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  1. Hero Mission bugged - please look into it
  2. Any news About studdy shoot bug ?
  3. I can't play help
  4. Suspicious Activity
  5. Login problems?
  6. Monstrous Desire effect did not work anymore.
  7. Splendid costume chest accessible from all other characters on same account
  8. Treehouse bugt?
  9. 1 of 3 farming fields does not work in my Harvester
  10. Fusion Alembic doesn't work on Wings of Terror
  11. Purifying Energy (Bug glitch)
  12. Cannot Remove Candle Furniture From Airain Rock table
  13. Hiram give out
  14. Mass halcy dc
  15. crash
  16. Fishing is bugged since the last update!!!
  17. [Taris, EU] Missing NPCs in Diamond Shores
  18. Reporting a bug regarding EXP in PTS
  19. Duped items
  20. Quest Bug: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (alchemy proficiency quest)
  21. Bugs you noticed with 5.5
  22. Can't equip powerstone on manastorm powerstone pet
  23. can't summon mounts in zones with castles
  24. Auction house license
  25. Auction house merge
  26. Costume cannot be Extracted!
  27. Special Collection
  28. Cargo Ship Chair Glitch
  29. Superman Mode
  30. Shadowguard event 2019 issues - Flight of Freedom quest bugged
  31. close range mob hits from far
  33. New rampage pack
  34. items in fourth toolbar are there but show as grey box
  35. Can't redeem package on Glyph site
  36. Marianople
  37. Magithopter Image items
  38. Narcissus
  39. Kyprosa's winter furs
  40. Instanced golden plains battle
  41. Ongoing bugs not being addressed
  42. Auction Timer Bugged
  43. Diamond Shores Nuian Cargo Buyer disappeared
  44. marvelous marb Tpose bug
  45. Hiram city
  46. Glittering Experience Tonic does not work
  47. Unable to create a new "Game Feedback" post.
  48. Calendar does not work at the beginning of day
  49. Coral (Rabbit Mount) Armor Bug
  50. Halcyona not putting people in a raid
  51. Insane launcher lag - diagnosed
  52. Hero Missions - world bosses aren't counting towards mission completion.
  53. Image bug
  54. Again again per restart despair larder and total 2000 gold loss
  55. Synthesis items cannot be synthetized
  56. Didn't get the bag reward from Red Dragon instance.
  57. can't use this skill
  58. Dealing / contact with the customer
  59. Maybe bug, maybe not
  60. Great Ayanad Earring
  61. More bugs it's getting worse!
  62. Black sreen unable to connect
  63. giant rocks spawned in falcorth plains
  64. Golden Plains Not Available on NA
  65. battle-pets that have been in my possession for quite some time are not counted for the collection.
  66. Pirate quest unable to complete
  67. Elite Merchant's Cushion in Treehouse
  68. Mounts not taking damage from some skills
  69. dont get labor
  70. FALL 0f Hiram City - kicks me from game
  71. Quête buggé
  72. East Hiram Mountain Patrols are not moving together.
  73. Client randomly crashing
  75. Golden Plains Event NOT popping today!
  76. Unable to put
  77. Instant crash at logging
  78. soaring high achievement
  79. Deleting character and faimily
  80. Naptime yata plushie bug - Storage silo ladder
  81. patron error
  82. power stone pet stealth glitch
  83. Glider disappearing during golden plains instance and being completely missing from character
  84. Bugged Rum Runners tokens.
  85. Cant Buy: Manastorm Ticket Dynamic Duo
  86. Dawnstones not operating as described
  87. Apex consumed but no credits rewarded
  88. Dwarf, Captain's Leathers ears
  89. Blobby pet Fail
  90. Tempering doesn't give EXP
  91. Client closes after cry engine screen
  92. Festival over ?
  93. Small Wyvern Legguards bugged
  94. Crafting keeps getting interupted
  95. Can someone explain what's happening to this land?
  96. Pirates blocking the cargo boat ladder and using glitch to steal!
  97. Random Crashes & Noryette
  98. Apex bug
  99. "Creation failed"
  100. [BUG] on Malediction (Since November 2018)
  101. zero bot/script/mod detection?
  102. Bundle timers changing during maintenance
  103. Error- Failed to load game data
  104. Sloth glider dwarf bug
  105. Harvester farmhouse
  106. Rift Armor Bug
  107. Got a suspicious activity detected debuff by mistake
  108. Double credit charged
  109. Pack crafting bugs?
  110. black screen then crashes
  111. You cannot create a portal from Arcum Iris on Aria
  112. All NPCs are missing in Arcum Iris on Aria
  113. Aria Server - Missing NPCs in Solzreed
  114. Arcum Iris Bugged on Kadum
  115. Glitched and Laggy Naval Arena
  116. PTS 'Gods have disconnected you/
  117. Halcyona co-raid still broken
  118. Powerstone Pets & Sport Fishing
  119. Bags keep auto-sorting!
  120. Larder Again
  121. Missing larders after maintenance
  122. Bugged water Shader animation
  123. Halcy broke & many issues still not being addressed
  124. Bug age pack
  125. Could not complete quest for Fall of Hiram
  126. Alt tabbing in fullscreen mode resets UI
  127. Golden Plains Third day not happening!
  128. Duplicate Title Token
  129. Hiram Mob Debuff
  130. Mistsong nui zone attack bug!
  131. Bundles reseting after maintenance?
  132. Settings and UI resets at any game start
  133. Calendar is blank
  134. Glyph Issues
  135. Brown Eyes on Elf Female (Cannot do)
  136. Explorers Bow is not available via 1h or 2h weapons crate
  137. beard changing colour...
