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  1. ArcheAge Public Test Server FAQ
  2. Welcome to the Public Test Server Forum!
  3. Directed Feedback: Sea of Drowned Love (Dungeon)
  4. Directed Feedback: Winter Maiden Festival (Event)
  5. Directed Feedback: The Red Dragon (World Boss)
  6. Land Placement Suggested Change
  7. Credit/Gold/Gilda commands
  8. Greetings
  9. Summoning Red Dragon
  10. Gear
  11. Questions in regards to the testing - need some clarification please, Trion.
  12. Moar items etc
  13. Market Update
  14. 5 Man Sea of Drowned Love - Weekend Dungeon
  15. Suggestions for providing a better test experience
  16. PTS broke my game
  17. Feedback for the 5 second land placement in PTS.
  18. Let it Snow!
  19. NPC Interaction Video Glitch
  20. Holiday Snowman
  21. I need help!! Archeage NA/PTS
  22. 10 man dahuta dungeon works
  23. Mailbox
  24. Snow effect = gamecrash?
  25. Is labor gain on PTS correct?
  26. 4 castles claimed
  27. Probably the best thing to fix first.
  28. Housing area size
  29. Can't Summon Dragon
  30. Abot quest for Red dragon, i have a trouble
  31. Patron.
  32. Character copy to PTS ever going to happen?
  33. Fluffy commands broken
  34. Special Elk and Clipper bug
  35. "Select Character" when only one toon is active crashes client
  36. is there x-mas itemsi n cash shop ?
  37. adding commands to fluffy for currency/crafting materials
  38. Grats!
  39. So I guess it's all going to happen again
  40. Holiday Marketplace and Loyalty Update on PTS!
  41. [Bug report?]Winter Festival Costumes
  42. [Bug Report] Credits applied to live server
  43. Previous Transactions Applied?
  44. x-mas stuff in cash shop now ? HOW ABOUT picture of the wagon ?
  46. First Level 53 NA/PTS
  47. Winter Maiden Bunny costume
  48. Anything game breaking in the new RNG boxes?
  49. About red dragon quest, i have a question
  50. Archeum drop rates
  51. Make the costume buff cancellable
  52. EU update
  53. Dahutas breath
  54. SCAPES: About the Christmas items
  55. I need a lot of Loyalty Tokens
  56. List of PTS Commands?
  57. How do they expect us to test the cash shop without credits.
  58. Flame Lunabox?
  59. Flame lunabox potion - korean description
  60. [bug report]
  61. Can't delete alt character.
  63. [Bug Report] Crash During Splash Screen
  64. No Escape from Video Montage when the Server is Unavailable
  65. Download?
  66. server coming back up?
  67. Server Status Thread
  68. Game unavailable?
  69. Dear Scapes
  70. 1.7
  71. [Bug Report] Can't get past Developer Splash Screens
  72. Commands not working
  73. Incentive
  74. Nasty Crash - Glyph Reset?
  75. Patron status suddenly removed - cannot place houses or farms
  76. Patron never transferred
  77. The Future of PTS and Extended Downtime - 12/22/14
  78. Best NA servers with most pvp action?
  79. PTS Available and Updated - 1/5/15 - Build 4.17
  80. Can't Update PST Client...
  81. New Update Findings
  82. Give us some extra Loyalty Tokens so we can test the Loyalty store
  83. Update the PTS FAQ, please
  84. Seabugs have a new skill?
  85. Latest Marketplace Update on PTS - 1/8/15
  86. land hoggers on test why?
  87. How many boxes for your sloth glider my fellow test tubers???
  88. Flame Lunabox Gift Still Running
  89. Sloth Glider Feedback
  90. RNG Box and Sloth Glider
  91. ok trion time to make good on the PTS purpose
  92. Can we get some freaking credits.
  93. Sloth Glider Being Added to Loyalty Store
  94. Character Deletion Problem
  95. Sloth Glider Hover bugged?
  96. Please increase special loot in jesters
  97. PTS Feedback 1/9/2015
  98. Add Commands
  99. Sloth Glider Vertical Landing Animation.
  100. "Level Cooking Fluffy" Bugged
  101. Dear Trion, READ this suggestion please.
  102. Serious Harassment Report (Warning Big Images )
  103. Even Bigger Character Deletion Problem
  104. any news about the new update ?
  105. Metalwork levelling broken
  106. Ursamancer's ASC Cant buy?
  107. PTS Feedback:Initial impressions
  108. Latest Game and Marketplace Update on PTS - 1/16/15
  109. Dear Amary‎ / Trion, we need confirmation please.
  110. So basically nothing to fix archeum prices until the end of Feb/March
  111. Pass Chests contents : stackable, not activated unstackable please.
  112. 17k Labor to craft Gazebo Farm?
  113. Taxes?
  114. The New Fixes are Great. But FIX fix Archeum!!!!
  115. opening 39 divine gift boxes enjoy
  116. Failed to Load Game Data
  117. [PTS] Gazebo: Too Expensive
  118. @Trion - Commentary on Sea of Drowned Love 10 Man
  119. [suggestion] give us the ability to turn off on use effects on items (song on winter outfits, ect.)
