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  1. IMPORTANT: Check this out ;)
  2. Can I get some coles notes
  3. WTS Abyssal Armory Chest [dahuta 10 man]
  4. Wts (unique) epherium lake gloves--- made by me
  5. Come at us Sorcbro
  6. Good Fight The Elite:)
  7. Kyrios News Network suggestion thread
  8. Gains/Losses of the sieges
  9. Congrats To The Elite!!!
  10. Congrats to The Elite!!!!!
  11. Wts delphinad earth shirt
  12. WTT/S Eph Unique Sky Nodatchi
  13. Marstar is a serious cinephile.
  14. WTB 44x44 design
  15. WTS Delphinad Squall Guards and Epherium Flame Guards (Inoch)
  16. WTS -> Villanelle 24x24
  17. WTS Sanddeep Package, Lots of Land
  18. WTS Epherium Lake Celestial Shield (Inoch)
  19. WTS Gilft Blackwood Coffin (2200 credit bed) 1.2k gold or offer
  20. [Video] Sea of Drowned Love - 10 Man Dahuta Clear (Kyrios)
  21. WTS Unique Delphinad Nodachi
  22. WTS/T Celestial Delphinad Meteor Katana ! Max Temp! *LOOKINSIDE*
  23. Looking for talented artistry player to make MML
  24. WTB Epherium Desert Plate Fist and Feet!
  25. My Sob Story
  26. WTS The best damn land in YNY
  27. Followers of Gank Bus... What in your eyes makes them so honorable?
  28. WTS Epherium Flame Nodachi
  29. The Interview
  30. #occupy heedmar
  31. Followers of The White Order... What in your eyes makes you the most successful?
  32. WTS Cinderstone Land
  33. Price Check: Classic service uniform
  34. So how did the Gank Bus siege of PRX go? Anyone know?
  35. Meanwhile at the Heedmar castle...
  36. Controlled Seiges
  37. [WTS] Icekissed winter festival costume!
  38. WTS Epherium Gale Belt and Flame Guards
  39. WTS Delphinad Earth Shirt (Cloth)
  40. Pace is back and streaming now!
  41. Selling Eph/Delp Leather items(gale/squall/earth/flame/Lighting)
  42. WTS Full heroic 7/7 Magnificent Desert set
  43. WTB >10 Lord Coins or Giffin Guard Unifrom
  44. Eastern Scum Complete Morpheus.
  45. WTS Arcadian Sea Pillager
  46. WTS Epherium Lake Sleeves
  47. WTB Mag Squall Set 7/7
  48. WTS Divine Delphinad Volcano Bow, 109% tempered
  49. WTS Auroria Mystic / Epherium Wave
  50. WTS Celestial Delphinad Volcano Bow
  51. Red Car = Best Car
  52. Followers of Gank Bus/Refuge... What in your eyes makes you successful?
  53. WTS 7/7 Unique Epherium lightining set. w/ some gems
  54. WTT Celestial Epherium Meteor Sword for Celestial Epherium Earth Sword
  55. Salt mine
  56. WTS: Land in Nuimari (99% sure it fits 44x44)
  57. Open your mouth and prepare for Fourth Meal
  58. RIP <The Elite>, you will be missed
  59. selling searing oath
  60. Well at least The White Order doesn't support bots
  61. The Elite are Going Pirate
  62. WTS Searing Oath
  63. WTB Low rarity Delphi Scepter againnn
  64. WTB Delph 2H Staff
  65. ♥ wts divine delphinad stone scepter!
  66. WTS Delphinad Nodachi's
  67. wts unique epherium lightning set (leather)
