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  1. Unable to spend Golden Token
  2. Guild Members Tab bugged for over a day now
  3. Instruments on skill bar do not grey out when equipped
  4. Mirage fish fest - Caught after time up
  5. Auto Lights On isn't working now!
  6. Strange car bug with the new car
  7. Serpentis - Labyrinth's Cloth Armor Chest
  8. Whalesong Jakar Did Not Reieve Quest Credit After Boss was defeated
  9. Guild Members Tab bugged for over 2 days now(RePost)
  10. Questing progress lag + more
  11. Negative Skill Points
  12. Guild Members Tab bugged for over 2 days now(Re-RePostt)
  13. witchcraft skills after 3.5 update
  14. Upgraded Car Trade Pack Slots Disappeared
  15. Ollo's Hammer (defense)
  16. problem on loot chantbaleine
  17. Guild Members Tab bugged for over 2 days now(4th Repost)
  18. exp bug
  19. Character Info and Face Issues
  20. when lock chat window... doesn't lock anything
  21. Same old game, same old troubles.
  22. [minor] mobs sometimes won't aggro to cars or players in cars
  23. RE:Pushing players away from the cargo seller
  24. mining quest
  25. FPS Drop since 3.5 update
  26. Texture and Environmental Rendering Issues
  27. Seaskimmer Speedboat - BUG 3.5 Petition for compensation
  28. Gae crashes after some time...
  29. Leaving Player Nation while in Arena issue w/ Chat
  30. EBONFUR CUB Autocast skills stops shortcut bars from working
  31. [War Drum] sound glitch
  32. Experia Plants Growth Timer
  33. Squirrel glider.
  34. Celestial Dream Ring Breaks Wave Summon Wraith
  35. Territory Memory Ember bug
  36. Keep getting disconnected and now a new problem?
  37. Gear score Ranking leatherboard !
  38. Ynystere on Kraken can't be pushed with mob grinding
  39. UCC images that have been done, and redone only show up for some players.
  40. Right click chat let you dc
  41. minor bug - Variable Red Freighter speed
  42. Dreaming is no long possible?
  43. Wave meteor bug
  44. Flame Skewer - can't crit
  45. Merit Badge Rewards
  46. Camera acting up with Drop Back Mist version
  47. The Queen's Chamber invisible wall bypass
  48. Sungolds field plant and farm bug
  49. Underwear showing through Costumes
  50. Barely is bugged, equipped as weapon
  51. Dear Trion. If I wanted HDR and Anti-Aliasing I would turn it on myself
  52. Speedboat pack holder not opening
  53. Golden Token not working
  54. Glitching under stones in whale-song harbor.
  55. Golden Token Issue
  56. Lunagem Socketing Bug (Gems succeed but fail to socket)
  57. No line of sight while rebuilding thatched?
  58. Standing on a B200 confuses mobs
  59. Abyssal Adept Title token broke
  60. Whatever that NPC fix was, it broke my game
  61. Cant login 2 accounts at once
  62. Divebomb (from Rocket Wings) bug the PG
  63. Daily Quest: Hauling Certified Cargo
  64. I stole the merchant and became uninvited and will not let me invoke it again
  65. New Cars
  66. 16x16 farm lost in merge
  67. Prince Hieronimus-Greater Burnt Castle resets constantly
  68. Windows 10 extremely lag while it's loading Archeage. How to fix it?
  69. Eternal Charred Bonekraal - Self Destruct
  70. Cloak main stat bugged?
  71. [Bug] Drumline Percussion Pack can't be summoned
  72. Mirage fishing contest
  73. Crashing
  74. Fix Server Lag Please
  75. missing
  76. Teleport Skill sending players flying out of the map
  77. Captain'protection bug ?
  78. Elevator to Airship defect
  79. Visibility range of caves should be limited
  80. Vengeance Mount abilities
  81. Client multiple crashes due on cogwheel
  82. sound bugs
  83. Exploitable Bug - Lets you float and be invisible
  84. Hangover cure broken
  85. GR Trebuchet No Longer Despawning
  86. Fishing bug
  87. [Important Bug] Cars get bugged if the driver gets stunned
  88. Daru Merchant Bug
  89. Horrible Lag After Glyph Update
  90. Unwanted action
  91. Entering Mirage Isle crashes the game
  92. Lost Trade Packs
  93. Full screen not saving
  94. cross post: Can't start Challenge: Cordial Delivery quest
  95. Item duping!
  96. Cargo Bug?
  97. Wave Summon Wraith Cancels from Flawless Dream Ring effect
  98. Invisible car after port?
  99. Sebath's Hideout Entrance is a One-Way Door
  100. Tsunami Figure Head Skills Bug
  101. game won't load beyond a black screen
  102. Runtime Error when starting AA
  103. Confirmed Market Place Bug
  104. Blazing tree collision bug
  105. Tiger Mount Armor crest not displaying correctly
  106. Crash in same zone all time..
  107. Cannot place watermelon umbrella
  108. Cant socket BloodCrimson Lighting
  109. Different Event Tokens on Fresh Start Server
  110. Deco item Counter problem
  111. River Festival Coin instead of Rum Runner Coin for the Bird-Buble Trapper achievement
  112. Game closing in city areas
  113. Teleport to my own house not authorized
  114. Possible issue with Lost Metallic Crate and Auroran Metallic Crate
  115. cash shop yellow regrade charm
  116. Scroll: Bubble mount + Peace zone
  117. Can't complete Race Questline
  118. Cant Load Game after patch- "Unable to load game data"
  119. Catching houler with archer skill
  120. no meteor strike with cub out in library?
