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  1. Trade information bug
  2. BUG: Pawesome Festival 2020
  3. Can't fuse an image item to my stat item.
  4. Costumes..Cannot remove image item from costume
  5. Image Removal/Costumes Bugged Again
  6. Salon ticket Bug
  7. Hiram awakening rerolled my Bow??
  8. Name Changing - "Character Must Be Logged Off" Error
  9. Quest Log Bug
  10. Easy anycheat won't let me back in after DC
  11. Anticheat causing DC's?
  12. no halcyona reward letter
  13. Gender Swap Certificate bugged and deleted from diligence coins.
  14. Life Sonic Wave Not Removing Certain Deuffs
  15. Fusion Alembic bug
  16. Server Instability game becoming unplayable!
  17. Battle Clipper cannon slots cannot hold Bound Crest Trade Pack Storage
  18. The price of a ship in the marketplace is different from that of a mirage island
  19. Instruments from credit shop - wrong sounds
  20. Please Fix Sea Krait Swimsuit
  21. Switching to confirm completed ArchePass broke active ArchePass
  22. Archepass Bug
  23. DC every 2 hours
  24. Rock N' Scroll Event not on Legacy?
  25. Keyboard not working
  26. Crest images
  27. Settings are not saving
  28. Not receiving credits from purchased $39.99 credit pack
  29. Wanted Debuff REMOVAL
  30. Crafting Board Request for Illustrious Storage Grayed out.
  31. Hereafter Rebellion Incorrect Reward Crate
  32. West hiram story quest part 2 chapter 8
  33. Unable to decrystallize item..
  34. Skill Snipe and Deadeye not working together
  35. NPC and yata lantern for the Lantern festival timed event not spawning
  36. Bug ingame with Pack !
  37. Harani female hair
  38. Image item disappeared after removing armor
  39. Archery Skill tree being bugged since 6.2
  40. Bug expansion family
  41. Crest images
  42. Salon certificate not recognized.
  43. Improved Memory Farm - Two out of three features not included
  44. easter vent bug
  45. Noryette Challenge wrong reward box
  46. Black Screen Crash To Desktop
  47. New Watermelon event is bugged, doesn't say where to take pack
  48. Kirin leg guards
  49. Please Help: Unable to Unlock ArchePass Missions - .gif of what happens is included in post!
  50. Pet mode change when party/raid members go afk
  51. Broken Instrument Definitions: [Bound Stromwail Sax] & [Bound Autumn Wind Horn]
  52. Disconnected by the Gods on First Log In Attempt
  53. Cargo Ship Safe Zone Oversite
  54. Can't log-in?
  55. URGENT : Art of assassins skill disabled
  56. Ruthless Assault Passive Not Working Correctly
  57. Unable to get into the game
  58. Game crash on open RS event reward mail
  59. Accidentally Destroyed Moist Daru Egg
  60. Wrong Daru Treasure Timres
  61. Freeze then crash
  62. I did not receive the rewards from equipment archepass
  63. Archeage Unchained: Shadowplay - Ruthless Assault Passive is not working after "Melee Crit". Gamigo please fix it already, thank you
