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  1. bug fishing boat on map
  2. "The Call of Fate" Quest Glitched?
  3. Sail Boat Exploit in Use, mixed Guilds
  4. Grimghast Rift Quests not Appearing
  5. Failed to load data
  6. Guild Buff is broken
  7. Voter's Gift box not received when voting
  8. Mythic High speed cannon tool tip wrong stats
  9. Accessing Storage Chest
  10. Sail bug on Morpheous... again
  11. MORPHEOUS Diamond Shore - West faction prestige quest NPCs killed in peacetime - no resurrection
  12. Mixed Guild Chat
  13. Palace cellar
  14. Dream ring quest "the hand of fate"
  15. Can't enter Greater dungeons
  16. Unable to save auto-sorted chest
  17. Gods disconnect with boat out and can not log back in till the boat despawns
  18. So tell me how to collect this daily login reward, please.
  19. Both characters of the same account logged in.
  20. Fix the dead pioneers on eastern side (Haranya) (Hanure Server)
  21. People are driving while bubbled/feared????
  22. Basic skill stat bug?
  23. Maestro Cutpurse Bugged
  24. Did it break??
  25. Did not receive untamed griffin mount
  26. Report Spam Bug Abuse
  27. Disconnects in library
  28. Game Glitchs that makes the PVE not fun.
  29. Pirate not guilty coming to his faction
  30. Crests not showing and not able to create new crests.
  31. Status-sensitive shortcut isn't showing
  32. New House Pets not changing as intended?
  33. impossible to reconnect
  34. leadership stuck at 40
  35. Texture bug/problem
  36. Ship equipment Radars report 2X the weight statet on them
  37. vehicle UI bar missing
  38. unable to use the skill to report unauthorized program on player of opposing faction
  39. Imposible to put the new House Pets back into inventory
  40. Harani Girl Pillow
  41. Characters standing weirdly slopes
  42. Delphinad Stat Reroll
  43. Pirate Guild Quest Bug
  44. Failed to load game data bug
  45. "Contact Us" results in blank window popping up
  46. Glitch: Attacked in area marked Housing
  47. Please fix my chest on my gazebo
  48. Jury / Trials bug
  49. +drop rate% bugged?
  50. Costume & horse armor bug
  51. Latency in lacton
  52. Respecing on Growls Gate
  53. Pioneer Earring
  54. Please fix the disconnects and then can not get in if you have a vehicle out
  55. Distorted Chanters 7 Set Effect.
  56. Songcraft and Language Proficiency Both Broken.
  57. Unable to add Crest to Guild Cloak that is fused with a different cloak
  58. fishingevent bug with box
  59. Armor@Weapon regrade bug
  60. Incorrect tax amount due
  61. Pawsome Event: Ranchhand Jack STILL bugged.
  62. Witchcraft Skill - Fiend's Knell
  63. Quest Impossible to complete
  64. Guild Quest Naima bugged
  65. Neutral guard "neutralizing"
  66. I not received Delivery of trade pack
  67. can't summoning Merchant Schooner BUG
  68. Mainquest Bug
  69. Error loading DLL: CryRenderD3D9.dll, error code 126
  70. System restarts when I shut down Archeage
  71. WTFast Servers Blocked
  72. Tax calculation and pre-paied taxes
  73. Why wont my costume load properly?
  74. Morpheus dream ring quest
  75. Dawnsdrop Cap not working on artistry.
  76. Quest bugged
  77. Soulmare invisible dash doesn't make you invisible
  78. Greater Kroloal cradle Karim the Undying bug, it doesnt die, forcing us to reset.
  79. strange mount bug
  80. Fast unblocking leads to game crash
  81. Month 12 Login Tracker showing as completed
  82. Flying Farm Cart over bridges
  83. Quest "Hammering on the Roof"
  84. Clarification on Redoubt(Defense)
  85. Can't use some part of my pavilion farm!
  86. Login Tracker is Broken For Everyone
  87. Sport Fishing New Bug!
  88. Can't loot, too far away at the Sharpwind Mines?
  89. Critial Bug* Witchcraft pet
  90. Bug Quest lv 25 “Into the Wind” for Firran
  91. Mend what was Broken Issue
  92. Cant loot fish costing me big money
  93. Big rock appears blocking path to Nuimari from Calmlands
  94. where is the otherworld storage?
  95. skill cooldown function?