  68. WTS Epherium Lightning set 7/7 heroic frosted
  69. WTS / WTT Delphinad Tidal Shortspear
  70. WTS Magnificent Desert Plate Unique
  71. WTS Delph Lake Tassets & Eph Wave Sabatons (Inoch)
  72. WTS Epherium Flame (Plate) Unique Greaves
  73. WTS (Unique) Epherium Earth Shield
  74. WTB Epherium Flame Fists (LEATHER)
  75. WTB Weapons
  76. Killshots
  77. WTS Epherium Flame Nodachi
  78. WTS Auroria Wildborn Boots
  79. WTS Full Epherium wave set
  80. WTB Epherium Lake Shield!~
  81. WTS Divine Delphinad Ocean Scepter
  82. WTS Sweet Sorrow (Cold Anguish/Searing Oath) - Inoch
  83. Alliance confirmed
  84. Alliance confirmed - West
  85. WTS > Leather - Magnificent Lightning Set - Heroic 7/7
  86. Wtb breezy bungalow
  87. WTS Epherium Gale Bow(Divine)
  88. WTS Full Epherium Squall At Unique Full Gem
  89. WTS Epherium Earth Dagger
  90. WTS eph gale fist heroic
  91. WTS Divine Delphinad Flame Katana
  92. WTS mag squall set at heroic, some gems
  93. @prx
  94. WTB Delphinad Desert Fist leather
  95. WTS> Delphinad Meteor Nodachi (Celestial Grade and Max Tempered)
  96. WTS Delph Gale Belt Rare quality
  97. WTS celestial mag gale ring (wind) and unique gale ring
  98. WTS unique epherium lake gloves
  99. WTS (2) 24x24s and (5) 16x16s N.Perinoor Ruins
  100. WTB> Epherium Lake Shoes
  101. WTS Celestial Delphinad Summer Sword and Divine Epherium Desert Sword
  102. WTS Mag Lake Armor Set
  103. WTB 500 Gilda Stars!
  104. WTS Delphinad Shortspear - Celestial (quick sale)
  105. server down?
