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  1. Red Dragon Costume Bug
  2. Unable to see crafted by
  3. Mailbox still locks up
  4. Graphic and Sound settings not saving
  5. Ruby Solarium: bug door and windows
  6. Windows 10 & Archeage : Fullscreen Borderless doesn't work
  7. Windowed Fullscreen implementation
  8. Archeage's Jury System Queue
  9. Hauler Nose Digging
  10. quest bug .....(goblin treasure)
  11. Fishing Competition Bugged (Again)
  12. Unable to finish tutorial (keyboard configuration issues)
  13. Marketplace closes the game!
  14. Cannot check PM when forum banned
  15. Target must be a fish
  16. Dungeon wont load
  17. Unable to Enter Kroloal Cradle
  18. Cinematic looping
  19. Freeze / Black Screen / Load Screen / Repeat
  20. Le Barre porco dio
  21. Issue with the anniversary event trees
  22. Ayanad Library Bounty 10 pre1.7
  23. PTS 2.0 AMD DOES NOT WORK "This graphics card can't support normal gameplay"
  24. Janudar server crached.
  25. Mobs (Textures / Shaders) Spazing out witch blackness!
  26. Can't Connect To The Game Unless in Skype Call
  27. Cant connect to EU servers after logging into the PST server
  29. Teleport to farm via house demo suddenly broke.
  30. Game leak on archage lisson well if u dont wanna break your computer
  31. Serp
  32. PTS - Keep getting disconnected every 10 mins !
  33. Ollo in maintenence!!!
  34. Property unplaceable due to for sale sign bug, please read.
  35. PTS 2.0 Failed to load game data!
  36. Naval Cannons damage bug!
  37. [pts] why weapon breaking give better stuff?
  38. After load in game crashes.
  39. Game Keep Crashing
  40. Crashing every 5 minutes on PTS
  41. Ground doesnt load
  42. Can't Open Storage Chest
  43. Can't Use steam wallet
  44. Galleon Bow Visual Bug
  45. Invalid UCC
  46. Archeage crash my PC, for real.
  47. A Friend cannot delete her character (Invalid name) She very angry plz help
  48. Missing dragon at 11 AM EST
  49. Fix this damn game
  50. Grade/Tier Buff Bug on Plate Armor
  51. [PTS 2.0] New Songcraft passive buff (Rythm) causes songcraft performances to stop playing randomly.
  52. Why Can't I Get Rid of This?
  53. [QUEST] Reward from Solzreed Peninsula – Level 1-10
  54. PTS Dungeons and Skills
  55. Invisible Spells and Ability Stacking?
  56. Spreading flames bug
  57. Divine Blessing coin: Nonpatron lottery 5th place prize ball not being removed
  58. Aug. 29th Fishing Tournament
  59. Endless Intro-Video instead of Land-Rush!!!!
  60. ArcheAge just closes after start up
  61. Log in password failer
  62. Failed to load game dll
  63. connection on evo server
  64. Anniversary certificates (red, orange, yellow) are not dropping
  65. Daily mining quest not popping up on fortuna veins
  66. Random crash on Character switch
  67. Xmas hauler bugged
  68. Character info Bug
  69. Daily quests for Gathering and Farming not showing up
  70. CAR (Timber Coupe) bugged?
  71. Character Info Not Showing
  72. Dawnsdrop Armor speed buff not working on consecutive actions
  73. Loyalty token glitch after login onto alt account.
  74. Artistry Proficiency
  75. Respawn timer on loot quest to long and unlootable
  76. Help? Splash screen!
  77. Construction Brick Bundle from 1.7 to 2.0 [PROBLEM]
  78. Marketplace Mail
  79. Connect Button is greyed out
  80. Hanure Server not showing up in list/ Connect button not working
  81. REALLY bad vision glitches on 2.0
  82. Enhanced Squirrel Glider Companion: Speed: make it as if I'm carrying a trade pack
  83. Where is my compensations?
  84. /F to Faction doesn't work!
