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  1. RARE pearls have an increased proc rate? REALLY? bc i'm not seeing it
  2. Merger Prep
  3. me testing out some forum posting
  4. The Marketplace update
  5. @amary can we get some info on the griffin mount
  6. PTS Question
  7. 2.0 Patch coming to PTS Soon?
  8. (BUG) Character Deletion
  9. PTS status during 2 Day down time
  10. COMPLETED: PTS Downtime 9/4/2015 9:00am PDT for Heroes Awaken (2.0)
  11. Patch Notes/Question @Khrolan
  12. Auto disconnect after selecting PTS at server select screen.
  13. Safe zones in housing areas WILL be implemented on EU/NA.
  14. Archeage 2.0 Guild System Question
  15. 2.0 PTS release date
  16. [IMPORTANT] Housing areas turned peace areas in 2.0
  17. 9/4/15 -- Update 2.0 PTS Notes
  18. Upgraded Thatched Bugs
  19. Nonstandard Construction bundles labor problem.
  20. No patron on PTS
  21. [Updated] This graphics card can't support normal gameplay' with 2.0 update
  22. HALP : serious concern with the new wisp system
  23. Constant Disconnects
  24. Trino pls y u do dis
  25. Will old Auroria armor remain unchanged?
  26. Battle Pet lvl 55?
  27. Intro and Prologue
  28. *Game Crashes every 2 minutes now
  29. A few bugs I've found:
  30. Confirmed: Remodeling clears out crops, animals, and fruniture
  31. Chat setting for Live wiped by PTS.
  32. [Help!] How Many mana whisps?
  33. Why did my skills regress to level 54 but i still have my 55 skills?
  34. Crashes (not dc's) every 5 to 15 minutes.
  35. Fellowship Plaza and Nuian Mansion upgrades?
  36. Halp! Gods have disconnected me - not crash
  37. Missing House: Upgraded Villa (Verdana)
  38. 2.0 bugs
  39. Windscour Persistant PvP Event?
  40. Pirates and Moprheus for dream ring
  41. Character Sheet bug
  42. how can we help? @GMs
  43. Undocumented changes - Please post what you find
  44. When will we be able to test Player Appreciation event?
  45. Two Gold and Resource Traders in South Cinder?
  46. Need Stone Bricks!
  47. bugs i found that need fix asap before relase
  48. DC ever 6 mins on PTS
  49. Greater Dungeons
  50. Localisation Bugs
  51. Blueprints
  52. UI Settings
  53. New Currency?
  54. Bug? Missprint? Selaed Ayanad Scepter needing Ayanad Staff Design?
  55. Trimmer Text not all localized
  56. Missing Patron Buff After 2.0 Update
  58. PTS vs NA vs EU AA clients test
  59. -Away- status is in Korean.
  60. Housing Safe Zones on Islands
  61. Found game breaking bug
  62. Huge Ban hammer to all my accounts while testing on PTS
  63. BUG - Level Cooking Fluffy skill not working
  64. Bugs in Yield on Consumable House
  65. Celestrata, the new loading screen
  66. The new salvage wisp concern
  67. New Drops from Prince Coin purses
  68. Kind of difficult to test the new housing features when...
  69. Jewerly Salvaging
  70. Can Someone post Images of....
  71. Event on PTS!!
  72. Special workbench in 2.0 house shareable?
  73. Skill trees dropped to lvl 54?
  74. pts - few questions
  75. Why housing zones should be left as safe zones.
  76. Housing on Freedich in 2.0
  77. News rare plant spawn on farmhouses
  78. Potential Bug with Fert packs
  79. GM Please help ..
  80. Frequent freezing/disconnections
  81. Crops growing on Upgraded thatched Millet?? I think this was renamed something else in our version
  82. Thatched variations
  83. New players... PTS suggestion
  84. Diamond shores compensation
  85. Changing orientation of houses-Minor annoyance
  86. [Bug]Game Will Closing Before Choosing a Server
  87. Remodel suggestion
  88. disconnected by gods...
  89. Make Memberlist Default tab
  90. My Patron Buff is not showing
  91. Celestial Break or Not?
  92. What does this green bar mean?
  93. Swept Roof Houses (Eastern Houses) Upgrades?
  94. Sieges: All 4 Countries on the same day ( like in Korea) ?
  95. Control window for housing in 2.0 is poorly designed.
  96. Greater dungeons?!?!
  97. 500 Warrior medals + full serp set.
  98. Regrade spam
  99. What will happen?
  100. Guild flare
  101. 2.0 Bugs found
  102. Strange bug where you're in two guilds simultaneously
  103. @Kholan Question about Anthesis
  104. Auroria Songcraft Set
  105. Delphinad Ghost Ships 12 hours - Bad idea!
  106. A proposed fix to the housing protection question
  107. Quick Question Mining Thatched
  108. Irregularity when evenstoning Armor
  109. Is this the effect of the new safe zone system?
  110. Things about PTS you need to know ( PLEASE read this thread before starting PTS!)
  111. Before downloading PTS.. BEWARE
  112. Pdef Penetration
  113. Weapon Salvaging 2.0 Needs to be reviewed !
  114. Fishing Contest
  115. [BUG] Improved housing recipes (gear / pots) issues
  116. PTS Disconnect observations
  117. Will PTS be up while other servers are down?
  118. @celestrata friend Patron on PTS gone and Support said talk to forum
  119. Major Bug with new housing changes *Very important to all players until fixed*
  120. Diamond Shores Fortress Day 2 (try 2)
  121. Bug: Linking Items into Race Chat
  122. Disconnects
  123. How exactly do you earn leadership points?
  124. Unable to Skip Tutorial
  125. More frequent wipes on PTS
  126. The Manor 100 gilda
  127. Guild Wars - quick questions
  128. What's Up With The "Torn Scroll: Small Farm Cart"
  129. Collective Crashing on PTS
  130. "Hidden Quest" Help needed from a GM please.
