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  1. No where to buy story line infusions and story line awakening scrolls!
  2. Stat migration bug.
  3. Quest: Looming victory
  4. AAU: Quest Item Missing - "A Guild Reward"
  5. Bounty Hunter cloak glitch
  6. Chroma Farm Cart - cant complete blue salt brotherhood cart quest !
  7. AAU: My crest ink is blank after maintenance.
  8. Can't complete achievement "Fishing"
  9. Retrials Prison/Crime Bug?
  10. Fell Through World and Escape Timer Failed
  11. Try out your new ride
  12. Firran Armor/Costumes
  13. Gear Awakening Failed
  14. Archemaster or Enlightened archemaster title
  15. Crashed at the end of a match in Drill Camp Arena, can't enter again
  16. GAMIGO GROUP - The ghost of the net
  17. Main Story Quest Chapter 17 bug
  18. AA:U Unable to progress with Main Story Quest
  19. Game breaking bug
  20. @GM sanddeep pack only craftable at white arden workbench
  21. Mist "Shadow Step" skill retargets to the nearest one.
  22. Larders cannot be turned into trade pack after maintenance
  23. Mainline task lost
  24. Main storyline quest item lost - cannot progress, 2 tickets opened over 2 weeks!!
  25. Fishing Bug
  26. Forums not working again in Firefox and Chrome
  27. Infamy for hitting IMMUNE people on cargo ship
  28. Found a hole in the WHM map
  29. Jungle Tamers and Escape should not be considered offensive Skills (in Nui)
  30. Bug: Explorer's bow rolling secondary stat from the wrong stat pool
  31. House rotation broken?
  32. Glitch: Falling through Ground with Carts
  33. Larceny doens't work well
  34. Fell through the ground with Silent Forest Pack, nice game
  35. Instance "Gods have disconnected you"
  36. Stuck in a team
  37. Cargo
  38. Gilda Star Merchant - Diamond Shores
  39. Unable to complete Quest "Kill Janimon"
  40. Missing Quest (main story)
  41. Have you lost your main quest item and can no longer proceed? Official response from support is here!
  42. Speedboat Design Bug
  43. Missing Larders
  44. Just another day doing Trade runs...
  45. Lost Larders During Maint.
  46. Fisherboat bugged since Server log in server Down
  47. Lake Fish hunt problem !
  48. quest Try Out New Ride
  49. AAU: Wynn, Southeastern Windscour DeadZone
  50. Cutscene makes server and client report different locations
  51. Reedwind Mapping Bug
  52. "Duplicate Login" and other annoying bugs.
  53. AAU: Orb's: Unkown Orb
  54. Skating to Success Achievement
  55. Mobs' "Immortal" Bug
  56. Gladiator & Sparring Areana in NA
  57. Salon Certificate bug???
  58. Antithesis Self targeting
  59. Castle Supplies Quest Occasionally Not Completing Properly
  60. Vendors Disappearing in Windscour Savannah just north of Windheart Lake
  61. AAU - Ebonfur Bjorne (upgrade) is slower than Polaris Bjorne (base)
  62. Achievement "Ocean Dominator"
  63. Constant crashing while PVPing in ocean
  64. Weapons dissapeared
  65. Diamond Shores Gilda Soul Merchants Missing -Aria-
  66. Ships lagging at sea
  67. Daily Contracts bugged for me ticket number 1350574
  68. turtlecraft shipwreck possible bug
  69. Explorer gear
  70. Did not receive Resident Income from Community Center - Unchained
  71. Apparently ive been without an Archepass?
  72. Quest Window auto-opening
  73. Speed Boat CAN NOT craft on Archeage Unchained
  74. Fell under the world in Dewstone while ridding a carriage on a donkey.
  75. Crest Brainstorm // Crest are White
  76. Plushi Model Not Loading
  77. AAU: No Boy Portraits in Mirage Isle
  78. My costume is not complete
  79. Fishing bugging
  80. SkyWhisper Glider Propeller
  81. Larder bug again again again !
  82. Missing Larders and a few problems with it
  83. Fleeting Footsteps cannot be used during global cooldown
  84. Growlgate Isle waters a safezone for pirates even in war
  85. Aust Mana Tower/ 6.0 Castle quest (Urgent Task) Bug
  86. Ship bug / Turtel Craft
  87. No heroes, no Siege?
  88. Alt & Shift are bugged
  89. a rather awkward bug in all Arhcheage
  90. -80% Move speed Slow Debuff Bug.
