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  1. Blackstar is looking for new members!
  2. WTS heroic Delphinad Quake Shield (upable Ayanad)
  3. WTS Delphinad Wave Shield
  4. WTS: Delphinad Meadow Greatclub *DIVINE*
  5. WTS Epherium Gale and Squall
  6. WTS Delphinad Desert Breeches & Delphinad Earth Boots
  7. Selling (Heroic) Magnificent Squall pieces
  8. WTB Epherium Wave Bow
  9. Thanks reds for a nice bloody day
  10. A song of Salt and Fire: Volume 1, History of Calmlands
  11. Glorify use cheat!!!
  12. WTB Epherium Earth Leather - Cap / Breeches / Belt - Any Grade
  13. WTB Epherium Lake ( Cloth) Pants
  14. Selling Illustrious earth ring [required for the last dreamring questline]
  15. WTB: Delphinad Desert Leather
  16. [WTS] Delphinad Earth Shield. - Eanna
  17. WTB Delphinad Bow
  18. WTS Full Magnificent Stone set @ Heroic
  19. Wtb longspear 2 hand epherium divine
  20. Selling Celestial Delphinad Wave Bow
  21. WTS Divine ephe lake scepter / Unique Delph wave cuirass plate
  22. WTS Epherium earth plate
  23. WTS Epherium Gale Shortspear [Unique]
  24. WTS Delphinad Gale Bow and Delphinad Wave Scepter
  25. Connexion Error. Can't connect to Eanna
  26. WTB Epherium Lake ( Cloth) Pants
  27. WTS Epherium Meteor Sword Celestial
  28. WTB Delphinad Life Cloth pieces
  29. We have not issued a licence for Kraken.
  30. TRADING MY TWO (2!!) Divine Delphinad Weapons, for your ONE (1) Delphinad Volcano Bow!!
  31. Glorify recruits!
  32. Glorify recrute!
  33. WTS Delpinad Ocean Staff on Heroic OFFER ME <3 <3
  34. EU - Eanna - West - Arise Guild Recruiting
  35. Delphinad Sky Katana
  36. Syntagma is recruiting [EU-Eanna-EAST]
  37. WTS Delphinad Ocean Staff on Heroic and Delphinad wave scepter on unique !!
  38. Raidboss of Ynystere, Tanking Blood Company like a boss.
  39. selling delphinad bow, club and nodachi
  40. WTS 3xDelphinad Flame, 1xEarth, 1xDesert & Cold Anguish & Costumes!From Dahuta.
  41. WTS Delphinad Quake Greaves
  42. [WTS] Celestial Delphinad Sunset Bow
  43. Freedich Island Pvp (Losmerengues) 19.02.2015 (West vs East)
  44. WTS Delphinad Volcano Bow
  45. @@@ [WTB] DELPHINAD - GALE - Feet (Shoes) @@@
  46. WTB Epherium Wave Shoes (Cloth)
  47. WTS Delphinad Volcano bow
  48. WTS Delphined Desert Gauntlets
  49. WTS 4xEpherium Flame Leather Armor
  50. WTS Delphinad Stone Scepter
  51. Wts celestial delphinad gale bow
  52. WTS Mirrorshine Steamracer Leathers (Wrapped)
  53. WTS Celestial Delphinad Stone Pants and Unique Delphinad Earth Sash
  54. WTS full set of heroic magnificent lake plate armor
  55. The Divine God-Emperors Protection
  56. Is that bad ♥♥♥ guild with 5 castles Hatecrew still alive?
  57. 720 min in Jail :)
  58. WTB Epherium Lake ( Cloth) Pants
  59. WTB epherium lake parts
  60. WTS rare delphinad longspear
  61. WTS epic epherium scepter
  62. Trading a (Divine grade) future-ayanad staff for a scepter + shield.
  63. WTB: Delphinad Earth Leather (Pants and Boots)
  64. Game Over
  65. Cinderstone Pvp (Losmerengues)
  66. [DE] Senaxia
  67. WTB epherium lake parts
  68. WTS Delphinad life sleeves (heroic)
  69. WTS Full Epherium Squall Set (Heroic/Enchant/Gem)
  70. WTS Divine Epherium Gale Bow (369.5DPS)
  71. WTS Celestial Epherium Earth Flute
  72. Late Night Faction Chat at its peak
  73. WTB: Epherium Greatclub Any grade [Eanna]
  74. WTS CELESTIAL Delphinad Volcano bow ( DAHUTA east)
  75. WTT my Scepter
  76. WTT Delphinad Gale Bow
  77. WTB Delphinad Typhoon Leather Parts / Delphinad Upgradeable SCEPTER and BOWs
  78. WTS Celestial Epherium Squall 7/7
  79. WTT Icefall Dynasty Robe for a Ebongleam Dynasty Robe
  80. APEX Siege
  81. Hello, I am Totall, Master of Arc Lightning
  82. <WTB> Divine Delphinad Stone Shirt
  83. <WTS> Delphinad Earth parts armor ( leather ) and Delphinad Wave club celestial