  96. PANTSU exploiting arena bug on morpheus
  97. Hero Evaluation System
  98. Torn Painting: Eight Piece (3rd floor)
  99. Getting Zero Leadership
  100. Apex
  101. another problem in the worst made game EVER
  102. Fix the fishing bug
  103. Im losing money bc of this fish bug it makes me want to quit
  104. Merit Quests are all locked after patch
  105. jerky movement
  106. Crazy graphical glitches?
  107. Black textures everywhere!!
  108. since last update
  109. Holiday Quest Event Bug (possibly)
  110. If i die and try to respond i get stuck at 0% and more
  111. Blue salt featival empty frame (gift exchange bug)
  112. Can't Access Marketplace Mail and Support Center Login isn't Available
  113. NEW PATCH: core temp issues
  114. issues
  115. Red Rudolph Hauler
  116. No mailbox on Verdant Skychamber again
  117. Glider Bug
  118. Target command issues
  119. For the love of scapes...
  120. Land Bug, Hack or Working as Intended?
  121. [Require GM] Fiend Knell (55 skill) causing D/C's in Instances
  122. I discovered something new about castle sieges.
  123. Dawnsdrop Cap: No effect on Artistry when playing instruments
  124. Stalker mark issue
  125. AURORIA cloth shas (sorcery) bugg
  126. Overwhelm bug
  127. Housing Zone Bug
  128. Festival gift excanger machine (MIRAGE) wrong tokens
  129. trebuchet in marianople and bridge
  130. Enoan Galleon Repairing Bug?
  131. Forsaken bug user
  132. Game crashed when you dc'd with boat up
  133. Remodeled House Teleporter Bug
  134. All Leadership LOST after a disconnect
  135. AH lost sales
  136. Login server went down, i couldnt get my winter socks
  137. Eznan Cutter destroyed but unable to repair
  138. Issue with Ayanad Earring Quest
  139. Telekinesis doesn't move players anymore
  140. Harvester Farmhouse seed beds bugged not useable
  141. Client closes by itself
  142. Arena Bug
  143. Grief's Cadence Bug
  144. Rank Three Retribution
  145. My Patron was disappear in this morning
  146. Merit Dailies not ticking off upon completing?
  147. DX11 shadow
  148. Failed to load game
  149. UI Reseting Bug
  150. Disconnected by gods in lib
  151. Chat Bug
  152. Game crashing when 5s queue pops
  153. I can not see my equipment
  154. Graphic issues
  155. Christmas event boxes bugging
  156. ArcheAge not a friend of GPU overclock? CRASHES
  157. Camera stutter when turning
  158. Crash @ DS Invasion
  159. East and West supposed player nation abusing GG housing
  160. Cow-Walking Bug FTW
  161. Winter Maiden Boots + Bad Programming = Ticket Trouble!
  162. Guild buff and kill count in quests bug
  163. Debuff
  164. Grafikfehler
  165. Winter Essence Behind
  166. Quest Turn in!
  167. New login rewards Broken
  168. Game unresponsive to all actions.
  169. Stealth
  170. Imfamy points and I haven't done anything wrong
  171. Diamond shores fortress bug - restored fortress, but no cannons and lvl3 prestige quest
  172. Kicked from my guild by mistake
  173. Fell through the floor in Austera
  174. hex?
  175. some of my winter essence are missing
  176. Raging Lionheart figure head exploiting
  177. @Celestrata !! Morpheus Auction House Disabled !!
  178. Blue Ribbon Farm contest bug
  179. Honey larder poofed and was NOT ready to harvest yet!
  180. luscas awakening
  181. House Bugs - REQUEST #500029
  182. leadership points
  183. Dream Ring- sirothe's blood
  184. character info
  185. Many years on an still can't save Graphic settings
  186. Dream Ring quest - Nachen's Vengeance
  187. Port to Mirage Archeage stops working
  188. blueribbon farm event rewards
  189. Merit Badge!
  190. Is Harvester's Farmhouse really a 24x plot? screenshot attached
  191. One of my characters can't login any more
  192. Item not taking a gem.
  193. Skillbars disappear/move when I change screen size
  194. NPC's not handing out certain quests.
  195. Duping apex´s
  196. low textures
  197. Labor reduction from machining
  198. So many bots
  199. Raging Lionheart Figurehead not working at lower grades
  200. A Strange Stone Quest
  201. No skillbar when using glider/hauler/boat
  202. Guildquest npcs
  203. Songcraft Performances
  204. ArcheAge (PTS) Wont let me nor Haylet pass the Intro screen
  205. 1/19 Update Display Bugs
  206. Korean Text Still Appearing
  207. Skills Window Not opening
  208. Tradepack bug
  209. skill points..
  210. Godswhip animation cancel bug
  211. Didnt know the proper place to report something so here it is.
  212. Otherworld Storage Chest on PTS
  213. game shutting down
  214. Getting attacked in my house.
  215. winter maiden boots bug
  216. cant connect anymore
  217. Insane limits on special decor items
  218. paltron eveis disable?and paltron bonus too.
  219. Outside Zone
  220. I am stuck in blackscreen.
  221. Merit achieve quest bug: Do You Remember Your Dewey Decimals?
  222. Stone Orb
  223. Glider Smokescreen
  224. Game Crash when I accept Arena queue
  225. Problem with connection 'gods have disconnected you message'
  226. Fishing boat bugged??
  227. Granbleu's Dive Helmet ineffective under water
  228. Event Bug
  229. Play dead in Library causing disconnect
  230. Screenshot folder keeps purging itself randomly.
  231. Rancher's upgraded Thatch has wrong timer for pens
  232. Two small errors on live servers.
  233. Christmas Hauler Broken Again
  234. My Pawesome Pet Icon
  235. Ayanad Disciple's Costumes. 2.5 Bug
  236. Otherworld storage chest bugged.
  237. skill saver/skills bugged
  238. 30-Day Longer Fishing Boat Bugged
  239. Unable to socket t2 gems in Baktehan's Swimfins
  240. Mini-pets don't level by moving
  241. New Loyalty Gems are bugged?
  242. Server not showing up in server list
  243. feral mark text
  244. Server Reset - Aranzeb - Vanishing Auroria Purification Zone Towers
  245. Archeum Trees bugged
  246. Treehouse unplaceable on a legitimate 28x28 Slot
  247. Skill saver trouble
  248. Yuletide Hauler bug AGAIN !
  249. Mount/Dismount keyboard shortcut doesnt work on dolphin :(
  250. Found Game Breaking Bug - GM Please PM Me!!!