundles Disappear and Use Labor Even Without Sufficient Bag Space
  99. Error ı cant play archeage :/
  100. Crimson Lightning Essence Fragments won't combine
  101. Hovercraft in Two Crowns Harbor?
  102. Disconnect Starting NA/EU after installing PTS
  103. Ground dextures/colour disappeared
  104. XP Boost potion
  105. Bear bug
  106. New guilda garden bug (PTS)
  107. A Crimson Shadow (Red dragon quest)
  108. Frigid Tracks stun does not stun; gives stun immunity instantly people who step on it.
  109. People going under the map at growl gate
  110. Alarmcall not working
  111. Farmcart EXPLOIT
  112. What's Wrong With My Crest Ink?
  113. Idiot's Guide to Fixing your Glyph/archage
  114. Block trade run !
  115. Bug?
  116. Unable to speak in chat
  117. Ship components
  118. Merit Badge Items in Marketplace Temporarily Disabled
  119. Quest line break
  120. Barrel Icons Greyed out
  121. Couple bugs...
  122. Sticky Combat
  123. "Cogwheel Longboard" gives false ping
  124. Serpentis dungeon loot
  125. Fellowship workbench cannot be accessed to public?
  126. Skill point deactivating passiveskill buffs
  127. Chat banned? No message appeared to annouce that a chat ban was issued to me
  128. 5 weeks whiout A Unique Pastime Quest
  129. Unable to log in (Black screen after Character selection)
  130. Game startup loading time is ridiculous long
  131. anthalon s return quest
  132. WTF Trion
  133. PLEASE READ THIS NOW TRION - Castle Siege broken mechanic
  134. Pack Drop Organization in farm
  135. Abyssal Attack - Ezis Light - line of sight
  136. Recently returned to Archage, 2nd Chance.
  137. Missing Farm Designs upon return to playing Archage. Please help
  138. Losing proficiency ranks
  139. The gods have disconnected you every 2minutes
  140. Nui Clears Coolant Buff from Car
  141. Instand Crashing to Desctop
  142. Mass production doesn't work for achievement quest
  143. Launching issues
  144. Archeage Crashing Mid Game [Please Help!!!!]
  145. Diary entries beeing trabable
  146. Infamy Quests Don't Show Up
  147. Fishing tournament scoreboards are rolled over
  148. unable to create custom crest/ crest inks still broken since yata costume release on pts login
  149. Really wanna buy Raw Stone/Stone Brick!
  150. Hacker's Report - Clear Evidence!
  151. 1v1 Arena honor exploit
  152. Crafting bug!
  153. Can not log into a character
  154. Growlgate Exploit
  155. Auction listings gone
  156. Bug Quest "Goddess's Wrath"
  157. Nothing Show on my map.
  158. After 1.7 camera bug after Reinstalling Archeage
  159. Unable to get 2nd part rum runner quest.
  160. Unable to complete first story mission in Two Crowns
  161. Issue requiring immediate attention
  162. Lunafrost 'Left Hand'
  163. Bug regarding options menu.
  164. Taxes are broken since the new farms
  165. Repeatable plushie quest in Marianople broken
  166. 16 x 16 Improved Scarecrow Revert.
  167. Still unable to do the merit quests properly
  168. Hauler Disco'd by the GOD.
  169. Unintended easy way of getting a title Expert Cutpurse
  170. New blackscreen after DC
  171. Unable to Continue Quest Line.
  172. Can't convert Crimson Lightning Essence Fragment into Crimson Lightning Essence
  173. Auroria Divine Armor drop labor bug?
  174. Fish Finder broken since 1.7 patch
  175. Epherium Meadow necklace
  176. Did not receive Fishing Contest tokens
  177. Prepaid tax bug
  178. Can't buy mirage f8shing pole
  179. 1280x720 is STILL broken
  180. Tax issues since patch
  181. Quest involving Wereshark Mikki
  182. Exploration Achievements not awarded
  183. found a bugged/glitched/hacked dagger currently in the AH
  184. Mining hack
  185. Character Display Quick Access (Alternate Costume)
  186. Alternate costume appearances does not transfer with image item.
  187. delayed/dced
  188. Game Closes When Changing Settings
  189. Mirage Isle airship portal/altar
  190. Falling through the world in Auroria and landing out of bounds
  191. Can't convert [Crimson Lightning Essence Fragment]s into [Crimson Lightning Essence] (GM denied my request)
  192. Mana Stars debuff Bug
  193. LvL-51-farming-lvl-35-Black-Pearl-Mobs
  194. Chat bug
  195. Green Elk Mount Speed is Bugged/Nerfed
  196. Grey Exp Lost after crash
  197. 3 gilda daily "safety in numbers quest" Aust to solz trade run
  198. Camera controls snap around
  199. dawnsdrop buff bug
  200. New Construction/Tax Bug
  201. Game keeps Crashing.
  202. Game code/design flaw
  203. Firran Ears are doing the twist!
  204. Possible bug in exploration achievements
  205. Percussion drumline Pack
  206. Divine Blessing Coin Gift Bug
  207. Client issues.
  208. Fellowship Plaza Changes???
  209. Dawnsdrop artistry buff useless?
  210. Black screen (hauler bug)
  211. New Laptop - Constant FPS Drops
  212. Sharpwind Mine Crashes everytime
  213. Caught hold hauler teleport glitchers or hackers
  214. Stuck underground, in water!??
  215. Windlords stuck with 40% less hp
  216. Celestial to Mythic Obsidian Shortspear regrade in a few hours.
  217. CryAnimation: CommandBuffer overflow
  218. Carrot Wings speed with pack?
  219. Problems with applying settings
  220. No text for entering areas
  221. Inspire Stacks bug when using Vicious Implosion or Comet's Boon
  222. 16x16 Farm Dissapeared
  223. Typing V in chat copying recent message
  224. TCB chunks error (crash)
  225. Tutorial Quest Not Updating
  226. Bounty Hunter Cloack & hair interaction
  227. Crest Sun Lounger Placement
  228. "There was an error downloading version information" message
  229. ANNOYED still no fix for disconnect with hauler with packs
  230. Courageous Action broken
  231. morpheus + shipwrecks = exploiting?
  232. Character Selection Issue/Crashing
  233. Dungeon reset dont work
  234. Lost Firran quest chain after Episode 3?
  235. Crash: Quest- "Buying Time"
  236. damn not again!! Failed to load Game DLL ???????????????????
  237. game wont start after loading screen finish
  238. Bug re-download
  239. You broke halcy again
  240. I disconnect every time I port to ynysterre
  241. Patch updates
  242. regrade chances back to 1.7 rates?
  243. Purchased from marketplace and did not receive items.
  244. BUGGED labor regen after BOT KILL confirmed
  245. jammed mail problem, is it scheduled?
  246. Hellspears Crashing Game
  247. pirate cant complete quest
  248. “The gods have disconnected you."
  249. Camera stutter when i move. Only when under 40 fps
  250. Not sure if this is a bug ( Farm Hauler)