  84. shieldnoob first 55
  85. WTB > Cloth Delphinad Wave Gear
  86. New Patch (Library Drop rate)
  87. WTS Celestial Delphinad Gale Bow, Unique Epherium Flame Bow, Cold Anquish(Dahuta)
  88. WTS 3xDelph. Flame, 1xDelp. Earth, 2xEpher. Stone and Spotless Service Unif.(Dahuta)
  89. WTB delphinad katana/sword
  90. Ayanad speer design
  91. Jyuki banned !!? But why !?
  92. <WTS> Ayanad Foot Gear Design!!
  93. WTS> Celestial Epherium Gale parts
  94. WTS Delphinad Ocean Scepter
  95. WTS Delphinad Gale Bow
  96. First EANNA Ayanad Bow
  97. WTS Ayanad sword design
  98. WTS Legendary, Epic and Divine Gear
  99. APEX vs AOE seige
  100. WTT magnificient winter shortspear for eph salvaged shortspear
  101. WTS Epherium flamme ears (from Eanna)
  102. WTB obsidian sword
  103. WTS > Epic Katana , Celestial Delphinad Wave Scepter
  104. Fkn p2w
  105. WTS Delphinad Earth Staff and Delphinad Ocean Scepter
  106. WTS Delphinad Earth Gauntlets (Celestial)
  107. WTS Upgradeable Delph Shield & Upgradeable Delph Scepter
  108. E Z List
  109. WTS Experia Patchs
  110. Gondor, Rohan, HeadHunters, Librarians - recruiting!
  111. Eanna Twitch List
  112. WTS Celestial Delphinad Ocean set \ Divine - celestial Epherium wave set \ DIvine delphinad wave staff!
  113. WTB Cele grade epherium desert cap/fists
  114. WTB Epherium Cloth Celestial Wave parts and WTS Library Longspear
  115. WTS divine T6 obsidian sword
  116. La guilde Ultime Espoir Recrute
  117. Wts ayanad lake gloves & ayanad stone boots!
  118. Jesus christ, Tuckazor
  119. WTS Kraken Shield (Arcadian Sea Guardian)
  120. WTS Divine Delphinad Volcano Bow
  121. WTS Some Crap Sword divine, Scpeter epic both epherium
  122. WTS Some Crap Sword divine, Scpeter epic both epherium
  123. WTS Delphinad Gale jerkin (lether)
  124. Tuckazor wins the game
  125. Parchsun (Arcum Iris) 16x16 x 2 For Sale
  126. vend terrains villanelle
  127. WTS Delphinad Gale Jerkin (full agi)
  128. WTS Ayanad Foot Gear Design!
  129. April Mega Land Battle starring East vs West!
  130. Suggestion:
  131. WTS/WTT Delphinad Leather Armors
  132. WTB Kraken Shield and Scepter
  133. My Dreams Fails, I destroyed my Way to Mythic
  134. Fight on Freedich 24.03.2015 Apex vs Gameover/Standby
  135. AUTcore sucht neue spieler
  136. Massive battle over Kraken
  137. <WTS> Divine Delphinad Stone shirt
  138. Eanna goes regrade crazy... Well someone does... again
  139. WTB Auroria Mystic
  140. Divine Epherium Gale Earrings /Price check / WTS / WTT
  141. WTS > Celestial Delphinad Wave Scepter
  142. WTS 500GS Manor, Island front of Austera
  143. WTB Ayanad Bow and Greatsword Design, Kraken Shield
  144. WTS Ayanad Club Design
  145. Make Love, Not War
  146. RIP my luck
  147. Wts delph bow!
  148. WTB Ayanad Katana design
  149. WTB Delphinad Stone Shoes (Not Celestial)
  150. WTS Divine Ominous Obsidian Staff (Obsidian Taff T2 Divine)
  151. WTS: three connected 24x24 in White Arden's luxury housing area (medium & large designs only)
  152. Wtb delphinad katana
  153. WTS 24x24 Manor, Island front of Austera
  154. WTS 44x44 Manor, Solis
  155. Selling Cele delph katana
  156. #GotTheBalls #Ballslist #ballsthread - Have you got the ballz?
