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  1. Ship part designs. Where are they?
  2. new ship building system?
  3. Daru Joke?
  4. WTB epherium staffs (4)
  5. merchant schooner materials
  6. Can you put a OtherWorldly storage chest on a 8x8 workbench?
  7. Austeran Rudder
  8. Crayfish and Starfish
  9. WTB salvaged illustrious shortspear
  10. Ship Customization?
  11. Fix Fishing!
  12. Tax certificates without own Scarecrow
  13. Regrading Questions
  14. dawns drop fist + machining + repairing boats = no buff?
  15. Is it even worth it to plant anything other than trees on your farms?
  16. Pre paying taxes and losing patron status
  17. New Blue Salt 50K Dailys
  18. The New Bane of Handicrafting
  19. New commerse
  20. glitched housing area in solis
  21. Obsidian Bow Regrade!!
  22. A modest proposal to fix housing and server transfers
  23. Noobie crafting question
  24. Songblade obsidian katana
  25. Trade run quests
  26. How are you burning your labor?
  27. Salvaged items not retaining grade
  28. Boat parts and regrading
  29. Hungering Blade vs Hasla T3
  30. Grand Black Pearls Drop rate
  31. How much does it cost now to place a galleon to build?
  32. Are thunderstruck tree from pines nerfed ?
  33. Alchemy noob
  34. 15 Regrade Failures leaving a Unique T4 bow as an arcane POS.
  35. Crafting higher tier and grade upgrade
  36. Does Anybody Know How Much A Coral Reef Yields?
  37. does machining make a diffrence
  38. wtf is proficiency for?
  39. crafting and salvaging hasla weaps for sunlight arch
  40. Gildas pricecheck
  41. What is the quest chain for getting the 16x16 farm now post Ayanad?
  42. Thoughts on Obsidian Plate pieces \ Gear setup
  43. The best way to make gold for someone who returned active
  44. Leather crafting questions
  45. Why can't I place my dry dock for my harpoon clipper?
  46. Land aquisition narrative with a 'help' list.
  47. Timber Coupe mats
  48. Mining Iron Ore/Raw Stone in Haranya
  49. im desperate crafting
  50. Trade quests
  51. Recover a new 8x8 garden because I sold it?
  52. This needs to be fixed!
  53. How many farms is too much?
  54. Weapon Up-grading and Re-grading Question
  55. I Stopped playing due to unforseen circumstances 4/5 months ago and my Scarecrow farm, garden and thatched farmhouse have all been lost
  56. SELLING ISLAND HOUSE! 24x24 (~o w o)~ [Ollo]
  57. west has more profitble easy trade runs than the east.
  58. Unusual Image Item Fusions
  59. Sailing Charters for Trade Runs?
  60. Max # Larders on a townhouse
  61. Timber Coupe Materials
  62. regrades, 1.7b, and celestial vs. unique
  63. Farmer's guide to gilda
  64. Aquafarms
  65. now lv50, always have 5000 LP. How to spend them ?
  66. Pls reduce the Gathering quest prerequisites
  67. Beehive Question..
  68. if you salvage a Nightmist?
  69. Doubt about Housing areas
  70. Cost for buying mats as opposed to growing/making yourself?
  71. Housing areas
  72. Profit from a 8x8?
  73. Unknow armor set
  74. recent changes
  75. Suggestion: Add a checkbox to the crafting UI or in the options to cancel crafting if your current crafting profiency has just capped
  76. Upgrading Question
  77. Losing crafting rank slots after upgrading them?!
  78. Is It Worth Upgrading My Farming & Gathering Proficiency?
  79. ArcheAge Guide - How to Craft Salvaged Illustrious Weapon
  80. ArcheAGe Guide - How to Craft Ominous Obsidian Bow
  81. ArcheAge Guide - How to earn More Gold Part 1
  82. ArcheAge Guide - How to Earn More Gold Part 2
  83. ArcheAge Guide - How to Earn More Gold Part 3
  84. proficiency skill: maestro level (150k), no bonus?
  85. Why Not one house ofeach typeper player
  86. playing music with mistakes (artistry)
  87. Weaponry & Chance to get higher weapon stats
  88. question on weapons/armor crafting
  89. Whats with all the pavillion farms?
  90. Crafting epherium armor vs buying it
  91. Fastest way to rank up alchemy
  92. Customising a galleon for ghost ships
  93. WTB Epherium Stone sash.
  94. Love the new farms!
  95. WTS chalet Naima
  96. Farming and the New Patron
  97. Problem with housebuilding
  98. Any progress on getting a fairer landgrabbing system ?
  99. New Solar Scrarecrow - "Slope too steep"
  100. Message for developers
  101. WTS Epic chest T5
  102. Underwater Housing? +1 if you like the idea
  103. Demolition times local?
  104. why superior red regrade charm's prices skyrocketed?
