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  1. WTB 7/7 set epherium/delphinad wave cloth [inoch]
  2. WTS divine obsidian katana t1
  3. wts 5 divine gale armors
  4. WTS Epherium Gale Bow and Epherium Squall Jerkin
  5. Quit the drama, shut up and dance
  6. WTS Unique Delphinad Typhoon Guards
  7. Ayanad Costume :)
  8. Kneebiter the Nasty
  9. Do not trust Pinoy, Aussieneko or Tax Evasion Police
  10. WTB Fishing Boat design
  11. Wtb Salvaged Epherium/Magnificent Daggers // Selling Salvaged Swords
  12. WTS Magnificent Wave Necklace
  13. WTS Delphinad Stone Cloth ( Celestial ) 7/7
  14. WTS Celestial Obsidian Katana
  15. WTS Celestial Delphinad Wave Scepter! Need to sell fast!
  16. WTS 4/7 Unique EPH Flame Leather & MORE
  17. Secret Kraken Sac Contest
  18. WTS library costume
  19. WTS [Delphinad Summer Sword]
  21. WTB divine obsidian greatsword / delphinad squall longspear.pst
  22. Wtb Delphinad Wave Cloth Pieces
  23. wts or wtt for divine delphinad summer sword
  24. WTS heroic epherium flamebow / 24x24 plot halcyona by sun's end
  25. WTS Arcadian Sea Guardian (Kraken Shield)
  26. WTS Eph Wave Set @ Celestial. Chest and Pants fully gemmed | Divine Delph Scepter
  27. Its a Possum Life
  28. WTS Celestial Delphi Meadow Scepter
  29. WTT my 300 Loyalty Tokens for 4 x APEX
  30. Aranzeb Politics
  31. Looking for Guild!
  33. WTS Delphi Lake Plate Cuirass ~ DIVINE (Inoch)
  34. WTS Celestial Delphinad winter long spear
  35. Sup
  36. Wtb Epherium Dagger or Salvaged Epherium Dagger
  37. WTB Illustrious Earth Ring
  38. WTS Unique Delphinad Desert Breeches
  39. TRADING Full Celestial Epherium Lake set.
  40. Rerolling to Aranzeb
  41. WTS wheeled Mortar design
  42. WTT Epic Desert Greatsword. WTT/WTS Divine Delphinad Breeches.
  43. WTS Upgradable Scepter
  44. WTB Unique Epherium Lightning Hood, Waist, pants, and boots.
  45. WTS : 7/7 Unique Epherium Flame Leathers & Divine Epherium Flame Sword
  46. WTB Ayanad Foot Gear Design
  47. WTS Ephemeral Memory Belt & Infinite Memory Bow
  48. WTB ephirium lake plate (pant, shoe, glove) pm me
  49. WTS Epherium Wave Plate 7/7 Heroic
  50. WTS Celestial Delphinad Summer Sword
  51. WTB Magnificent Stone Legs (Any Grade)
  52. WTB Ayanad Dagger Design/WTS Ayanad Sword Design
  53. ArcheAge is hard guys. No really
  54. Hi guys. i'm Korean server user. I made video of 1.8 new house video
  55. Buying Divine grade Obsidian Bow.
  56. Your Top Aranzeb Melee Players
  57. Dragon down.
  58. WTS Obsidian Divine Shortspear T1
  59. WTS Divine [Obsidian Shortspear]
  60. WTT epherieum gale for epherium earth
  61. [BUYING] Delphinad Scepter - ANY Grade ANY version / Salvage
  62. [Kyrios] WTS Divine T2 Obsidian Dagger [Kyrios]
