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  1. Teleport book bug
  2. Server trade pack values different - Some 130% and some 140%
  3. Custome Keybindings Reset When Game Restarts
  4. Archeage crash on loading screen
  5. Archeage crash on loading screen...
  6. Question abut Proficiency Rank, max per rank
  7. Epherium reforged items displayed incorrectly
  8. Constant loading in game then black screen
  9. Crashing after 10min or so
  10. proficiency labor cost % is wrong on the rank details list
  11. Pen in Thatched EXTREMELY HUGE
  12. Chat tabs resetting every login
  13. Loggin disconnect
  14. Warborn Bugs (can access wrong halcy portal + unavailable infamy quests)
  15. Warborn Story Quest Bug
  16. Larceny drop rates are bugged
  17. Bugged abyssal power quest
  18. building tax bug or intended?
  19. Time on Larder can be removed so it sits indefinately???
  20. Speedboat "Boost" Bug
  21. wheat tool-tip broken
  22. Archery endless arrow skill problem !
  23. Pack turn in double window
  24. Golden Glider Bug
  25. "Were those footsteps?"
  26. Unable to use mailbox or any inventory items
  27. Finally get to character select, press connect, locks up everytime
  28. Triple Slash
  29. Has anyone reported the Apex/Credits issue on New start servers.
  30. Diamond Shores invasion fortress quest
  31. Holy Bolt / Tyrenos Index does not apply
  32. Daily Quests cannot be activated all at once
  33. Sounds a little crazy but its a temporary fix to black screen
  34. Not able to login
  35. Skip the Queue on EU Fresh server? and Stuck.
  36. Wont load Poem splash screen
  37. Quality Craftsmanship Quest bug
  38. Missing Crop timers
  39. Holy Bolt not receiving damage buff with Library Index
  40. Arena server specific rewards are still honor and not the new rings
  41. Alts riding on farm freighter randomly get teleported off vehicle?
  42. Text popup still says Thirsty Worker Flask on merit quest completion
  43. Family Invite
  44. Switching Characters Causes Disconnect/Crash to Desktop
  45. Family Quest: Golden Sheep
  46. Completed race quest still shows up on my map
  47. Settings don't save after disconnecting
  48. 3rd floor Library drops
  49. Deleted Character on fresh start, slot gone permanent?
  50. Relatively high CPU usage in Char select
  51. login tracker bug is skipping days
  52. Loot mode changed:
  53. Icekissed Winter Festival Costume Missing Textures
  54. Keybind Resting
  55. Quest: Reading the Signs
  56. Guild management options not working!!!!!!!!
  57. NPC territory market
  58. Territory Silos Not Operating according to Patch Notes.
  59. Family Sport Fishing bugged
  60. Help!!!!
  61. New Grey screen of death
  62. Game crashed upon entering Trial
  63. Stuck on a point of login
  64. Missing HUD
  65. Green Fertilizer packs giving same price as standard fertilizer!!
  66. Max. Number of Merit Quests
  67. 20% Cooldown Reduction for Fishing Propellants from Merchant's Costume: Fishing does not work