  157. Tranbulardo with Eyes of Eanna reporting on EPIC battle in Sungold Fields!
  158. [Ost] [Haranya] Neue Gilde Sucht Member [Server:Eanna]
  159. WTS Delphined Desert Gauntlets and Flame Cuirass
  160. WTT my Full Celestial Delphinad Earth Leather Set -> for your Delph Earth Cloth/Plate parts/set
  161. 55 Lvl Rank 1 DarkRunner Pvp movie - Losmerengues
  162. WTB Racing Mask
  163. [DE - West] Nevermore (familiäre Gilden-gemeinschaft für PVX,Traderuns,Crafting)
  164. WTB Delphinad wave or lake scepter
  165. WTS CELESTIAL[Cloth] Delphinad Earth: Shirt/Pants/Shoes/Sleeves
  166. WTB epherium club
  167. LIBRARY EXCLUSIVE DAGGER FOR SALE, STUPIDLY CHEAP - Stronger than epherium - supa rare unique item yo - somethingsomething buy it pls
  168. [WTB] DELPHINAD - Meadow Scepter
  169. WTS fields 16x16/24x24/44x44
  170. WTB Epherium Staffs (all grades)
  171. WTS/T Delphinad Earth ShortSpear
  172. WTB Feathered Dragon Glider ( AKA Kraken Glider )
  173. WTB Delphinad leather flame Gaunts and belt
  174. Road blocking @ Villanelle by Aesir
  175. WTB Epherium/delph bow
  176. WTB Ayanad Club Design
  177. WTS Epherium Lake Scepter and Epherium Lake Plate
  178. Meanwhile in Eanna
  179. GM Mad ?
  180. WTS Illustrious Earth Ring (dahuta)
  181. MD VS so much LUV
  182. Watch out for possible new and famous faction traitor ! (West)
  183. WTB Delphinad Stone
  184. MD in jail
  185. WTB Epherium Shortspears!
  186. WTB Ephemeral Memory pieces (melisara)
  187. WTS/WTT Delphinad Volcano Bow
  188. WTB Epherium Leather Earth Parts
  189. May Mega Landbattle - East vs West 3d May!
  190. WTS Ironclad Design / Comet Speedster Design
  191. Guilds informations
  192. Tuckazors BUYLIST: Garden Records (Meina Drop), Delph....
  193. WTS illustrious Earth ring [Eanna]
  194. WTS Divine Obsidian Shield (Dahuta)
  195. WTS delphinad celestial winter shortspear (ayanad procc)
  196. Waiting the Rift...
  197. Play faction new guild
  198. Why ?!
  199. Chitoge's Song store
  200. WTS Ayanad Club Design
  201. East vs west seafight - April 24th 2015
  202. Wtb divine shortspear obsidian
  203. WTS Delphinad Earth cloth parts
  204. Sell unique epherium desert set
  205. The 2015 Eanna Forum Awards
  206. WTB delphinad shortspears or salvages + Delph Desert Leather gloves+belt
  207. WTS Delphinad Earth Flute
  208. WTS Auroria HellBent Cuirass (Rare grade) Auroria Promise Belt(Rare Grade)
  209. WTS Legendary T5/T6 Shortspear
  210. WTS Delphinad Gale Nodachi (Fully gemmed)
  211. Yggdrasil recruits new and old players!
  212. Lux Arcana Is Recruiting
  213. WTS divine delphinad longspear
  214. WTS t3 divine obisdian shield @Dahuta
  215. Trials in a Nutshell
  216. WTB Ayanad Bow design
  217. WTB Delphinad Quake Shield & Delphinad Autumn Club
  218. <WTS> Divine Obsidian katana T4(will be)
  219. BC/RC/Glorify Stole my Packs! Aesir safed me!
  220. Sailing the Seas & Losing Your Packs
  221. WTB Ayanad earth plate /w me good price
  222. WTS Castle 44x44 spot +24x24
  223. WTS ARCANE -> Delphinad Typhoon Cap and Epherium Wave Shiel
  224. Cast your votes for your pre 1.7 Eanna favourites......
  225. WTS Epherium Cloth gear
  226. WTS Delph Meadow Greatclub
  227. Pack
  228. WTS Divine Wanderer's Hymn (dahuta)
  229. WTB Ayanad Katana Design
  230. WTS Celestial Delphinad Lake Scepter
  231. WTS ayanad wave shortspear
  232. WTS: Armored Wavewyrm Costume
  233. Guilds (Owners) of the Castles
  234. Blood Company Wins Eanna Overseas Treasure Event 2015
  235. Wts 24 Black pearl scraps
  236. WTB Epic Obsidian Bow
  237. WTB Lightning Necklace and Earrings
  238. Selling epic obsidian scepter, offers here pls
  239. W.T.S -Ayanad Necklace Design-
  240. WTB Epherium Gale gear
  241. WTB Divine Obsidian Hood, Pants and Shirt
  242. WTB leather delphinad flame guards
  243. Report Ironclad !
  244. WTB Arcadian Sea Sovereign
  245. WTS divine t4 obsidian v1 shield
  246. WTS Divine T3 Obsidian bow
  247. Wtb epherium earrings
  248. Muslim Divison looking for hardcore faction/roleplay palyers
  249. WTS Celestial Delphinad Sunset Bow
  250. [Naval] Fleet of Eanna