  121. Labor Potions
  122. Possible crash casue by clicking on item linked in chat
  123. Big Lusca Glitch
  124. Multi-purpose Aging larder and 9 cheese pack lost for last maintenance
  125. Animation d'égainement et rengainement de l'arme et taille de l'arme rengainé
  126. Installation bug i can't play the game
  127. major payment bug
  128. Unable To Restore Stats Via Small Migrations Once Cap Has Been Reached
  129. Loyalty store: Combat Scrolls
  130. Hoodies Skin
  131. Moonsand Fox ability incorrect or broken
  132. Cannot get on game, says it is unavailble after lastest update. Help? (See picture in post)
  133. bald
  134. Error #1016
  135. Wolfhound battle pet, fail heals
  136. airain rock community center beds
  137. WAR DRUM creation failed bug
  138. Redoubt descrition error vs dragon bow.
  139. Howling Abyss drops feed to erenor?
  140. Conker's Cube abilities don't work when moving
  141. Someone put a farmhouse above my treehouse
  142. Crater Cub - skills became RNG (fails sometimes)
  143. Mining Drills & Diamond Procs Nerfed?
  144. Doubled in family / can't teleport to my own house
  145. Reedwind Event Quest Bug
  146. damage bug of cube
  147. game crash after the patch 09/08/2017
  148. Erenor club bug
  149. No XP gain
  150. Combat scroll Breakthrough no longer works.
  151. All Characters and NPC's are wearing same gear
  152. Wave Healing Hymn Oddities
  153. Erenor Lunafrost bug
  154. Creation failed bug, wont let me enter dungeons
  155. Market place mail broken
  156. issue in Sportive Fishing
  157. Archeage loading texture bug[lagg bug]
  158. Server select screen
  159. Add Friend Bug
  160. Halcy necklace perma "salvation" but no buff
  161. Remodeled Advanced Territory Farms count as Prime Farms to protect the Lodestone
  162. Cant add friend on friends list
  163. Opening Big Belly Fish gives no XP or Proficiency Bug
  164. Thumb up leadership bug
  165. Right click isn't working generally
  166. 2 lag bugs
  167. Giant rock boulders spawning at Villanelle
  168. Since when did an unbuilt farm count for a castle buff? + Abyssal alt capping
  169. Antithesis Quake AoE Heal Bug
  170. Got teleported into the arcadian sea and War drum not working anymore
  171. Player Nation Diplomacy on Vengeance
  172. Not recieving correct cash loot from mobs killed. *bug??*
  173. Sport Fishing Bugs
  174. Battlepet skills are bugged
  175. Attacked by an invisible boss in an empty room
  176. Abyssal Lusca attack Guardstones
  177. Library corner reading room (any floor) fall through the floor
  178. Apricot Tree is stopping me from climbing my Harvester
  179. gazebo issue
  180. 30-Day Stipends are not updated.
  181. Weekend Dahuta dungeon entrance.
  182. No "infrastructure" map icons displayed in Sunbite Wilds
  183. Game crashes
  184. Alluvion Love Potions not stacking to 1000
  185. Resizing my chat window crashes the game
  186. [BUG] Family duplicate can't kick
  187. personal settings not being saved
  188. Bug report - Crafting Epherium Bow (bugged recipe)
  189. Ships not disappearing when destroyed - Impossible to loot all packs
  190. Account wouldn't recognize land rush time....
  191. Patron acct - Can't place any land on evo server Tempest
  192. Crash with game chat
  193. Pavilion crafting bug?
  194. Reset lag leads to spawning bug
  195. idk, maybe a housepet bug?
  196. Captains Protection
  197. Ravenspine wings bugged/changed
  198. Mad Steambike musics not working properly
  199. Squirrel Glider + Lvl 7 Guild Bug?!?
  200. Fireworks give double?
  201. Mad Steambike
  202. Thunderwing Down
  203. DS Kirby will bug a player out under the Terrain of Diamond Shores
  204. Game Crashed and Shadowplay Quests Disappeared
  205. Login Tracker Extremely Broken
  206. Steambike music bugged
  207. "Device removed! Please restart the game."
  208. Familie problem ,cant kick member with X symbol
  209. Dungeon boss problem
  210. Friends list
  211. Faelight Wings and Fusion Alembic [bug?]
  212. Never Mind
  213. Mansion's Memory Hearth VANISHED
  214. Mad Steambike Speed Bug
  215. Kirby
  216. Grrr..?
  217. You CANNOT activate your Abyssal Skill without 3 Active Skillsets!
  218. Harvester seed bed its gonne!!!!!!
  219. Broke my house?
  220. 20/80 split on aged packs?
  221. abort from Cargo Ship
  222. I'd necro this bug from 2014... but
  223. 5 minute lag at reset
  224. Crest bug after Main???
  225. About FPS crash when mousing over their hotbar or inventory
  226. sleep outfits bug
  227. Combat Pet Heal / Abilities not working sometimes
  228. Community Center billboards: All families are named "o"
  229. Hevy lag when archeage start
  230. Tomb-Bound Wraps glitch
  231. Guild Permissions
  232. DC`s
  233. Fell Through The Library
  234. 2C Hates Me
  235. Hero period on Evo-Servers?
  236. UHD displays and game bugs?
  237. Distance between two trade packs
  238. shadowguard quests bugged
  239. 3 day patron trial not working
  240. Possible glitch - Transporting cargo under map?
  241. Problems with audio - plays through speakers, not headphones
  242. Keeping car in combat on a safe zone
  243. Dream Shard Bug
  244. @Trion Server Eanna is a litle BROKEN
  245. Event NPC Amary missing before event end
  246. Aubre Cradle cheese larder turn in price
  247. 3rd anniversary coin box - lvl 36 too low level to open
  248. Update Broke Translucent Effect
  249. Getting killed while sitting on the cargo ship while under captain's protection MAJOR BUG
  250. Corgi furniture -> companion = not possible