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  1. Telekinesis skill glitch
  2. Costume Synthesis Reroll Stat, inputting rejected stat
  3. Farmhause remodel
  4. Firran Starting Zone Quest Problem
  5. Honor Badge Stat migration items being removed from inventory on cancel.
  6. Merciless Victor doesnt count into achivment
  7. Random increase of the total taxes needed to place down property
  8. Healing guardstones during abyssal
  9. 1.5x Increase till the end of the year?
  10. Weird bug
  11. Fish looting bug
  12. Buffs at arena
  13. Crash on Splash screen / forced to play on DX11
  14. Loyalty Worker Comps
  15. Gİant rock in Alcum iris
  16. [BUG] Homecoming Warrior Buff gone if entering sparring Arena
  17. Gallant Leomorph Appearance Doesn't Change
  18. Haulers Can Pass Straight Through Fortress Doors
  19. Nest quest not giving the 2nd coin
  20. Costume bugs and Gear Rank bugs
  21. What is with chat tabs resetting all the time?
  22. Tornado stuck in Falcorth Plains
  23. Twigs for Turkeys event
  24. Arena Bug
  25. No 30 min. Daru Weapons
  26. Chick chow quest bug?
  27. FFA Bug - Maybe all arenas bug.
  28. Fishing Glitch
  29. Servers explode? :D
  30. not recieving any leaderschip
  31. Unable to place on housing zone in Sungold
  32. Did they break halcy again?
  33. Voting rewards missing
  34. Corn Milk Dry Ingredients locked/unusable due to portal
  35. Daru weaspns
  36. Log in tracker glitched? Unable to collect final reward box.
  37. Log In Issue
  38. Costume Visual Bug
  39. Arena Skill Bug
  40. Fog goes through my East mansion
  41. 24 hour passed since claim and Daru weapons are not claimable again, how we are supposed to do the achievement?
  42. Thirsty Worker's Flasks cannot be used with the new Loyalty Bound Worker's Comps.
  43. Morpheus down again
  44. Where is CR in Auroria
  45. Growlgate hero hall + Armored steamtank clips through walls
  46. Corn Milk Bug
  47. Masked Daru Bug
  48. Regrade issue
  49. Eternal swim fins
  50. Divers Leap exploration point moved
  51. Teleport book emptry
  52. PSA about gallant horse mounts
  53. Login failed
  54. Skills do not reset on next round of *any* arena
  55. masked Daru weapons event STILL broken
  56. Daily Boss quests "Defeat X" not working
  57. Tree house bugged?
  58. Unable to complete the "Beneath Castel Ronbann" optional quest step
  59. Bee Hives disappeared
  60. Can't open the game
  61. Graphical Tearing delux
  62. Lord Dance
  63. Hidden Portals?
  64. Accidental item drop
  65. Offline Labor Gain Changes?
  66. Halloween Event Achievements bugged
  67. Not able to log in... PTS
  68. Redoubt broken ?
  69. Speedboat bug
  70. 2nd Anniversary Marketplace Tokens: Event tab gone
  71. [Glyph] Major bug or thieft attempt?
  72. Refined Lunagems.
  73. Last Event
  74. Turkey Toy event quest Bug?
  75. Remodel bug
  76. Honestly? Easiest DGS of my life... (Non-combative DGS)
  77. Speedboat kills other boats
  78. doubloon quest
  79. *Rangora* Blocked Road by Siege Tower !!! HELP GM
  80. unexpected blessing bug
  81. "Exquisite Diaphragm" not on the Regal Carpentry Workbench
  82. Toy Strings not dropping
  83. Tayhang Server Real Bad Lag
  84. Turkey event buged
  85. New Flying Mounts
  86. Seabug Bully
  87. Karkasse respawn
  88. missing mana tower
  89. What are you supposed to do when you fell through the map?
  90. White Arden isn't
  91. Glyph öffnet nicht
  92. Anthalon DOES NOT spawn during castle siege times in sungold... pirates can't DO CR and can't do their worldboss during a worldboss event...
  93. "We were given a bad code for the game which led to hallowtide being released early.."
  94. Festival Period - Guard Aggro for Pirates
  95. Festival - Candy Toss
  96. Turkey Toys Event.
  97. the haunting of two crowns/candy toss event not spawning?
