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  1. GM Abuse of power account banned!
  2. New skin idea!!!
  3. My salt is bad.. But Finn, really?
  4. Kyrios Daily News 6-29-2015
  5. Pirate naval pvp - thanks guys
  6. We have defeated Ezi.
  7. [Elitist Jerks] Your experiences with the 1% of Kyrios
  8. FREE PACKS, come and get em!
  9. Pirate PvP Spellsinger Montage
  10. WTB eph/delph cloth set
  11. Dear Lensar,
  12. Kyrios Daily News 6-30-2015
  13. WTT Divine Delphinad Desert Sword for Divine Delphinad Katana Gale, Lighting, or Flame
  14. WTS: Obsidian Archery Set
  15. s h a d o w p l a y ?
  16. WTT: Epic 13% temp. 2100 focus, DELPH nodachi
  17. Let us all pause for a moment... template post
  18. Dear Spoky
  19. [WTB] Epherium desert 5 pieces (leather)
  20. WTS - 3k gilda stars
  21. Archeage Footage Revisit
  22. WTS eph GS salvage
  23. WTS Epic Sword @T4 Your Epherium to unbound it...
  24. WTB Divine Delphinad Flame Katana
  25. WTB Leather Delph Desert Guards and Belt
  26. WTS 5K labor daily or 10K every 2 days
  27. WTB T1-t4 Divine Staff PST
  28. WTT/WTS full epherium earth set unique
  29. My apology to Finn
  30. WTS Epic Sword T5 / Delphinad Summer Sword / Ayanad Life Dagger
  31. nice to meet you kyrios, im shovelface
  32. WTS 5/5 Unique T3 Obsi Cloth and Unique T5 Obsi Scepter
  33. WTS Divine T5 Shortspear
  34. WTS: Divine Fallen Moon (T5 Obsidian Katana)
  35. WTB Celestial+ Mag Stone sash, sleeves, and shoes.
  36. WTS Delphinad flame breeches
  37. Donating all of my labor
  38. WTB x3 Epherium Katanas
  39. WTB x3 Epherium Katanas
  40. WTB Kaylin's Quill and Salvaged Epherium Shortspears
  41. WTB eph desert pieces
  42. WTS Epherium Lake Plate - 7/7 Full Set (Celestial)
  43. WTB Illustrious or Magnificent Lightning Katana and Dagger PST
  44. WTB Gale Leather
  45. WTB Meina's Garden Records
  46. WTS DIVINE [Shadow Jerkin] or [Evanescent Jerkin]
  47. WTS Divine T4 Obsidian shield(Anticipation)
  48. WTB Honor!
  49. To the person with the Epic Winter Shortspear listing
  50. WTB Delphinad Plate/Leather
  51. Choosing Heroes
  52. WTB ayanad head design
  53. WTS Delphinad Wave Sash
  54. WTB Delphinad Scepter, any grade unique or below
  55. WTB 1k Gildas Mansion Design
  56. WTS Ayanad Club Design:Inoch
  57. WTS Delphinad Typhoon Breeches
  58. Enigmatist Pvp Video =D
  59. WTB Salvaged Delphinad Scepter or Low tier Delph Scepter
  60. Earthsinger pvp video
  61. WTS [Delphinad Autumn Greatclub]
  62. WTB EPH desert Cap paying lot
  63. Sea of Graves Weekend
  64. Hybrid help needed
  65. WTB EPH desert Cap ( if you pmed me please do again)
  66. WTB 3x Delph katanas pst
  67. WTS Delphinad Desert fist , Epherium flame cap /// WTB Delphinad volcano bow
  68. Hey Catfishie, mad much?
  69. WTB Ayanad shorspear desing! [naima]
  70. WTS Evanescent Fists - Celestial (T4 Obsidian Lether)
  71. NikNaks Give Aways
  72. WTS - Celestial Epherium Life Ring
  73. WTS Epic Version 2 Tier 4 sword
  74. WTB Divine Obsidian Shortspear
  75. Rip kyrios
  76. Person with Ayanad Life Dagger on AH msg me on forums
  77. Wtb ayanad head design on ah!