  91. Missing patron
  92. Cross server Instances and raids not working on LTE
  93. 1 Month 5 Days old ticket and No response
  94. LVL 3 Comunity center reset progress(archeage Unchained)
  95. Unable to use my mounts
  96. Stealth, both Naval and Player
  97. No instance events happening!
  98. Bug doing green quest
  99. [Bug] giant rabbit-yata plushie can`t see
  100. Leech Debuff does not work at all!
  101. Issues with Hero Quests (2times in a Row Heroes didnt got the Old Progress back Which they had in 6Days)
  102. Trade cargo protection desapear
  103. Seawhip Speedboat Design is Bug!!!
  104. Solved crashes that occured, after a while playing!!!!
  105. Main Quest: BROKEN (Cannot Abandon)
  106. Windscour - Sandwind prairie has no Npc and cant use mounts - Archeage Unchained - tyrenos
  107. Swimming is a complete sport
  108. Dragons are whimsical
  109. Archepass BUG ?
  110. Archepass 1m EP Quest / Bug on logout
  111. Archepass blue salt bond quest x1 not working
  112. Triple Engine Hot Air Balloon
  113. Archepass Quest bug collection
  114. Archepass continues to disappear on disconnect.
  115. arche pass 1million xp quest resets
  116. Game crashing someone please help me!
  117. Archepass negative xp
  118. Not Getting Level Rewards
  119. Archepass Kill 500 Monsters
  120. BeanStalk quest glitch
  121. Got DCed at whale song and Easy Anticheat whouldn'tlet me back in
  122. Action completion lag
  123. Arche Pass Nose To Grindstone does not complete
  124. Level 4 Diamond shores base NPCs missing
  125. Polar Bear
  126. Fix Prison Break Bug ASAP
  127. Game randomly deletes scrolls of awakening (BUG)
  128. speedboat bug fix it
  129. December Update - Bug/Game Reports
  130. Anchestral skills for Swiftblade missing
  131. Thumbs up option disappeared from UI after new patch!
  132. Instances broken on Aria
  133. Seawhip Speedboat Design doesn't work
  134. follow the problem the lardes disappear after maintenance
  135. Arena Queues Broken
  136. Server error- Cross server instances down
  137. Disconnects after last patch
  138. Pirate Hero Missions Bugs
  139. Pirate Halcyona Cap Wrong
  140. Instances not working
  141. So the instance not working will last to next maint?
  142. Arena buff bug
  143. Please fix speadboats already
  144. Silent forest Unchained
  145. Snow ball arena, can't throw snow balls
  146. Hauler Recipe instant crash
  147. This garbage is still happening
  148. Instance Bug
  149. The Gods have Disconnected you
  150. Halcyona - No Mail after completion
  151. Insain tax multiplier for placing new land (Unchained)
  152. Finding The Suspect Quest Bug
  153. Archpass booster bugged for basic pass.
  154. Flaming Pumpkinhead Scarecrow Garden goes out.
  155. Ravenspine Achievement not completeing
  156. Maybe the devs can figure this one out?
  157. instance/arena is not working
  158. AAU: Instance enter button not working
  159. AAU: Archepass Booster Issue
  160. Save Boat Exploiter/Bug
  161. ArchePass Negative tracking
  162. APEX used but didnt get any credits.
  163. AAU: Questlog crashes game
  164. Unable to craft
  165. Double repair cost?
  166. seawhip speedboat can't craft
  167. Again no support help dose anyone still work here
  168. Instances Bugged Again
  169. AAU Duun's Blessing from diligence store doesn't function
  170. XL Games Needs to Examine Male Dwarf Jump
  171. Instance bugged not working !?!?!
  172. Santa's Gift Bed recovers 100 labor, not 150 labor like in description
  173. Legacy: Old Auroria ports not erased from teleport books
  174. yes AGAIN i am posting not one anwser dose anyone even work for archage anylonger??