  68. Afk-Kick timer was turned on for Legacy Servers
  69. Community Center Residency: Does not include upgraded farmhouse
  70. Mistmerrow disconnects me into the 1000+ queue
  71. Grey screen of Death!
  72. Quest Bugged - Goblin Treasure
  73. Pet Attacking Problems
  74. Trito make mistakes as allways
  75. AFK Kick Timer Activated on (ONLY) Aranzeb Legacy Server (Please fix ASAP)
  76. No Substitute For Hard Work
  77. mirage island crash to desktop
  78. Roll feature bugged/unintended function. (important!)
  79. Donkey
  80. Tree Logs in bag not registering on workbench
  81. Can't play after deleting a character
  82. Bug caused by planer
  83. AFK-timer working or not yet?
  84. 5K Prof Boost
  85. Skill bug and Chat bug
  86. Attn Quilidon
  87. Missing Crests
  88. SERIOUS Hassle trying to buy credits/apex
  89. Blackscreen after char select
  90. Sparring Arena does not give Buff Choice
  91. Constant disconnects from Vengeance
  92. Item disappeared?
  93. Restart the login server
  94. I can litrally not play for more than 10 mins without disconnecting
  95. I just fell through the map? into endless water
  96. Broken in game mechanics
  97. Unable to level abyssal skill tree.
  98. Character not loading after hitting Start "Gray Screen"
  99. Vitalism Abyssal skill : Bug or intended?
  100. Possible to Overlevel Quests and Make them Dissappear Now?
  101. Lost/missing trade pack payments..
  102. Vocation Empty Brick Flowerbeds Bug?
  103. Moringa Fruit
  104. Grey Screen After Character Selection
  105. Patron Queue
  106. ArcheAge Palace Cellar First Boss Melkina Resetting bug
  107. Ramdom DC
  108. Unable to re-enter dungeons
  109. Still waiting!
  110. And still waiting!
  111. Customer service ready to help yet?
  112. Time for a refund!
  113. Grey screen hype
  114. Game Crashing on Splash Screen
  115. Gameplay Bug - self interrupted cast after movement.
  116. Lady Fluffsworth (rabbit mount) doesn't summon
  117. Delete Character Lose Character Slot???
  118. Can't in when I get to the select character Screen
  119. Merit tab bug and login issue
  120. Black screen going to character select from in-game
  121. Quality Crafting Quest
  122. Holy shot + mirror light
  123. Lag? Bug? idk what it is by now
  124. Character bug in Farm Wagon
  125. Fishing BUG 3.0
  126. Login saving not working
  127. Failed to load game data
  128. unable to get to server select after patch, black screen is back
  129. Failed to load game data
  130. Cant start game with DX9
  131. Can't craft Improved Scarecrow Farm Design
  132. Commerce BUG 3.0
  133. Blue Salt Delivery Quest
  134. Unable to type long messages in chat.
  135. Black screen after the patch on the 19th for steam users only
  136. Dawnsdrop gear
  137. Problem appearance with Arasha costume
  138. One family 2 quests
  139. Bloodlust bug for healers
  140. Failed bid mail
  141. Character creation Bug
  142. Abyssal skills suddenly unavailable?
  143. Character selection bug
  144. Graphic glitch/white leaves and black sky
  145. Ranchers Thatched bugging out
  146. Greater dungeons missing mobs/bosses
  147. Community Center Supply Quest BUG!
  148. Family quest lost when a DD member disconnects after start
  149. My scarecrow plantation simply disappeared without plausible reason
  150. Grace period after disconnect
  151. Icekissed Winter Festival Costume pom poms bug
  152. game crashes
  153. Crashing only since maitenence
  154. play button shopws update and i cant click anything
  155. Recent Glyph Update, unable to play
  156. Diamond shore daily quest bugged
  157. Bug archeage fall into "limbo"
  158. Karkasse trade pack visual bug.
  159. dream shards.
  160. Character selection screen after choosing a character?
  161. 5K Proficiency Boost not working as intended
  162. Black Lines on costumes
  163. Rng res???
  164. No payment after 22h
  165. Abyssal Skills after restart
  166. Apex // Peacefond
  167. Family Quest - Regional Stew Pot appears bugged
  168. Items missing from the "List Item" page of the AH
  169. old plank
  170. Designs disappear after being placed!
  171. 3 ppl in 1v1 arena
  172. Credit gone
  173. Where for art thou cupcake?!?!?
  174. Sruck on loading after joining/leaving arena
  175. Game Freezing / No Grace Period
  176. Low Level Quests;
  177. Bug my Merchant
  178. Game breaking bug
  179. Crafting Bug (Fix ASAP)
  180. Disconnecting at the "take reward" of a quest?!
  181. Compersation bugged Prophecy
  182. Handing in Pack results in DC
  183. Can not re-enter the game after crash in Palace Cellar Dungeon (last Boss)
  184. Disconnect after ANY ACTION
  185. Did not get my Compensation Gift
  186. Cant pick up anything or Disconnect(Revelation Compensation)
  187. Accept the bow so I can move on!
  188. Escape menu "Character Select" option
  189. Abyssal SKill Sorcery Bug
  190. Tired of Crashing when loading into areas.
  191. Incorrect tax calculation and number of properties
  192. Error 2024 disconnect
  193. Attacked in festival period
  194. "You do not belong to a guild."
  195. Broken bluesalt professions questline in 3.0
  196. Logged into game, hit escape to go back to character select, black screen and window closes
  197. I've been in the queue so many times today
  198. AFK Kicker and Blessing of Nuia
  199. Failed to load game data
  200. Massive FPS Drop Borderless Windowed
  201. Abyssal Skill Archery(hunting pack)
  202. Nymph battle pet attacks doesnt work while player using continous spells.
  203. fresh start server GHA issue
  204. Quality craftsmanship bug
  205. Golden Plains portal and Cannons not spawning
  206. Game Randomly Crashes
  207. Poinsetta Winter Festival Costume (puff bugged..)
  208. game auto closes when turning default player appearances on
  209. Farm dissapearing
  210. 2 Things
  211. I figured it out!
  212. Harvesting / Planting gum tree on 16X16 Farm wrong Lumber
  213. I keep getting this after 5 hour queue's.
  214. Cannot create a 2nd character
  215. I think Archeage has a Memory leak.
  216. Mounts bugging out
  217. Game Closing
  218. Failed to load game data.
  219. Scarecrow
  220. Mutliple land plots overlapping each other
  221. Gazebo design + taxes taken but nothing showed up when I tried to place it.
  222. Character select bug
  223. Dry dock Placed, but nothing appears in game world.
  224. Aubre Cradle empty stable + Female mounted dwarf broken 1st person camera
  225. Drydock placed, didnt appear, all mats and design gone
  226. 3rd GHA boss not spawning
  227. Launcher bug after the 78mb of update
  228. Adventure Clipper Design (Dock didnt build)
  229. No Monsters Spawning in Dungeons
  230. Harvesting Action
  231. HIGH PRIO DEFECT: Loot Roll Choice Auto Changing to Auto-Loot
  232. Alarm Call unuseable when leached?
  233. The hell is this ♥♥♥♥
  234. Stuck in loading screen alot!
  235. Trion - are you aware that ALL THE DUNGEONS ARE BROKE>?
  236. Housing Plot Overlap
  237. My clipper dry dock disappeared
  238. Commander Melchius Chest
  239. Game not starting
  240. A player is rapidly switching costumes to crash people on carts
  241. Free For All Arena Ranking Reset
  242. Dream Ring Quest
  243. East Reckoning Alemine Fortress
  244. Shadows do not render on car crest.
  245. Honorbound Augur's Lunafrost no glow effect
  246. Supply the Community Center Bug?
  247. overlapping land
  248. Can't make new characters - Followup for my support ticket 776626
  249. Chrome submarine crafting recipe
  250. User Account Control Warning When Launching ArcheAge.exe