  64. "Past the Storm, Now the Thunder" quest missing
  65. Songcraft buff not working correct
  66. Pushed Off Boat When Having Captain's Protection
  67. Melee skills don't trigger "Ruthless Assault"
  68. Ocean Cartographer Title bugged?
  69. Lotustmist Costume Clipping on Dwarf
  70. AA Unchained graphics are very bugged while regular AA are not
  71. [Legacy] Event tokens bugs
  72. beyond the mask - hiram ring chapter 3 quest
  73. Game crashing at loading splash
  74. Ravager form bleed bug!
  75. Official Web page does not load HTTP ERROR 502
  76. Cotton double labor cost on seedbeds
  77. Instances not working NA Aria
  78. new furniture packs do not appear on marketplace 21/5
  79. Artisan's Plushie Pack Recipe Missing
  80. Family growth
  81. Missing Wrapped 28-Day Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll Starter 2
  82. [AAU] Furniture based proficiency boosts fail to provide labor reduction
  83. i can't break the leopard costume with a shiny morning stone
  84. Leather Armor Form in White Arden Broken
  85. hello, I unfortunately excludes some itens that i need to complete the main quest(I have an open ticket 04/26/2020 - Game & Account Support)
  86. Magic Circle bug
  87. The passive skill Ruthless assault doesn't work
  88. Quest: The Second Painting Cannot Complete
  89. Minimum Crafting Fees for Crafting Request Board
  90. [Legacy] Butterfly power pet should not be wrapped
  91. A Moving Target Quest - battle seems to be invalid with Urgal
  92. unable to awaken cloak
  93. GAMIGO GM, please would fix this bug? mythic glorious hiram wea.lost the existing xp before garden patch but now all weapon xp gone to 0%...
  94. No NPC Corrupted Ericson to kill
  95. Ramaha's Spirit bug
  96. Abyssal Library Final Boss Fury Bug
  97. Folio Board Request greyed out!
  98. Garden of the gods DLC applying problem
  99. Patron not working
  100. Aegis Island map bug
  101. Garden of the Gods Daily Not Resetting
  102. Fishing tittle "Anyfin is possible" (token) missed
  103. NO Chat Box! Pls Help
  104. exploitation of prison game mechanic. please fix
  105. Blason Change
  106. Diamond Shores Weekly Unavailable
  107. workbench on Mirage ??
  108. Lost Crest brainstorm
  109. Not getting any Labor
  110. Entangle (swiftblade) Bug - fix it!
  111. Rum Runner Token 2019 unable to exchange
  112. Creation failed - disabled when a pet is summoned
  113. Rum Runner, Can't bubble hawks
  114. Bugs in Archery/Witchcraft combos
  115. Guard Exploit.
  116. Aggro generation bug for vitalism + songcraft (Moved)
  117. Suspicious Activity Detected from running cargo packs, need a GM in game asap please
  118. treasure map bugged
  119. Marketplace update 23/07/2020 causing game launch issue
  120. Nach dem Update ruckelt Spielfluß bei ArcheAge
  121. Endless Arrows
  122. Divine blessing 4se not 20 sec
  123. Crimson Guard Dog Crashes Game
  124. Lavaspark Battle Pet
  125. Jiang Shi Costume clipping issue.
  126. Wyvern bug in Mirage.
  127. lost credits
  128. Didn't get Griffin
  129. Crippling Mire
  130. Sun's Zenith Swimsuit bugs.
  131. Crest Image
  132. v2 Timber coupe.
  133. Deleted 2 main quest items and now unable to continue the main story
  134. Silver lily icon is a black box
  135. I lost 1 Apex
  136. Lunagems
  137. Suspicious Activity and Felon DeBuffs - TWICE in less than 24 HOURS
  138. Mages dmg bug
  139. PassArch don't run
  140. Equipment Improvements
  141. Shadowstar + Shadowmoon + Shadowsun
  142. Diamond Shores Guard Quest Bug
  143. Mistsong Banquet Bugs
  144. Cabana bed
  145. Umm this doesnt look right at all
  146. Gilda Star Merchant is despawned again.
  147. avatar face changed? and car color changed?