  175. this time I don't let it happen The captain protection disappears does not last 40 minutes?
  176. Snowball arena, skill whirlwind blizzard not working
  177. The load screen from hell
  178. Arena/dungeon Q stopped worked after maintenance
  179. Instance bug
  180. BUG instance
  181. Charge snare bug
  182. People is using harpoon to knock people of Cargo ship lader. Gamigo knew it but for sure they will ignore this Post.
  183. Borg Swimsuit Bug
  184. Ynys Guardian Ring Quest stuck
  185. Quest Bug
  186. Keybind Bug
  187. Belstrom Gweonid wrong Level
  188. Archepass: Completing two archepass quests at the same time only gives one level
  189. Rabbit's Foot Uniform - Alternate version bug
  190. No support help
  191. Trade Ship Exploit Bug
  192. Labor Recharger bugged?
  193. Dream Ring quest bug
  194. Ahnimar Community Center
  195. Equipment Awakening Scroll Rank 3?
  196. Transported to Siege with Abyssal Pack
  197. aktueller archpass verbugen
  198. [ARCHEPASS] Bond Quests Still Don't Work For Me [AAU]
  199. Archepass not even start
  200. Archepass Kill Mob Quests Complete in Instances But No XP
  201. Archepass Bug - Weekly total jumping up to near completion after a few missions
  202. Folio causes the program to stop responding with 100% consistency
  203. Glitch with female Elf appearance (brown vertical smear above left eyebrow)
  204. New Archepass - same old bug
  205. ArchePass and Instances - completed mission but no ArchePass XP
  206. Patron Gone
  207. criminal lose the crimes after they exploit escape jail
  208. Nearly 50 legendary upgrades fail
  209. Diamond shores gilda star merchants missing
  210. Buying Pajama by Piece is Cheaper Than the Pajama Bundle
  211. Cannot Request an Ayanad Weaponsmithing Scroll
  212. Snowball coin 2019 cant redeem
  213. Game Sound Cutting Out
  214. Ranking Information did not reset
  215. I don't know if this goes here / It’s supposed if you get disconnected, I shouldn’t let you go back to city hiram for 2 or 3 minutes
  216. Archepass doesn't work - Quest Blue Salt (Solis)
  217. A problem with the taxes
  218. Archpass gets blocked and shows zero active entries
  219. Drill Camp Arena boost exploit
  220. Suspicious activity detected and felon when harvesting beanstalk with Marvelous Mab out
  221. Reedwind score not affected by Hiram daily
  222. twice i have fallen through terrain into water and died
  223. Crashing when opening Spacious Storage Chests
  224. Server overload, DGS despawns!
  225. Did Archpass change in how it works?
  226. Archepass
  227. Valentines Day Event bug
  228. Item deleted after entering Abyssal Library Dungeon
  229. Crafting Request Bug: Incorrect final quantity received
  230. Lost buff patron
  231. Cannot see crests since yesterdays patch
  232. Prozess / Gefängnis
  233. All saved settings gone?
  234. Lost items after upgrading house
  235. Double hit with Serpent Bite (Exploit or bug) ?
  236. Skywhisper glider, part for it not craftable
  237. agings lader bug
  238. afk npc alarm
  239. Halcy golden plains respawn killing
  240. Melee Weapon Duel Weapon Bug
  241. February Update - Bug/Game Reports
  242. Equipment cant be moved to inventory
  243. Lusca LOL
  244. Cant extract or fuse costumes
  245. Miscellaneous Text & Emote Issues
  246. Stopped Gaining Soul Power In Hereafter Rebellion
  247. Can anyone Confirm these are bugs and not just me
  248. Hereafter Rebellion Bug
  249. Majestic Tree/Mining drill botched rollout for AAU
  250. Beanstalk treehouse Bug?