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  1. Yet another GHA bug encountered
  2. Splash Screen Stuck at "...into the fire."
  3. Archeage still unplayable on steam
  4. EU login server is down can't even reach server select.
  5. Can´t get past loading screen after charecter select on (EU) Prophecy
  6. Game Crashes - Every 30min-2hrs+ | Also VERIFYING ARCHEAGE....
  7. Dawnsdrop bonus not applied correctly with construction
  8. Voter's Gift box not received when voting
  9. @Celestrata new bug @Prophecy need fix
  10. Cannot use or open Teleport Book
  11. Healing on Ships
  12. Abyssal skills disable on login
  13. My seal warrior necklece Rank10 disappear
  14. Game Crashes while trying to craft
  15. Quest Broken- looting causes disconnection!
  16. The gods have disconnected you!.....since last maintenance
  17. Decor Limit Increase Scroll not working
  18. Bug/Lag - Small lag spikes when quest tickers are updated on screen
  19. Autobid turns on randomly.
  20. Someone Placed Over My Land
  21. About time we can save our UI
  22. Trying to log in, no queue window????
  23. Warborn, 2 bugs, new race bugs!!
  24. Falling through the map
  25. Songcraft
  26. What is up with this stupid arena
  27. Lonely fish in the aquarium
  28. Vitalism "t3" (Defy Death) Abyssal Skill Not Working
  29. Daylies Achievment quests rewards BUGGED when all is unlocked ?
  30. Random migration talisman boxes
  31. BROKEN Gold Evernight Ring
  32. Login tracker has failed to reset for me 3 times now!
  33. Vengeance Castle Claim
  34. White cracks in mountain
  35. Flower buf for stealing farm carts
  36. chat log
  37. Cant even get past the text that loads when u start the game
  38. Greater Palace Celler Boss 3/3
  39. Armor Buff incorrectly working!! bug?
  40. Quest Priority for Guild upgrade missions for Guild Master
  41. Wrapped Enchanced Nightfire Glider not upgradeable
  42. Abyssal charges depleting despite ''Rising Hatred''
  43. Rare gathering drops still dropping
  44. Event Time Tab shows wrong information?
  45. Client crashing on Reckoning constantly
  46. Ayanad Flame Ring
  47. Thwart Inspired buff working as intended?
  48. Crafting Building Management Titles
  49. Helo
  50. Labor decrease due to skill level incorrect with bound tax certs
  51. archeage missing improved farm design
  52. jergants skills are yelling at me :C
  53. Winter Event - 2nd Quest from Winter Maiden NOT OFFERED
  54. Help! Stuck under the earth with a trade pack
  55. Warborn Racial Quest Breaks with Mobilization Order
  56. Prestige Mount Armor Bug
  57. Not getting all hero mobilization order.
  58. Too close to other objects
  59. Auctionshouse Bug
  60. Crude warrior instrument Prophecy
  61. Dungeon Bug.
  62. Supply Manufacturer's Workbench - Cooking - Deluxe Sandwich vs Hearty Soup
  63. Armageddon Pet Armor on Boars
  64. Placing Harpoon Clipper Broken [Reckoning]
  65. Castle Warehouse Bug @ Prophecy EU Server
  66. Falling into an Invisible "Hole"
  67. Merit bug
  68. missing 12th medal from logins
  69. As of 1/8/17 black screen is back!
  70. Black screen 08//01//2017
  71. Bounty: Ancient Titan Musperosa
  72. Marauder's glider bug
  73. Enhancement Request: Mouse Wheel Scroll Chat Window
  74. black screen
  75. 4K Res UI Issue - Please Advise?
  76. teleport book wont open, tried restarting, tried moving it on my bar..
  77. 2h weapons broken!