  120. What are we suppose to be testing out?
  121. Fluffy commands not working?
  122. Credits?
  123. [Request/Poll] Return Bounty Hunter Sytem
  124. Seed Bundles not working correctly
  125. PTS still not deleting characters after 7 days.
  126. Fluffy
  127. Help Me Plz
  128. HELP!! PTS Not Loading up
  129. Server status?
  130. Public Test Server Offline Until Next Build
  131. We need PTS
  132. Not showing that the PTS is OFFLINE?
  133. FLuffy Requests
  134. ArcheAge PTS Updating to Version 1.2 Build 4.19
  135. Has anyone's update finished?
  136. Latest Marketplace Update on PTS - 2/4/2015
  137. Found GM's Amary's House! :D
  138. [Fluffy Re-Enabled] List of "Fluffy" Commands for Public Test Server
  139. I used 2 APEX'es on real servers and yet no credits earned on PTS
  140. PTS Authentication is down
  141. Credit command?
  142. Please provide a pts update
  143. Wish there was a grayed offline buttion instead of a tricky play buttion
  144. PTS Wipe Confirmed in Livestream
  145. Inconsiderate treatment of clients
  146. ArcheAge Public Test Server Status: Online
  147. How much time between 55 on PTS and Live?
  148. @Khrolan Testing the dolphin today?
  149. PTS Wipe Before Secrets of Ayanad Build
  150. I know a Secret
  151. PTS Availability
  152. ptr install = troll?
  153. PTS Credit Grant for Patrons
  154. PTS World Gate Issues
  155. Change out of borderless windows before going back to live
  156. Missing Patron Status
  157. PATCH NOTES: Secrets of Ayanad on PTS 2/2015
  158. Gods
  159. I was disconnected and now i cannot get back in
  160. New fluffy commands?
  161. Archeum drop rates
  162. Library Exit PVP enabled.
  163. PTS Constant Crash to Desktop
  164. XP Loss on Death
  165. PTS client makes it CrashAge
  166. Metal Working
  167. Pet Dual-Recovery Potion does not work
  168. Going from PTS to NA-God Disconnected you
  169. Unbuit Limits Need to be at least 3 or based on reserve size.
  170. Question to the testers
  171. Receiving Goods From Marketplace Mail Results In CTD.
  172. Hope to see this patch on live servers in weeks, not months
  173. Library armor and weapon - Question
  174. Please make the ping nerfs optional
  175. Stolen Prince's Chest
  176. Missing translations; Korean text
  177. Mana Regen 1.3
  178. Unbuilt house limit
  179. How Long
  180. Need salvaged illustrious weapon Fluffy!
  181. Another post about Archeum
  182. A change to some obsidian weapon drops
  183. When will GMs be on?
  184. Constant DC
  185. Let's talk about Mirror Warp
  186. Diamond Shores PvP
  187. Seizure Warning
  188. no patron stat
  189. Quick bug report for devs
  190. Commands dont work
  191. "Fluffy" Commands Broken
  192. God's Whip next broken skill?
  193. PTS lvling after 50 lvl
  194. Archeum Crystals and shards from trees in diamond?
  195. Fix fluffy!
  196. Dear PTS
  197. Stucked in "Connecting" PTS
  198. @Scapes @Khrolan @Whoever - coin purses.
  199. Let's figure out librarian purses drop rate
  200. Game turned half korean
  201. Where are my credits ?
  202. Add glowing prisms and mysterious garden powders to the library purses
  203. Bugged Quest? [Ecktom the Ancient]
  204. Armor crafting req..
  205. Auroria Mineral Water missing from Diamond Shores: Bug or Design decision?
  206. Camera Control Bug
  207. Archeum possible solutions
  208. @Scapes @Krolan Archery Snipe Skill Bug
  209. @Khrolan @Scapes: DON'T LAUNCH THIS BUILD TO LIVE! 2 Big Issues you need to fix ASAP!
  210. Have the GMs been on PTS at all yet?
  211. Obsidian Weapons T5 - Where do i find these..?
  212. Got archeum dust from the Stolen Librarian's Bag
  213. Are Librarian's coin purses bugged on pts?
  214. Mirage Donkey Fix
  215. XP-Gain for Labor use
  216. Item drop statistics for 1100 coin purses
  217. to much focus on purses?
  218. Secrets of Ayanad - Eternal Library purses ?
  219. Labor per 5 mins
  220. Library Exit Portals - Send us to a safe zone maybe??
  221. 500 more librarian coin purses opened
  222. [PTS] Library Mob Stomp Event - Feb 24
  223. Mirage portal in Diamond Shore
  224. Pledging to Watch Quest Line Bugged
  225. Revive (Rank 5) tool tip error
  226. Archeum Fix
  227. Credits here one day, gone the next.
  228. PTS Feedback
  229. How can I test the mirage donkey?
  230. Credits Wiped
  231. Patron Status Fix
  232. Inventory/warehouse space reduction
  233. [Jesters vs Library Coinpurses] What'd make them equally good in archeum supply? (Feedback)
  234. Patron Gone
  235. Character got stuck now can't load in
  236. Disconnected by a gamemaster?
  237. PTS.. Down?
  238. Bug report
  239. Just incase you were offline for today's event
  240. It breathes fire!!!
  241. Rewards from yesterday's event still being processed
  242. More Library Coinpurses!!
  243. Fluffy only took me to level 53?
  244. A positive change to coin purses approved!
  245. Two hackers under the map
  246. The Lunagem number is outragous.
  247. Thursday's GM Event on PTS, Screenshots Included!
  248. Not a biggie but you might want to check it out Trion
  249. Two days in, credits still missing
  250. Obsidian Weapons' Regrading!? Please help with info.