  98. Black Cats getting their cubs ready for Halloween
  99. Endless Arrow low... slow alone et fast in group...
  100. Harvester's farmhouse bug: can't use one farmer field
  101. Stat Migration Bugs
  102. Castle Siege
  103. Disappearing Fence
  104. Pack dropped inside terrain.
  105. Unable to summon Vyrava with timespace scroll
  106. Not possible upgrading Farm Freighter to Red Farm Freighter
  107. Toy Bug quest
  108. Login Tracker Calendar Broke
  109. Vitalism - Quick recovery passive
  110. Songcraft - Alarm call
  111. Hallowtide blue side pumpkins not working?
  112. Rancher's Farmhouse graphic glitch
  113. Mass DC on Nazar Server
  114. New Glider vs Turbulance
  115. Extraction Alembic bug
  116. Luna and Solar 8x8 farms - workstation
  117. Unintended? Rotate Winner in Party (during Mirage Fish Fest)
  118. Fishing - Loot settings affect what should be a trade pack
  119. Gobbler event bug
  120. Eco-Friendly Fuel and Rudolph Farm Freighter
  121. Won't Launch Anymore ;(
  122. Old pack in trade pack price info ?
  123. Auktonshouse BUG
  124. Did not receive mail {bug?}
  125. Typhoon drake can not be desummoned during combat
  126. 5-Man SoDL Dungeon Entrance Missing
  127. Halloween Pipe Organ oddity
  128. Teleport bug
  129. device removed please restart game
  130. archeum Daeier Necklace still broken
  131. Boss loot bugged
  132. Gods DC me when I try and create a new character on Shatigon
  133. Tahyang Server Down
  134. Delicious Turkey Event Quest BROKEN
  135. Solzreed clipping issue with mountain Video...
  136. Falling through game world when lying down to sleep
  137. Blue Ribbon Contest (Possible Bug)
  138. this bug needs fixing asap
  139. bug : follow connections
  140. goose meat is the new chair
  141. Connection problems again
  142. Regrade event bug!?
  143. Taste the Turkey Quest bug
  144. Help Delicious turkey
  145. Achieve Level 55 and Level 55 in all Skillsets quests are not retroactive
  146. 4wd = rwd?
  147. Protest
  148. Porting without opening worldgate
  149. Nuian Great General Belisar Issues
  150. this is possible :/?
  151. Guild manager guild quest bug
  152. It broke omg!!!
  153. Percentage Go both down for charcoal and Gildas!
  154. Dark Shaman’s Raiment: blue ankles on Firran
  155. Eternal typhoon drake
  156. Latest maintenance/update, larders were reset
  157. Bugged view at Halcyona
  158. how i can fix that? and whats is that?! Black shadow?!
  159. Red Dragon Bow Knock Back
  160. I'm too sexy for my cloths.
  161. chromatic gembloom petal
  162. So the giant bouldermoved from arcum iris..
  163. Exquisite Diaphragm
  164. Red Salt Vendor
  165. Graphics Bug - Can see mesh on Arrogant/Haughty Duelist and Dragon Cultist costumes.
  166. all ucc gone since last patch
  167. What is wall?
  168. Game wont start :C
  169. Scroll bidding, Siege declaration exploit -Leviathan
  170. Tradepack turn-in versus received (possible bug?)
  171. Equalized arena bug
  172. Crash on release
  173. Blocking npcs with haulers in solis.
  174. My chrome sub wont work
  175. hire competent people
  176. certain color mounts slower than others now
  177. Black Screen on Character logout.
  178. Peace funds glitch?
  179. [Forum] Reckoning Commerce Center
  180. help out
  181. glyph bugged ?
  182. black screen after logo and game shut down
  183. 3.0 "bug" or intended?
  184. I guess there is a bug with taxes calculation
  185. crash after patch during startup
  186. Select character blank screen
  187. have big problem plz help
  188. Abyssal Power quest glitched.
  189. Songcraft Abyssal Echoes does not works with Quickstep
  190. Lvl 15 Not Recognized
  191. have problem please help me
  192. Help teleporting back to Damian (warborn)
  193. Character Transfer bugged
  194. Can't load past splash screen
  195. Black screen at server selection
  196. Disconnects when creating new character
  197. ArcheBug or BugAge? Error #1005
  198. Can't buy Credits via Steam wallet
  199. random solid mountain in falcorth plains
  200. BSOD after 3.0 release + W10 1607 x64 KB3201845
  201. Abyssal Skills leveled back, game is asking for Warrior's Medals again
  202. Construction does not reduce labour usage.
  203. Patron status not lowering queue time
  204. witchcraft manaburn doesn't work on player.
  205. wireframe with no textures
  206. please help
  207. Broken costume
  208. Missing water, and drowing in 3.0 revelation.
  209. Dream Shards are no longer given when sleeping for labor
  210. Why do I have these lines on me and in terrain?
  211. Founder's Code sent to the wrong character.
  212. Transfering legacy apex/gold to fresh eu
  213. Waiting to connect message pops up in select server screen without selecting a server
  214. Windows 10 Anniversary Update: crash to desktop with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
  215. New pots not working
  216. Spell Bar BUGGED !
  217. Ship Sails BROKEN
  218. Luscas broken possibly
  219. Female Dwarf with male voice sound
  220. Road to Aubre Cradle from White Arden Does Not Exist
  221. Family daily stewpot disappears!
  222. Field of View Has Shrunk in 3.0
  223. family quest seems to be broken
  224. Not getting the Server Select Screen
  225. I can't get the rowboat because the quest is broken.
  226. Palomino Yata bugged after 3.0 update
  227. Worst Launch EVER!!
  228. Fishing Problems.
  229. Rookborne is missing all Gathering/Farming/Logging wild harvestable nodes.
  230. Labor bug
  231. Game stops responding during elf glider instructions quest
  232. Tax Calculation Bug
  233. All sound is gone!
  234. Ember Nymph Battle Pet bug
  235. Songcraft Quickstep + Abyssal Echoes Doesn't Work.
  236. Sandwiches / Soups during abyssal
  237. Random Migration Talisman Box not working after 3.0
  238. bug drop map
  239. Chat bug
  240. Few reports post 3.0
  241. Icekissed Winter Festival Costume Bugged since 3.0
  242. Community Center Supplies quest bug
  243. I know you have alot on right now, but when you can, pls fix server transfers
  244. I can't transfer my account
  245. Auroran synthesis stones pack
  246. I can only have 2 characters?
  247. Hitbox Bug
  248. Black Screen trying to change to a different character
  249. Icekissed Winter Festival Costume on Dwarf Bug
  250. ArcheAge Founder’s Appreciation Crate Not sent to ingame character