  78. Abyssal Skills
  79. Game lost data
  80. Vengeance and Reck disappeared
  81. Fresh start servers no longer options on server select screen?
  82. Unable to connect to Fresh Start only Legacy
  83. npc's disappaered
  84. Changing video resolution freezes the game for long time
  85. No Porting / NPC's still screwed up
  86. EU server Cancaled Maintiance BUT not have Play Button !
  87. Chimera Costume Bug
  88. Fresh Start Reckoning Sawmill Design Disappeared
  89. Gazebo Farm Design Disappeared
  90. Hopw to go back
  91. Fresh Start Vengeance, unable to create new second character
  92. Missing longliner drydock on reckoning
  93. My merit quests reset and it wants me to reunlock them?
  94. Reckoning, No abyssal attack right now
  95. Aquafarm + taxes Disappeared!!
  96. 2 houses on same plot issue
  97. Denistrious's Staff Buff Disappears Randomly in Heart of Ayanad
  98. EU 11/1/2017 patch does not fix problems with 3.0 client (productivity and black screen)
  99. Failed to load game data
  100. Locked out of freshe start
  101. cant log on
  102. Major Arena bug from LAUNCH
  103. Vitalism Skills Canceling
  104. Fell through the floor of 3v3 arena.
  105. Fish keep immune when fishing..
  106. Unable to start 50k Artistry 'Sublime Songsmith' Title Quest With Dawnsdrop Armor Boost
  107. Character bugged GOD MODE(HELP)
  108. High Quality Hibiscus Plant
  109. Failed to load game data + failed to download
  110. Abyssal skills disable
  111. Bloodstains Prevent placing
  112. Halcyona Nuian War Golem bug
  113. Login Tracker Issue- Lost 3 days of Logins during server issues
  114. Building placement on top of my farm?
  115. Combat Scroll: Lightning
  116. Dimensional Storage Design in Mirage Isle
  117. Guild Shop armor for Elks/Rendeers does not work
  118. Game crashes when teleporting to arena
  119. Family Quest Bug
  120. The Dream NA FS First?
  121. urgent siege day problem
  122. Songcraft issue
  123. 186k castle fund in calm lands @ reckoning
  124. Reckoning - MASSIVE Calmlands peace fund?
  125. No Trade Packs?
  126. GM Admitting Exploit of Bug for Peacefund
  127. Double farm @ Reckoning
  128. Pointsettia/Icekissed Winter Festival Costumes Texture Bug on old races
  129. I already bought gender swap certificate but have no it
  130. Soft Lock when accepting a quest at the same time a dungeon is created.
  131. [Bug] Territoken disapeared after waiting one hour! >:(
  132. Crests disapeared on sails and blank canvas
  133. chat stuck with text stopping skill cast
  134. Warrior's necklace did not upgrade from "7" to "8"
  135. Glyph Broken
  136. Temporary Server Overload Error Allowing For Dungeon Instances Over The Daily Limit
  137. Reckoning - Mistsong not spawning jars
  138. teleportation not working !!! + some extra stuff
  139. Gathering downgraded itself (Prophecy)
  140. Glype Account PATRON Active days Lowered
  141. Mistsong Forbidden Area at Spawn Point
  142. Abuse of report function- False Bans
  143. Free Ironclad In Halcy?
  144. Abyssal Wave (aura 55) doesn't reduce move-speed properly
  145. HELP broke dreamring quest chain
  146. Merchant's Costume: Fishing Cooldowns not working
  147. Can't make unbound tax certs
  148. Luscas Quest
  149. Disappearing Plants/Trees
  150. Gilded Royal Glider show wrong stats
  151. HELP - decor can not be removed
  152. Server reset removed our siege scroll
  153. is this forum a brush off?????