  78. It's Tricky
  79. WTS Delph Earth Sword Divine, and stuff
  80. Extra Gold for your Guild
  81. This just in!
  82. WTS Ayanad Lightning gear
  83. Poison, best raid lead
  84. WTS Divine T4 V1 Katana
  85. WTS - Delphinad Lake Scepter
  86. WTS Divine T5 Katana v1 (Fallen Moon)
  87. WTS Delphinad GALE Katana! (Celestial)
  88. WTS Celestial t5 staff your epheriums
  89. TT6 Official stopping exploited rookborne packs
  90. WTB Divine ShortSpear kyrios
  91. WTT EPH desert set for flame
  92. WTS Perinoor Herbalist Camp Mansion
  93. West- looking for a price on a 24x24 in diamond shores
  94. WTS DIVINE SWORD T4 V1 or V2
  95. Looking for person with Ayanad Stone Shoes.
  96. Selling a lot of land...
  97. [WTB] Ayanad Sword
  98. Server
  99. Wtb leviathans eye
  100. WTB Ayanad Gale/Desert
  101. WTS Full Celestial Delphinad Squall Set (gemmed/frosted) AND Celestial Delphinad Flame Bow
  102. WTS Epic Sword @T4 Chose your version (i have mats) Kyrios West
  103. WTS Salvaged Epherium Scepter
  104. WTB Delphinad Bow (Unique or Lower)
  105. Your Nui belong2us
  106. WTS Celestial Delphinad Desert Sword (Gemmed); Celestial Epherium Bow
  107. WTS Divine t5 Shortspear(your mats 6k my mats 19k)
  108. Can someone please explain whats happening here?
  109. [WTB] Ayanad Sword
  110. Oh oh hola
  111. [WTB] delph stone boots/sash
  112. GG arenas honor weekend Lightning hall of fame
  113. WTB Ayanad spear design! [Naima]
  114. WTS Labors or Making Packs Free!!
  115. #braggingsoybean
  116. WTS Kraken Longspear & 2x Mythic Triangular Rigs || WTB Delphinad Earth Gloves
  117. Apology to the role playing haters
  118. Apology to the role playing haters
  119. WTB divine or epic shortspear, low tier
  120. I'm back.
  121. WTS: Divine Ayanad Flame Nodachi + Delphi Lightning Leather Set
  122. WTS 7/7 Delphinad Desert Celestial
  123. WTS Ayanad Dagger [Divine]
  124. wtb divine t1 nodachi
  125. WTB Delphinad Life Pants and Sash
  126. WTB Epherium Shield or Salvage
  127. Why Does Korea Get This But We Don't?
  128. [WTB] Delphinad Lightning Cap, any grade
  129. WTB Garden Records. mat for t6 shortspear
  130. WTS Legendary Katana
  131. Catalyst.
  132. Wtb> ayanad sword design
  133. WTS 4 auroria 16x16s
  134. WTB Delph Gale or Squall Leather pieces (full gems, celestial)
  135. Outnumbered!
  136. @Marked
  137. WTS Divine Delphinad Sky Katana
  138. Niknak's Giveaways! Updated Weekly!
  139. WTS Ayanad Gale Fists (Celestial), Cursed Obsidian Sword (Celestial)
  140. WTB Delphinad Ocean Staff Divine or Epic
  141. WTB Lollipop Longstaff PST
  142. WTS Divine Obsidian Great club and Griffin guard lord's coins costume!!!!
  144. WTB Ayanad Wave pieces. (Cloth)
  145. WTS Unique Delph Flame Greataxe 9k OBO
  146. WTB Fierce Vow's Blood
  147. WTS Caernord Zephyr Triangular Rig (legendary)
  148. Lysandra, if u see this msg me please.
  149. Holy cow that was fun
  150. WTS Full set Epherium Desert
  151. [WTS][Naima] Legendary Nightmist (T4 Obsidian Sword V1)
  152. looking from west faction to run me through serpentis for a couple quick mats, paying well