  131. Stuck on loading screen after 5v5s are over
  132. how hard is it to level guilds.
  133. New trade packs won't turn in to freedich for gilda
  134. Menu Item in Korean
  135. Daily Merit Quest bug
  136. No Hay Bales
  137. Car textures lost after playing PTS
  138. Will larders fit on the new Thatched upgraded farmhouses?
  139. Crafting Alchemy Differences / Tooltip bugs
  140. lets have 1.8 ensted of a rushed 2.0
  141. @Khrolan - Construction materials
  142. Blueprints question.
  143. Leave ability to be invited to party while in Arena.
  144. So I tested the new instruments...
  145. Question: Farms in Exclusive Zones?
  146. Merit Quest Daily - Lvl 55 Imbalance
  147. Animal timers for Rancher's Farmhouse are bugged.
  148. *POSSIBLE BUG/PROBLEM with housing permissions
  149. Problem with gems on PTS
  150. Prince Coin Purse Drops!
  151. So is Trion aware of the exp changes on PTS?
  152. Disconnecting Issues on PTS & Live
  153. Holiday weekend and all but no posts from Trion about all the bugs being found on PTS
  154. Confusion around how housing zone works in 2.0 please read this thread
  155. Bug: Mirage Cloth and Leather Switched
  156. Coinpurses
  157. Gods disconnecting me as soon as i choose server
  158. War System
  159. [Bug / Incorrect Information] Vitalism Defiance Passive: Sacrifice
  160. Can't Skip Tutorial
  161. Wisp Stack Size
  162. Crashing on PTS
  163. fish boat bug?
  164. PTS Store Unavailable: 11:30 AM PDT (-7 GMT)
  165. *SUGGESTION BOX* PLEASE Post any suggestions You hope to see in the Game, ETC*
  166. WHY breaking accessory and armor is different from weapon
  167. Can the upgraded house be used by other ppl when given right permission?
  168. Anniversay Event red, green ect certificate quests BUGG report
  169. Tradepack Labor Adjustments
  170. Anyone done the new Abyssal yet?
  171. Frigid Tracks stealth buff?
  172. Arccheage PTS ERRO HELP PLSS
  173. Sandeep is broken
  174. Soulmare Bug on PTS
  175. Hero Cape/Buff
  176. 9/8 -- PTS Downtime: 5:00 PM PDT (-7 GMT)
  177. Corner reading room entry
  178. Resolution error on 2.0
  179. Malware Scanner Issue
  180. Hero Election Votes
  181. Construction Materials
  182. Still Happening to me after "update"
  183. Convenience Fix for After 9/8 Hotfix
  184. new costume...khrolan
  185. Library Purses
  186. 9/8 patch error "Failed to load the game dll!"
  187. New ring quest from GHA
  188. expansion scrolls not working for the warehouse
  189. HOusing!
  190. A HUGE THANK YOU to Celestrata and the Trion AA TEAM for..
  191. Elevetor head bump
  192. Guild war declaration question
  193. All these bugs and this launches this week?
  194. Has anyone figured out how to use the guild flare?
  195. Divine Keys
  196. Costs for housing upgrades
  197. @Celestrata - Ayanad Designs
  198. tempering burnishes
  199. first cutscene=broken
  200. Some feedback
  201. Timers are all messed up
  202. Unnecessary Chat Commands
  203. RNG Fishing? I like it!
  204. Events Daily Schedule typo...
  205. Radiant archeum tree yeilds ...increased? Decreased? Stay the same?
  206. Tidal Bungalo 3 barnicle gathering spots
  207. Songcraft Performances not interacting with Charm debuff properly.
  208. Will PTS be up when official servers go down for the update?
  209. Performances cast under the effects of the Rythm buff stop channelling correctly.
  210. Fertilizer Packs
  211. Guild application
  212. Immediate PTS Downtime 9/10/2015 @ 9:20am PDT
  213. More disconnects
  214. Growlgate and Housing zone
  215. [MINOR BUG] Crafting single items on upgraded housing benches do not count towards quests
  216. Character Info Issue
  217. Upgraded farmhouses need a ladder to the roof
  218. Leadership and Reputation
  219. The Duelist Costumes
  220. Merrit quest dailies? wow snowflake, 50 gilda daily??? cost to get them...
  221. PTS Disconnect Review
  222. Main game servers dead, is it because of the PTS?
  223. Remove Character Deletion Timer
  224. How do you turn off the item regrade success notification?
  225. Dear PTS GMs
  226. Does anyone have a screenshot of the new healing gear from serpentis?
  227. Prestige @Devs
  228. Missing Mats to Test new housing...
  229. Cape upgrade materials?
  230. Housing zones and protection from pvp - intentional?
  231. dc problem
  232. Bug with mass-gemming
  233. Tooltip error
  234. Conq jewelry still dropping salvaged <x> bits
  235. Housing issues
  236. I still crash every 20-40 minutes on the PTS
  237. 7 day chest - bug? or new "new player" reward?
  238. PST Question
  239. New event?
  240. Perpetual Stealth Bug
  241. Pirate Problems
  242. Trino/ XLgames why you always do this
  243. dc pts shut down?
  244. PTS Scheduled Downtime 9/12/2015 at 10:00am PDT
  245. Behind Enemy Lines and XP bug
  246. Heavy Pet Unbalances after 2.0
  247. Pts
  248. XP Lost, BEL unsable. Trion Fix Bug
  249. Full Ayanad Sets on PTS, Where did they get them lol
  250. Map marking?