  154. WTF grey screen
  155. Archery Bug
  156. Resolving Black Screen on Logging out to Character Select
  157. Whut Why How?? How did i enter korean Archeage from Ddiamond shores?
  158. switching screen means load time
  159. Arena Rankings Rolled Back
  160. Abyssal battlerage stuck
  161. Random Rock Spawns in Mahadevi??
  162. AH "Glitch??", Gold "Stolen??"
  163. Arcane Stone Orb missing
  164. EU Prophecy major server bugs
  165. Can't Summon Fishing Boat :(
  166. Shatigon is broke AF
  167. gilda red dragonglider goes less high than before jan 25 update
  168. Did not receive Ale Spirit
  169. Kraken glider !!
  170. Stealthed enemies' names visible if my connection is poor
  171. "Invalid house information"
  172. Incorrect Honor Glow with 2.0% Healing Frost
  173. Running on a mount with a burning logs pack on backseat
  174. 0KB left of disk space, issue: Crests
  175. Emotes don't appear in chat when called from action bars
  176. Abyssal skills not staying enabled on restart.
  177. Territoken Broke
  178. Fisherman Riko not there
  179. Endless Arrows Slow again
  180. Sunken Treasure Chests Bugged?
  181. Dwarf Rowboat Quest. TREES ARE BUGGED
  182. Lost SoulEye
  183. Farm Hauler Upgrade Ticket
  184. Abyssal skills glitch
  185. UI Keeps resetting
  186. #Glyph Error 1027
  187. No longer able to get bird coop daily
  188. insanely annoying songcraft bug
  189. I don't get dream shards from sleeping anymore
  190. Something wrong with tax calculation?
  191. Zebra loses armor after upgrade.
  192. Blood Dream Dynasty Robes bugged?
  193. Interactive stuff info dissapeared
  194. Rising Hatred Skill Broken
  195. Moonshadow glider bug
  196. 16x16 Demolition
  197. 180k Commerce Title quest not active
  198. Poinsetta Winter Costume
  199. 2 Months and still this?
  200. 3rd shortcuts
  201. All shortcuts, keybindings and game settings reset!
  202. The new event teleported me in Mariople
  203. Sport fish bug?
  204. Error 1114 When trying to open Archeage
  205. Small?? Water Buffalo Calf Pen
  206. Pawesome Corgi Quest broken. No corgi rewarded upon completion.
  207. stuck in nui
  208. Increase Loot Drop Bug
  209. Suspicious Activity Detected Villanelle docks
  210. Rokhala Aged Packs
  211. Europe patch 2/1/17 = I Can't see crest on flags, canvas, etc
  212. Teleported back to Nui Statue
  213. Multi client is not working right
  214. Arena Rankings Reset
  215. Tyrenos Index Does not affect Offensive Healing skills
  216. Invalid Target at kicking a Family Member
  217. Endless Arrows was broken by a recent change last Tuesday. Proof inside.
  218. Peitsche der Götter
  219. Exeloch Siege scroll bugged
  220. Sungold Fields Seige Bugged
  221. This dungeon bug still hasnt been fixed!!!!!!!
  222. Hatchetblade cloak
  223. Ode to Recovery Flute sound stuck
  224. Ayanad Flaming Hatcheblade Cloak rerolls broken
  225. Something stuck to the back of character
  226. Resurrecting
  227. No credit for quest?
  228. instead of attaching to mail, it used the item
  229. Pawsome Event
  230. Empty frames
  231. Devilish Temptation image bug? Maybe?
  232. Extreme lag & low fps
  233. Warborn Obsidian Armor Glitch
  234. Day Specific Library Quests Reset Differential
  235. Skills randomly not working
  236. Sunlit Garden Frame placement
  237. 2h effect bug since 3.0
  238. Incorrect Taxes?
  239. Mining labor
  240. Falling Through Arena Floor (Kraken)
  241. Changing Characters & Getting Black Screens
  242. My Improved Scarecrow Design vanished from my inventory
  243. Game will not load, loader closes after 'Age of violence'
  244. Tax Bug
  245. Oblivion Rift BUG for dwarves
  246. Not getting login tracker
  247. Repaired Breeches can't select one of them
  248. Commerce Forums Reckoning/Vengeance
  249. Game bug? I say naynay... support bug!
  250. Drop rates different from what the patch notes say