  153. WTS 7/7 Delphinad Lightning Celestial
  154. LF someone to powerlevel east alt.
  155. WTS EPH desert set celes! ( great gems)
  156. Great Work East
  157. WTB 3k Guilda Mansion Design
  158. Underground GA Alts
  159. WTS Celestial Mooncaller
  160. WTB Epherium Flame Guard / Belt (Divine)
  161. Salt, Racism, Interesting Statistics and Definitions from an angry pirate...
  162. WTB Delphinad Lake Shoes
  163. WTB Delphinad Wave Neck/Earrings
  164. WTB Delphinad Stone Cloth Pieces
  165. WTS Epherium Lightning Neck
  166. WTS Epic T5 Shortspear V1
  167. Great Work West
  168. @Heiko @Hunni @Pirate Faction
  169. WTB Delphinad lake plate -Inoch
  170. [Video] Some Highlights From the Delphinad Ghost Ship Raid today
  171. Egos Aside.....
  172. This is the high point of my day.
  173. WTB Delphinad Greatswords salvaged or not..for T6
  174. Questions!!!
  175. Selling Divine T5 V2 Sword
  176. Kyrios rally car tournament comming soon!!!
  177. Selling Delphinad Lightning Chest
  178. Wtb Delphinad Flame Boot/Gaurds/Breeches/Belt
  179. WTB (Salvaged) Epherium Greatclubs
  180. wtb divine obsidian club
  181. WTB Ayanad Bow Design
  182. WTS Gazebo in E & W Heedmar - PM Offers
  183. Wtb delph flame plate bits
  184. <The Black Winds> Recruitment
  185. wtb garden records
  186. WTS 16x16 Farm Maha Pumpkin Patch, closest to loading ramp
  187. Oh is that for me?
  188. WTS 7/7 CELESTIAL EPHERIUM LIGHTNING SET///decently gemmed + frosted/// WTS CELESTIAL DELPHINAD LIFE DAGGER - full 285 focus 8% temper
  189. WTB Delphinad Autumn Club
  190. B>Fierce Vow's Blood
  191. WTS Delph Flame Greataxe 6k OBO
  192. Looking to start a lvling guild for new characters, or people wishing for a second chance.
  193. WTB That Divine Kraken Longspear
  194. WTS Epherium Lightning Necklace - Divine
  195. WTS Ayanad Club Design
  196. Selling Divine Ayanad Life Scepter Max Temper 114%
  197. WTS T6 Divine Obsidian Sword (Shadowhawk's Nightmist)
  198. How i wish im Good like Purlo
  199. Congrats on NA first leviathan kill Cattlebus
  200. WTB Delphinad valcano bow, unique grade or below
  201. Very Fast Power leveling Service
  202. WTS Divine Epherium Flame Pieces
  203. Gank Bus NEVER does anything against the ToS. Right?
  204. @ GB - Some questions, and curiosity about your intent for Kyrois
  205. WTB Divine or Epic Obsidian Bow
  206. Amongst the dramatic calamity arise <Boy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥> ~ Join Today for a greater tomorrow
  207. wtb delphinad autumn club unique tier or below & delphinad life sleeves
  208. Wts ayanad katana design
  209. Squad
  210. WTS Divine Cursed Obsidian Shortspear @ T4
  211. LoLz's Shop Selling and Buying!
  212. WTS EPherium Celestial Gale Jerkin/Breeches ,Gemmed
  213. Hi, i'm sobin
  214. WTB Full Flame Delphinad Set
  215. Mooochi
  216. WTB Delphinad Earth Leather
  217. Quitting Sale
  218. Wts 7/7 epherium flame leather&5/7 epherium wave cloth&more
  219. Congrats East/West on a Fun Abyssal Attack
  220. Dear John(Candy)
  221. Whats happening here.
  222. Selling Celestial Obsidian
  223. WTB Eph Nodachi (from Naima Server)
  224. WTB Delphinad Greatswords salvaged or not..for T6
  225. WTB Delph flame set (leather)
  226. WTB Leather Epherium Desert Pieces
  227. WTS 850 Gilda PST WTB delphinad Greatsword 7k PST here on mail ingame
  228. Any western guilds doing serp?
  229. Rare footage fighting Asphodel
  230. Dear Pirate Faction
  231. Zach's Final Quit
  232. Good Job Today East!
  233. welcome your new king
  234. Selling Ayanad Sword Design
  235. Looking for my pants pls send help
  236. WTS 850 Gilda stars
  237. [Naima] WTS Delphinad Quake Shield
  238. P/C on Magnificent Sky Katana (Grand)
  239. B> Delphinad Wave Pants
  240. Abyssal
  241. Swiffles - Buying and Selling Armor
  242. Hi, AA possible transfer candidate.
  243. Senza has cooties.
  244. WTB Obsidian Staff - Divine
  245. Giant mace
  246. Help with ocean PVP - Please Help
  247. NikNaks Voluneers
  248. Niknak's Volunteers!
  249. Eastern Pep Talk
  250. PC on meina's garden record