  138. Can't log into the archeage website..
  139. Shadow discusting glitch and bug ...
  140. Entangle (swiftblade) Bug
  141. Unable to use skills in my skill bar
  142. Archepass quest freeze
  143. Suddenly got Credits + labor bugged
  144. Infinite Arcane Enhancer: Stage 3 Duping
  145. Red's Riders/ Earning a Glider quest conflict?
  146. Extra people in gladiator arena
  147. Swiftblade teleportation distance
  148. PTS problem with labor
  149. No Character Slot Available on PTS2
  150. Arena bug
  151. Forum icons missing 502 bad gateway.
  152. Arena Bug
  153. Sheet Music Bugged for me
  154. No jury quest after returning from pirate
  155. Bug - Female Elf character creation
  156. anticheat kicking people for flying
  157. Swiftblade movement abilities do not dismount
  158. Raid Boss Gear Synthesis Bug
  159. Graphical Bug
  160. settings not saving
  161. Archepass bug: Vocation badges from family quests don't count
  162. Harani Questline full stop @ Innocent Victims
  163. Skills grayed out perm (AAU)
  164. Screen Mode and possible Archepass bug
  165. Missing translation for pet accessory
  166. Mana Bolts combo w/ Void Surge not working
  167. Marketplace Free Hiram daily quests, unable to access!
  168. Ancestral 13 Mist Flame Barrier not working as described, Warborn Ravager can't inflict bleed
  169. PvP Bug/Exploit in Glitterstone, Ynystere?
  170. Still no labor regen or ability to use labor pots
  171. Cannot make my char in unchained
  172. A few bugs I have experience in PTS
  173. The male dwarf beards
  174. Debuff suspicious
  175. Missing Beansprout Mansion Jar?
  176. Unchained Game crashing
  177. Foruns full of graphical bugs
  178. EAC & uncertifed driver
  179. Legacy Login Tracker
  180. Basic Grade Old Pet Accessories Not Retired Properly
  181. No sieges on any Server!
  182. cant make crest
  183. More Instances, But XL STILL Hasn't Fixed Team Chat
  184. ArchePass
  185. The requested URL was rejected
  186. Achievements are impossible to complete
  187. Placing furniture on portals crashes game
  188. Multiple Staves in Heart of Ayanad
  189. Halloween items cannot be placed!
  190. Glider Features Not Enabled In Naval Arena
  191. Pinion Portal: Mistmerrow still dropping from Misagon's Hidden Crate
  192. Can't take quest from beansprout mansion jar.
  193. AAU: Main questline does not progress when going to Tigerspine Mountains on Halnaak
  194. Item fusion not working
  195. Chat bug still in game
  196. unable to start quest "Carnage in the Couloir"
  197. Healthbars on NPC/cars etc. can't be removed
  198. Heedmar teleport doesn't record to book
  199. Temporary server overload
  200. Daily Schedule Window BUG
  201. Crafting Completion Certificates gone from marketplace?
  202. Frame rate has a hiccup whenever theres a change to the inventory
  203. ArchePass - Vocation Quest for 2 BS hammers Bug
  204. Cant fuse costume Items
  205. Cannot load female Elf appearance in Salon
  206. Sound Cuts Out Permanently In-Game
  207. AAU: error message Not enough Bound Crest Brainstorm.
  208. UNchained Crest Brainstorm
  209. AAU: Random eating sounds
  210. Random crashes .....
  211. No item aquired upon using Cloaked Hiram Guardian Weapon
  212. AAU: New Explorer's Bow has wrong synthesis effects
  213. Upgrade Farm Cart Mission
  214. [Stuck] Hiram story line quest
  215. Game crash by geting a Snapper
  216. Respawning at Point of Death in Heedmar
  217. Glider / pet /Boat Quest Problem / bug ?
  218. Legacy: Crest Brainstorm not working
  219. Queue Freezing after few minutes
  220. AA:U - Deleted 2 main quest related items and now unable to continue
  221. Seam on Elf character model
  222. ArchePass change bug
  223. Archepass Bug with Quest repeating-
  224. Used Adventurer's Evenstone on the Bow, and came way short with Infusions
  225. Respawn bug
  226. Reckless Ravager's Plate Costume - Graphical Bug on Elf Female
  227. BUG: Stats changing on upgrade of Explorers Shield to Hiram Tier 1
  228. Swiftblade skill bugs (Instinct stacks, Entangle combos, CC failures, tooltip texts)
  229. Gilda Star Merchants Diamond shores
  230. North American Market Place update?
  231. Keyboard stop working some seconds before players start pushing down from NPC ship
  232. CTD after opening WH/Storage - AAU
  233. Stats on Explorer Bow
  234. Double, Double, Toil & Trouble Bug
  235. Converting old Anchoring Shards
  236. Game crashes to desktop after splash screen
  237. Farm Cart Chroma - Disqualified from Blue Salt Quest
  238. Breaking out of Jail Infinitely in order to Negate Crimes
  239. Forum's protection does not support other browser
  240. Request Completion Ticket
  241. Issue with Forums.
  242. Lots of problems...
  243. Crafting and Delivering Quests (BSB) - Craft count, deliever don't
  244. Halloween decor bugged - cannot be placed
  245. Farm Cart Chroma not completing quest "Try Out Your New Ride"
  246. Items on Private Farm gone
  247. Quest: Water Sources in Rookborne Basin/Ssslythx
  248. 800 kyrios badge mounts
  249. Larceny is not reducing opening cost.
  250. Blue Salt "Resident" Packs