  148. Can't mine in Halo Hollow anymore because of this!
  149. Unable to despawn Typhoon Drake in combat like other mounts
  150. Event quest Hello fishies bugged
  151. September 24th Maintenance Update Bug
  152. Pool wont let me in...Nui server, Heedmar
  153. Acid Gobbet And Cursed Armor Scrap
  154. Skywarden achievement - Hellwing Pegasus (Gilda receipt)
  155. Castle Transport Not Working on Nui
  156. Red Dragon Glider - Despite have 60+ flaming pinions, when used, states "Out of Item" but Cool Down Begins
  157. Bug Ship Moby Drake
  158. Turtlecraft Sunken Ship not at any location
  159. My archepass attempts didnt reset
  160. Earth Glow Lunagem Carver: Resilience Error
  161. Chronicles Questline
  162. Mount xp since patch
  163. Adventurer's Evenstone removed from General Merchant
  164. Hallowtide Tokens for 5x reards are the 2017 version
  165. Broken Unidentified Drops
  166. Mend consumes Divine Response but does not grant Renewal
  167. Mirage Isle gates are floating in the middle of the ocean with purple rings... absolutely spooky ^^'
  168. Broom Rider Achievement Doesn't Reward Pumpkin Overlord Title
  169. Game Crash on loading Group-Mail-List
  170. Broom Race Not Granting Additional Tokens
  171. Garden is bugged
  172. About the Glint Blackwood Coffin on Legacy
  173. Tree Missing at Oxian Clan Housing lake
  174. Credits spent but no items
  175. New daily rewards missing
  176. cant respond to private msg from archeage
  177. Appeals message blocked
  178. Ravenspine wings achievement
  179. Fishing achievement from failed auctions
  180. Archepass completion bug steals mission
  181. Dream Ring Quest
  182. Farmhand can't bind in Desserted Cottage
  183. QUEST: Teleportation Necklace
  184. Rock'n scroll event - no scrolls via mail
  185. Farmhand Vigor and Labor failing to be used up
  186. Sounds of sheep and goat are mixed up
  187. Unchained servers, Diamond shores Gilda traders. ONE YEAR ISSUE
  188. Farmhands break with subsequent usage
  189. Off hand weapon swap bug
  190. Diamond Shore Gilda Merchant NPC is missing after base rebuilt
  191. "Fireglow Gem Carver: Destruction" does not work on "Fireglow Lunagem: Cursing" past 6th gem
  192. Labor with sleep bug
  193. Some house parts not working till I relog
  194. My attacks will not activate
  195. Folio Mass Production Pigment is a Mess
  196. Hedgie Cooldown Issue
  197. Chroma Rampage wont go on car stand
  198. Farm hand bug: Stored labor and vigor disappears
  199. Farmhand is seriously broken, losts farms and farm hand gone?
  200. Daily contracts resetting unexpectedly after relogging/switching character
  201. Turtlecraft Ship Bug
  202. Pirate exilling out
  203. AAU Marketplace: Missing lunar/stellar 16x farms for dilligence
  204. Family and guild quest bugged
  205. Explorer awakening scroll rank 3 crafting
  206. Synthesis costume und undergarments bugged - can't reroll stats
  207. rampage chroma to Rampage GT is it fail or not
  208. Extracting image item asking for 'Image recovery alembic' again
  209. Unable to use bruiser badge while on a team
  210. Black Screen
  211. Crafting "Equipment Awakening Scroll Rank 3" bugged
  212. Costume Issue
  213. Purchased DLC package on steam, did not work on my account/character?
  214. Trading Costumes
  215. can't add vitalizing treat cuz free transfer already use
  216. Chrismas event crafter
  217. Mirage Vendors - Login Badges to Gilda
  218. My two Hiram Weapon are gone from the character
  219. Karottenflügel zählt nicht für Sammlung
  220. 【Auroran Cargo】Why can't pirate statues be restored
  221. Touch Da Fishy Title
  222. Brightness not working & Scaling monitor swap broken
  223. way to leave pirate
  224. Stat Migration consumes items without effect
  225. [Heedmar] Trade Point, Construction Cannon
  226. Participants buff - Battle of the golden plains
  227. My 15x Costumes Bound To My Other alt account
  228. Owl Mailbox can only be placed on the ground
  229. Missing Walls in Mirage
  230. Trade
  231. achievement broken
  232. Mobs not dropping unidentified armor
  233. glider
  234. Icon Missing !
  235. I must have flawless ring mission bugged hiram
  236. Mirage fishing doesn't end at midnight anymore?
  237. I have problems with my Flawless ring mission hiram chosed
  238. Synthesis unavailable
  239. Getting Ship Shape
  240. Costume for sell in AH ... Imposiblet sell
  241. CryrenderD3D19.dll error 126
  242. Unable to craft Improved lunar pavilion farm kit
  243. Rampage GT needs fixing to be an improvement
  244. the costume can no longer be sold
  245. Explorer item destroyed
  246. Pets not able to auto-attack
  247. Deadly Refrain
  248. Moby Drake Bug
  249. Mirage Isle Fishing Contest Bugs
  250. Bug: AH's not merged in AAU