  106. Selling Divine Epherium Flame Sword
  107. HashTag New tactics HashTag Losing
  108. returning to the game
  109. WTS Celestial Epherium Meteor Sword
  110. New in Kyrios and got scammed..lol
  111. WTS Divine Epherium Earth Shortspear
  112. WTS Divine and Unique Delphinad Life Katanas
  113. Server down for maintenance?
  114. let me draw you
  115. WTB Grimghast Armor Set.
  116. WTS Amazing well loved property above Hasla mountain!
  117. Kyrois Pop?
  118. WTS Delphinad Earth Jerkin / Delphinad Squall Boots / Epherium Flame Cap (aranzeb)
  119. WTB Divine Delphinad Flame Nodachi
  120. Anyone else excited about the new patch!?
  121. WTS Delphinad Earth Jerkin /Delphinad Squall Boots /Epherium Flame Cap -aranzeb
  122. WTS Epherium Earth Cloth - Full Set - Naima server
  123. Illustrious Leather Squall for Illus-Mag Lighting
  124. WTB Delph desert leather
  125. WTB Delphinad Earth Leather/Plate Set
  126. Biggest Shout-out to Buddy and Sorelle of <The Struggle>
  127. WTS Delph Gale Shortspear
  128. WTS Epherium Squall// Epherium Earth// Delph Dps//Conq Accessories(Decked Out)
  129. Kyrios population balance?
  130. WTS > Leather - Magnificent Lightning Set - Heroic 7/7
  131. WTS Epherium Earth Jerkin
  132. WTS Delp Winter Shortspear & delp Flame bow
  133. WTS Delphinad Squall Shortspear
  134. WTS EPH Flame leather set. 4/7divine, 3/7 celestial
  135. WTS> Celestial Delphinad Lake Scepter
  136. Wts epherium lake shirt
  137. WTS Delphinad Gale Bow [max temper][celest]
  138. WTS Delphinad Earth scepter Celestial
  139. WTS Divine Delphinad Ocean Scepter *MAX TEMP* + Free Fusion
  140. WOW PvE so hard, easily the most boring thing in the game.
  141. WTS 2 Divine weapons
  142. Wts 1000 gilda star or mansion design
  143. Leasing: 4x Large Farms, 2x Thatched Farmhouses-> Halcyona
  144. WTS Celestial Delphinad Wave Shield :D
  145. WTB Delphinad Lightning Leather Armor
  146. WTS Gilda Stars
  147. WTB Magnificent Lake Sabatons Heroic Grade
  148. WTS Celestial Delphinad Sky Katana (Naima)
  149. I'm back baby
  150. WTS Divine Delphinad Ocean Scepter *MAX TEMP*
  151. WTS Arcum Iris Pumpkin 16x16 or its plot only
  152. Wts/wtt delphinad lightning bow
  153. Wts/wtt unique epherium squall set
  154. WTS 7/7 Unique Gemmed/Frosted Magnificent Desert Leather (NAIMA)
  155. S>Epherium Lake Shield / Moonlight Crystals. B> Epherium Life Pants/Shoes
  156. An awesome day of things to do. #Content
  157. Price Check: Northern White Arden Large Home Land
  158. WTS Epherium Squall Jerkin, arcane, 3%dam red lunafrost
  159. 2x free 16x16 plots north windscour
  160. Kyrios Racing Circuit!
  161. WTS Epherium Leather Desert Set
  162. Selling mansion design up in auction house
  163. WTS Delphinad Wave Pants
  164. Spys
  165. WTS Celestial Epherium Lake Shoes!
  166. WTS/T Celestial Delphinad Stone Dagger
  167. WTB Celestial Epherium Squall Fist
  168. For Sale. Delphinad Typhoon Jerkin
  169. WTS Epherium Gale Set 6/7 Unique 1 Celes
  170. WTS Unique max tempered epherium earth shortspear
  171. WTS Celestial Delphinad Wave Bow - Inoch
  172. WTS 7/7 Heroic Illustrious Stone Set
  173. Lands for sale
  174. General Assembly Events #Content
  175. The White Order letting the East attempt the Kraken!?
  176. WTB Magnificent Lake Cloth
  177. WTS Magnificent Meteor Club (Heroic)
  178. WTS / WTT Unique Epherium Flame Nodachi
  179. WTS/WTT Divine Delphinad Lake Scepter.
  180. WTS 7/7 Epherium Earth Leather Set | lvl 44 wave neck & earring | Celestial eph Lake scepter
  181. WTS Arcadian Sea Pillager(Kraken Spear)
  182. So whats the Most gold from a fishing boat you have ever stolen?
  183. WTS Epherium Sunset Cuirass (unique) (naima)
  184. LF labor buddy EU - NA
  185. jk we acually killed the Kraken
  186. Sleeping With the Enemy - Systematic Proof TWO is Allied With Reds
  187. WTS Unique Epherium Lightning Set + Manor in Halo Hollow
  188. I had a Dream (Evil)
  189. WTB 44x44 land
  190. Kickstarter fund! Help Zach get back from Pirate!
  191. WTS Celestial+ Mage Gear - Armor/Weps
  192. WTB Epherium Desert Fists <Leather> im on Naima
  193. WTS Celestial Epherium Gale Bow
  194. WTS Kraken Scepter
  195. WTT Divine Delph Stone Scepter for Divine Delph staff (any type)
  196. WTB>500 Gilda Design!~
  197. WTS Epherium Earth Scepter [Heroic]
  198. WTS 3x Epherium Club (Flame, Meadow, Sunset)
  199. WTS Delphinad Earth Scepter celestial and epherium staffs
  200. WTS Delp/Eph Leather items (Earth/Flame/Desert/Typhoon) New items added daily!
  201. WTS> Eph flame club
  202. WTB Delphinad Bow (any grade)
  203. How to Play Archeage Like the Pros
  204. WTS Christmas items
  205. WTS/T Divine Delphinad Ocean Scepter ! *LOOKINSIDE*
  206. WTS Epherium tidal bow
  207. WTS - Epherium Earth Scepter(Heroic)
  208. WTS: 16x16 House and 16X16 Farm in Hellswamp
  209. Land hacker Jayd (lvl12)
  210. wtb castaway house/plot
  211. Funny chat logs, etc!
  212. #OrderofPeaceandProsperity
  213. Announcing Kyrios' Newest Fellowship - North Caernord!
  214. WTB Epherium Flame Boots ( Leather )
  215. WTS- Yny Bungalow, Solis farmhouse
  216. <Disorderly Conduct> Going-Pirate Guild Recruiting!
  217. WTS Delphinad flame club celestial
  218. First General Assembly Kraken Kill
  219. Sell or Trade Everything for a Melee Tank set
  220. WTS Divine Eph Flame Sword, 7/7 Heroic Mag Squall, 7/7 Celest Illust Desert, Celest Eph Flame Bow
  221. wts 800 giilda
  222. WTS Delphinad Ocean Scepter - heroric / Epherium Wave Scepter
  223. WTS Kraken Glider - Inoch
  224. WTS Gilda stars, also taking requests.
  225. WTS Divine Delphinad Lake Chest plate
  226. [Video] "Carp Diem" - ArcheAge 1v1 Arena Blighter PvP (Kyrios)
  227. WTS Celestial Delphinad Tidal Spear
  228. WTS delphinad meadow club celestial
  229. WTS or WTT Delphinad Flame Bow + Full Gale Set(5/7 Celestial) + Full Focus Katana
  230. WTS Delphinad Typhoon Belt
  231. WTB Celesital Leather Delphinad Earth pieces.
  232. how is this server?
  233. WTS 7/7 Epherium Wave Set (Cloth)
  234. 4th Meal spotted in their native habitat
  235. WTS Delphinad Earth Hood (Heroic)
  236. A Wild Farkrag the Wander Appeared!
  237. WTS Unique Delphinad Ocean Scepter
  238. Selling salvaged bows for obsidian weapons!
  239. WTS delphinad flame bow celestial
  240. WTS delphinad clubs and bows
  241. WTS Divine Eph Flame Club
  242. WTB Epherium Meadow Pieces
  243. Instant Darkrunner! Just add gold! WTS Delphinad Flame and more
  244. WTS Magnificent Squall Jerkin (Leather) 6/7 Heroic Set (Inoch)
  245. Wts / wtt delphinad lake gloves (heroic) made by me
  246. WTS Divine Delphinad Flame Nodachi!
  247. No game no life is recruiting
  248. Selling Eph Lightning pieces
  249. WTS Stone Slated Mansion Design / Epherium Lightning Full Set
  250. WTB 24x24 or 16x16 in Two Crowns, pref near moonswept :)