  63. wtb salvaged epherium katana
  64. WTS Delphinad Life Dagger
  65. WTB Comet Speedster Pieces
  66. WTS Ayanad Dagger Design
  67. DDOS zazens
  68. WTS Delphinad Life 7/7 Celestial set
  69. Allofyas said I wasn't a big dick baller......
  70. WTS Fully Built 28x28 Home Villanelle
  71. WTB 7/7 or pieces Arden Oaths
  72. WTB Epherium Greatswords of any grade and type, or salvaged.
  73. FC vrs Server
  74. WTs Delphinad Desert leather celestial Helm/Chest/Leg/Glove gemmed
  75. WTs Delphinad Desert leather celestial Helm/Chest/Leg/Glove gemmed
  76. WTB Ayanad Lighting Leather Pieces(Any Grade)
  77. Broski's Car Rental
  78. WTB Ephe Scepter
  79. WTS Ayanad Shield Design
  80. WTS/T Divine Ayanad Meadow Scepter
  81. WTS Obsidian Divine Shortspear T1/T2 And Earth Instrument.
  82. WTS Full Delphinad Earth Plate Set Celestial/Divine and Obsidian Divine Shortspear T1/T2 And Earth Instrument.
  83. WTS Divine Delph Desert Sword Max Temper and Searing Oath
  84. WTS Delphinad Flame Leather Set (almost)
  85. Forestcrow 1.7 Guild Meeting
  86. WTB Epherium Desert Plate Sabatons, Tassets, Gauntlets and Vambraces
  87. WTS Delphi Lake Plate Cuirass ~ DIVINE + Epherium Gale Bow CELESTIAL ~ (Inoch)
  88. WTT 6/7 Heroic Mag Meadow to Arcane/Heroic Mag Stone
  89. Is there any way to get it?
  90. Forest Crow available for Hire to protect your Merchant Ship!
  91. Why Wraith choose to help Forest Crow
  92. Taking offers on the design for the staff and scepter.
  93. Nuian News #1: Hanure the "not-so" mighty, Holy! Hauling Haulers and more.
  94. WTS Fire Ironclad design
  95. WTS-Feathered Hope (Glider ) Aranzeb
  96. WTS Celestial Delphinad Gale Bow - PM
  97. WTB Ayanad Staff Design
  98. WTB Celestial Obsidian Shield
  99. WTS Ayanad Sword Design
  100. Trading Delph Celest Shortspear for any delph sword any grade
  101. WTB Eph greatclub salvage or whole -or- Mag Sunset greatclub
  102. WTS Delphi Lake Plate Cuirass ~ DIVINE (Inoch)
  103. WTB Eph/Salvaged Katana & Divine Obsidian Bow
  104. WTS Built Gazebo, Townhouse, large scarecrow farm. Next to each other Halcyona
  105. wts Celestial Delph Volcano bow
  106. WTS Rare Delphinad Quake Gauntlets
  107. Art Gallery
  108. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Aranzeb's elite.
  109. WTB Delphinad Desert Set- PLATE OR LEATHER !!!
  110. WTB Pure Sky Dynasty Robes
  111. Wtb ayanad club design~
  112. WTB Duskglory Sword
  113. WTS Salvaged Sword,Greatsword,Nodachi, and Longspear
  114. WTS Tier 3 Celestial Obsidian shield/ tier 3 Celestial obsidian bow (aranzeb)
  115. Selling Delphinad Wave Shortspear (Full Sockets)
  116. Higelac
  117. WTB Ayanad Staff Design
  118. WTT/WTS 7/7 Celestial Epherium Gem'd Squall Set
  119. WTB Delph Lake Plate feet, pants and belt. (Inoch)
  120. WTB Epherium Life Set
  121. ~♥WTS♥ ~ Delphinad Lightning Belt!