  85. Random crashes
  86. A Gold in Hand Achievement not working?
  87. Merit Quest Error/Bug?
  88. Day 1 Chest Bug
  89. Guild Mission repeatable or....?
  90. Nvidia Kernel Driver Crash - 2.0
  91. Shroudmaster's Earring Grand gives more Equipment points than Arcane and Rare
  92. Seemingly random crashing
  93. [Bug] Minimum Level for Trade Packs
  94. Hero 2.0 Guild Mission Rewards not working
  95. My Cart is not working!
  96. glider bug
  97. Nui princess gilda daily quests not working on 3 accounts
  98. No soul sworn chests
  99. Disconnected
  100. Glass Phoenix pixilated bug.
  101. Crest Inks are gone.
  102. Non Patron -> Misleading\Wrong Labor Tooltip
  103. Founder Pack item error - missing items
  104. Stolen librarians bags and Ayanad Costume Design Scraps do not drop
  105. Loungers
  106. "Click to move / auto-move to skill range" bugged
  107. Quest bug - 2.0 - [ Portal Trouble ]
  108. Rudolph hauler!
  109. Kyrios Server
  110. 0 quests in quest log
  111. Blue Salt (temp) Timber Coupe bugged
  112. Songcraft new passive + griefs cadence bug
  113. New Guild application bug Appove or Deny
  114. Quest: Calling All Blacksmiths
  115. Mount skill bar keeps resetting to default
  116. Mistmerrow Mini map on HUD does not show claimed towers
  117. Mistmerrow Died and respawned half in and half out of the altar
  118. Graphic bug + Equipment.
  119. unable to create tradepacks in falcorth
  120. No glider skills
  121. Shadow texture issue
  122. Golden Teardrop Chest sorting bug
  123. Missing Gilda Star?
  124. Have yet to receive the loyalty
  125. Defending Auroria quest not completing
  126. No Mettle Buff
  127. Dungeon Master quest bug
  128. Broken Dailies?
  129. To Nice Trion People! Maybe merge a Bee Hive Refund Problem You should consider Plz
  130. Graphics Bug
  131. Festival Gift Exchanger in Rookborne Basin
  132. UCC image: "Failed to create Interior Color"
  133. Guild quests bugged
  134. High Glider Title Bugged
  135. God's Disconnecting Me and many others constantly tonight, every 5 seconds
  136. Weird bug with /begging emote
  137. Housing area music outside CoT
  138. Unable to use - Yuletide Hauler
  139. New bug?
  140. Rudolph Hauler is BUGGED!!! No option to drive it
  141. So, my Mirage Elk Joined the Gymnastics Team
  142. Failed to load game data!
  143. Game crash/lag/textures
  144. Korean Splash Screen
  145. Failed to load game data!
  146. MORPHEUS - Unable to accept quest and mobs missing!
  147. seems all christmas stuff is bugged
  148. been 48 hours and haven't gotten my hero's welcome pack
  149. Failed to load game data!
  150. Not receive the gift of merge
  151. Diamond Shores War/Peace Cycle
  152. Abyssal attack bug....
  153. Crash log
  154. Anniversary Quests/Certs
  155. Guild ExP reduced to minus
  156. Returning player: all achievements reset
  157. Soulmare bug
  158. Aniversary Bug Problem
  159. Golden Tear drop Chest will not save user created sorts
  160. mining...
  161. Leviathan is gone from the server list
  162. Stealth Bug
  163. Guild quest don't get completed...
  164. [FAILED] Defeat Morpheus Quest
  165. Missing Improved scarecrow farm kit
  166. Where did nazar go?????
  167. reload screen
  168. Chat Input Zone Rollback
  169. Crest Inks created post-2.0 not working?
  170. Pet Armor cannot be equipped on 150$ dragon
  171. Intentional for lost garden equipment to be identified at basic level?
  172. Why! pirates cant do a ♥♥♥♥ aigan... Fix this quest please
  173. Ayanad library costumes drops missing?
  174. Game closes
  175. APEX SQUALL Bug (Major)
  176. Main bug: Purehearted Shirt and Kindled Passion shirt are inverted
  177. Black screen
  178. Disconnects Sept 16th 2015
  179. Too Low of a Level to Make a Trade pack?
  180. 10k Proficiency in Known Language
  181. Random clientcrashes
  182. Fail to load gamedata after glyph update EU
  183. Having trouble loading game since last fix
  184. I lost my items in Auction house after maintenance
  185. I think my pet is ill ... huge bug O_o
  186. Stolen Larder Packs Possible?
  187. House teleport/elevator
  188. Bug: Hellswamp Hero daily Quest
  189. Offline labor regen does not appear to be working
  190. Dragon Pet (Lavaspark) cant use new crafted pet armor
  191. Guild vs Guild doesn´t give prestige or experience but was announced
  192. Missing Texture
  193. constant game freezing when using auction house
  194. Cant drive Yuletide Hauler?
  195. Kraken - Disconnecting many times over
  196. Bug in new Map marking system
  197. Camera movement bug
  198. Not recieving vocation badges
  199. A Meteror has landed in Falcorth.
  200. Dewstone Plaint have bug or hack
  201. Nuia - Blue Salt Daily Quests Unavailable
  202. Not getting Halcyona War (golden plains battle) Quest
  203. Frustrating bug alert.
  204. Level too low for Larders?
  205. Stuck in Rookborne Basin
  206. Songcraft seriously bugged
  207. Falling through the floor in the library..
  208. npc leomorphs on my land
  209. problem with faction chat colors. not a /f bug
  210. Cannot sell land due to pre-paid taxes i never made
  211. Halcyona war golden plains quest bugged
  212. NM
  213. Animal timers for Rancher's Farmhouse are bugged.
  214. Meina does not give World Boss Kill credit for guild quest.
  215. Kraken kill did not give guild World Boss quest credit.
  216. Ezis Light = Server crash + kick
  217. Issue with taxes
  218. Songcraft bard songs glitched for me
  219. Can we please fix the crashing bug
  220. Library doesn't drop stolen purses or costume fragments
  221. Lavaspark Battle Pet Armor
  222. Unable to apply crest to guild (hatchedblade) cloak
  223. Quest: Third Floor Painting
  224. Two Crowns Trade Pack Zone... is full-on PvP?
  225. Interface scaling resets after log off and log back on
  226. Crest stamp disappearing several times a day from my glider
  227. Auto Teleport glitch?
  228. Steel lightning renders funny
  229. NPC leomorph hiding in lemon tree
  230. yultide hauler
  231. Texture
  232. Character Info Card doesnt show properly.
  233. What is this above my house?
  234. battle for the golden plains, quest bug?
  235. Merch Boat Speed Bug
  236. Missing Home Coming Reward
  237. Bug interface stuff
  238. Instantly disconnected by the gods
  239. Bug de la fenetre des détails du personnage
  240. Producing too many Kraken's Might potions on an Apothecary's Chalet
  241. Every Crimson Rift, Grimghast Rift and others massive event... game slow and lag !
  242. Yuletide Hauler undriveable?
  243. Crest not working
  244. bug about "Epherium arrowflash cloack"
  245. A secret glitch/bug in Mirage
  246. Glider bar and Vehicle bar
  247. Resolve to see my character...
  248. Disconnected while moving packs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  249. "Gods have disconnected you" problem
  250. Cant sell land to a character that have only two letter on his name