  105. GCD when planting
  106. Img'ing crafted armor (Obsidian)
  107. Land and housing placement
  108. WTS Delphinad Typhoon Guards (kyrios)
  109. Swimming pool
  110. Crafting Armor / Weapon procs
  111. Logging and XP need some info
  112. leaf rings
  113. Suggestion: Innkeeper
  114. Piercing/Slashing/Blunt
  115. Question about the piano
  116. Are Charms Really Worth Buying?
  117. Rum River Event Housing Decor
  118. Prepaying taxes - incorrect dates?
  119. Thatched Farmhouse upgrade with 1.8
  120. Leather armour
  121. House Upgrade in 1.8 ( Equipment, Supply, Trade )
  122. SUGGESTION: Market Stalls
  123. The future of handicrafting
  124. Where is a good place to get Land? [East Side, Haranya]
  125. Crops/Trees
  126. Proficiencies nerfed the most....
  127. Help weapon armor crafting please.
  128. Chance on regrade for weaponry?
  129. Land Ownership for a new player
  130. Do you guys think it's worth crafting your own gear?
  131. Leather Dawnsdrop Item Balancing
  132. Lunar/Solar Farm Question
  133. Recipe to revert Gilda Dust back into Gilda Stars
  134. ArcheAge Guide - Crafting T3 Cursed Obsidian Bow Weapon
  135. ArcheAge Guide - How to Earn More Gold Part 4
  136. ArcheAge Guide - How to Craft Obsidian Armor
  137. Memorie fishing and blue ribbon?
  138. Lunar scarecrow BUG- steep slope
  139. Making the fastest ship?
  140. Mineral x Gathering
  141. Suggestion: new mobility items
  142. Light Switch for Farmland & Houses
  143. multi- purposed aging larder
  144. No Break Charm
  145. Clipper Ship Placement
  146. Anyone got the info on 1.8 Pet Armor Crafting?
  147. Equipment crafting house procs?
  148. New marketplace wardrobe fusion item suggestion
  149. Please Consider making Houses like DAOC with Sales at each house
  150. Explaination on lutesong junk slot
  151. someone tell me the odds of this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  152. QoL AH Improvement
  153. armor ??
  154. Suggestion: make processed materials (lumber, stone brick, etc.) stack up to 1,000 (TRION plz read)
  155. Quake leather set?
  156. Any veteran cooking daily masters here?
  157. Delphinad Bow vs Fugitive Bow (T4 Obsidian)
  158. WTS built 28x28 in perinoor ruins next to plaza (shatigon)
  159. what happens when I sell a house?
  160. Lunar Scarecrow Farm
  161. Wtf?! Why!?
  162. 8x8 land plot
  163. Is land still scarce?
  164. suntower armor
  165. What grade ill jewelery will be?
  166. Farming Archeum
  167. question about crafting my shield
  168. WTB > Illustrious Lightning Leather Set ( Celestial ) 400G
  169. [Obsidian Fists] WTFFFFF
  170. Handicraft, the irony of not being so .. Handy.
  171. Obsidian weapon crafting question, slightly concerned
  172. Rumbling Archeum Trees
  173. Custom Flag "Wide"... Help xD
  174. Crafting 16x16 to a Gazebo farm question
  175. Utility of tundra's fishing
  176. looking for optimal or near optimal property for larders
  177. High RNGers wanted
  178. LF>Someone to Craft Eperium Greataxe or salvage
  179. WTB Magnificent Desert Sabatons
  180. Suggestion(s) to encourage housing churn
  181. Merge Crafting
  182. New housing upgrades
  183. Improve scarecrow farm?
  184. Increase the decor limit for large houses please!
  185. kyros Nueia looking looking for a price 24x24 diamond shores
  186. WTB 8x8, 16x16, and Farmhouse on Aranzeb
  187. Fusing image to wardrobe item
  188. Caernord Seabreeze Rudder Design
  189. How to obtain World boss Pets
  190. Reznoc's Guide to Ship Component Designs
  191. WTS DIVINE [Epherium Lightning Jerkin] PM OFFER
  193. Ayanad staff design
  194. T2 Uniqe Or Celes' ? - Poor player try to make gold
  195. Regrading is rigged and broken
  196. 【Archeage Artistry】MeTaLz's Music Shop ♪♫ 🎶 🎼
  197. Butterflies!
  198. uncolloring a image item?
  199. Tutorial of how to upgrade a Clipper :D
  200. Upgrading ship compenents on fishing boat...
  201. Crafting armor vs buying it
  202. Land to build a farm house?
  203. Crafting a salvaged ehperium bow
  204. 【Archeage Artistry】Kpawp Music Songfest ♪♫
  205. we need new better ah system
  206. How can i craft earing with parry effect ?
  207. Low-Mastery Labor Sink WITH Profit?
  208. Future in Archeage?
  209. 50K Gathering/Farming Bundle Quests Question
  210. Lunagem socketing idea
  211. Pavilion question...
  212. Coral Mature Times Increased
  213. small scarecrow farm help
  214. ♥♥♥♥ Boat Crafting
  215. Ominous Obsidian Bow not regrading
  216. How to raise a buffalo???
  217. Looking for a house in Tahyang
  218. Selling land after patron runs out
  219. Suggest me a craft
  220. Scarecrow Garden Problems
  221. RNG crafting
  222. Bad experiences are bad for the game.
  223. New player questions.
  224. Lunagem/lunastone Help!
  225. Lucky Azalea Vases?
  226. One large farm only zone question
  227. Treehouse in ArcheAge 2.5
  228. How does Obsidian fit into the crafting hierarchy?
  229. The Songsmith's Repertoire
  230. newbie crafting questions
  231. Safe trade routes: Nuia vs. Haranya
  232. Still hard to find Land (Tahyang)?
  233. New House Design??
  234. How long does a male polar bear stud stay that way?
  235. How to win land in a full area
  236. Music Books For Music Sheets
  237. New Houses in KR 2.5 update
  238. [Spreadsheet] True cost of Trade Runs
  239. Best way to earn gold crafting weapons
  240. Tradepack House
  241. New Animated Blank Canvases in 2.5?
  242. where are my plots of property?
  243. Celestrata need to get Clarification please on Manor
  244. Price check on this house please!
  245. Upgrading houses
  246. Submarines Submerged DO NOT Have A 5.5 m/s Speed
  247. New Trade Run Quest Patch 1.8 (East side)
  248. what is a medium construction board zone?
  249. Solzreed Breezy Bungalow (For Sale)
  250. i have certain questions to go through my project when i get to level 55 now on level 49