  122. Allofyas
  123. For the first time EVER since launch Forestcrow PVP Revealed!
  124. WTS EPHERIUM Wave PLATE 4//7 Aranzeb
  125. WTB Delph Katanas
  126. WTS Ayanad Staff Design
  127. wtb kraken shield
  128. WTS Epic Omnious Obsidian Katana
  129. WTB High Tier/Grade Obsidian Shield
  130. WTB Epherium Lake Plate Feet (Inoch)
  131. WTB Land in Halcyona
  132. WTS [Divine] Delphi Sword Meteor
  133. WTS Divine Delph Squall Greataxe
  134. [Inoch]WTS Delph Volcano and Lightning Bow
  135. <WTB> Epherium Desert Plate /// !!! ///
  136. Please welcome <A TEAM>'s new baby!
  137. [Naima] WTB Epherium Flame Leather
  138. Wraith is now recruiting!
  139. WTS Divine Magnificent Wave Necklace (magic pen proc!)
  140. Hmm... Seems like FC just <3 me
  141. Unskilled guilds
  142. WTS Celestial Epherium Belt and Fist
  143. WTS celestial epherium gale guards and boots
  144. WTS Celestial Delphinad Tidal shortspear or trade for 3pcs greatsword epherium
  145. Wts t5 epic katana
  146. WTS/Trade Celestial Delphinad Meteor Katana
  147. WTS 7/7 Epherium Earth Plate [Unique] Grade Magic Gemmed
  148. WTS Cloth Delphinad Earth Shoes (grand)
  149. WTS Delphinad Volcano Bow (Celestial)
  150. WTS/WTT Full 7/7 Celestial Epherium Desert Plate set (Frosted, socketed)
  151. WTS Divine Eph Gale hand/boot
  152. Top 10 mages
  153. Top 10 forum warriors who don't play but post here 24/7
  154. Top Tier Players - Aranzeb-NA
  155. WTB Epherium Greatclub
  156. WTS Celestial Magnificent Flame Necklace
  157. Pvp
  158. WTS Celestial Ayanad Flame Shield.
  159. WTS Built Mansion and surrounding farms
  160. WTS Grand Delphinad Flame Belt + Rare Epherium Flame Jerkin
  161. Top 10 Healers
  162. selling full delph stone set (celestial
  163. Selling Magnificent Ocean stuff
  164. WTS Celestial Delphinad Wave Bow
  165. WTS Unique Sunset Delphy Bow
  166. WTB> Epherium Nodachi, ANY
  167. WTS Delphinad Lake Pants (Arcane)
  168. Top 10 Archers
  169. WTB Divine Obsidian Sword (T1-T3)
  170. Top 10 top 10 List
  171. WTS / WTT Delphinad Squall Breeches and Delphinad Desert Cap to Delph Lightning Breeches/Cap Any grade <KYRIOS>
  172. WTS Diamond Shores 16x16 and 24x24 plot (demolition)
  173. WTB Kraken Glider
  174. WTB delphinad flame breeches (leather)
  175. WTS Delphinad Lightning Jerkin/Cap/Belt
  176. WTS Celestial Delphinad Gale Bow (3x Ranged 3.0 gem'd) *MAX TEMP*
  177. WTB Salvaged Delph Greatsword
  178. Need help please!
  179. WTS [ Kraken Glider ]
  180. WTS Full Unique Eph Earth Cloth + Scepter/Shield (+ more)
  181. WTS Divine Anticipation
  182. wtb kraken shield
  183. wtb divine t1 sword
  184. WTS Epherium Scepters and shield
  185. WTS 6/7 Epherium lightning set
  186. wts 6/7 unique delphi life set also t5 div shield
  187. WTB Ayanad Shield Design (Kyrios)
  188. So what is your goal for 1.7 West/pirates when you cant have anymore fun?
  189. WTT 5000 Labor for Craft your pack free
  190. WTS 24x24 in white arden
  191. WTB delphinad scepter/ epherium meadow scepter PM me
  192. WTS Mansion Deed
  193. WTB Delphinad Lake Cloth
  194. WTS Delphinad Gale Bow *MAX TEMP*, 7/7 Celestial Squall Set and Gale/Earth Daggers
  195. wtb anygrade delph wave shield
  196. WTB Celestial Obsidian Flute
  197. WTB delphinad scepter any grade
  198. WTS [Epherium Lake Cloth] Set 5/7 unique gemmed
  199. Wts Quake (upgradable to Ayanad) Delphinad Cuirass
  200. Please welcome <FORESTCROW>'s new baby!
  201. WTB [Ardent Oath Helm] [High Price!!]
  202. WTB Epherium Flute and Dagger!
  203. Glitching mobs on Dewstone Bridges
  204. Vote for Mayor Of Hellswamp
  205. WTS Divine Epherium Earth Cloth - Head, Chest, Legs
  206. Who is recruiting
  207. WTB Ayanad Squall Leather (any grade)
  208. pirate jail exploit fixed in 1.7 mass exodus from pirate faction?
  209. WTB Divine Obsidian Katana
  210. WTS Full Unique Epherium Flame Leather Set!
  211. WTB Salvage or Cheap Epherium bow
  212. Looking for Annoynomus
  213. Looking for work!!!
  214. WTB Delph Scepter
  215. WTS 2 Delphinad Bows
  216. WTB Delphinad Lake/Wave Cloth
  217. WTS Legendary Delphi Life Sword
  218. WTS Celestial Ominous Obsidian Shield!~ [Naima]
  219. Nice halcy
  220. WTB Epherium Katana (cheap cus salvage)
  221. WTB Delphinad/Ayanad {Lake/Wave} Sheild
  222. WTB Delphinad Flame Leather Set 7/7 or pieces
  223. WTS Ayanad Stone Hood
  224. Selling Epherium Flame pieces
  225. WTS Delphinad Gale Fists
  226. FC LOS and KOS list
  227. WTB Salvage or Cheap Epherium bow
  228. Selling Celestial Epherium Earth Chest/Jerkin fully gem
  229. WTS Cursed Obsidian Dagger Divine (Tier 3)
  230. WTB salvaged epherium shield -- inoch
  231. WTB Delph Gale or Div Obs Bow
  232. WTS Divine Delphinad Wave shirt
  233. WTB Delphinad Wave Shield
  234. WTB Delphinad Staff <Inoch>
  235. WTB Delphinad Sword [All-type] [Grand-Celes]
  236. Looking to buy Arcadian Sea Pillager (Kraken Spear)
  237. This weekend event.
  238. WTB Ayanad Bow (Celestial or Higher)
  239. Inoch player WTB Delphinad Earth Plate Pieces.
  240. WTB Divine Delphinad 2h or 1h Melee
  241. WTS Delphinad Desert leather celestial Chest/Leg/Feet gemmed
  242. WTS Delphinad/Epherium Gear
  243. WTB Salvaged Epherium Katana
  244. WTB Delphinad Earth Leather Piece / Set .. Any Grade
  245. WTB: Delph Earth Leather
  246. Buying Ayanad Club Design [Inoch]
  247. WTS LORD COINS (Aranzeb)
  248. WTB Epheruim Sword for salvage. PM me.
  249. WTB Emp Tidal Bow Squall Armor.
  250. WTB Celestial or Divine Epherium Lightning Fist <KYRIOS>