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  1. Scarecrow farms zones
  2. Farms - What is Tradable? Oo
  3. Regrade Brazier Ratio?
  4. @Trion re: Construction Bundles
  5. i know..still
  6. Archeum tree sapling.
  7. When will NA get the Haranyan Mansion?
  8. Quick question about obsidian tassets and vambraces
  9. [Ollo] Ynystere Manor for sale
  10. Blue Salt Brotherhodd quest lines.
  11. Landhackers Are Not the Problem. Legitimate Land Barons Are
  12. Gazebo tear down with teh "evolution"
  13. I give up trying to regrade
  14. Bungalow/Aqua Farm Zones in 2.0
  15. Evaluate the price of an item.
  16. The new upgraded houses for patch 1.8/2.0 are SO ugly!
  17. Housing normalization in next update?
  18. Missing Trade packs
  19. Golden ruins house
  20. Upgraded Thatched Footprint
  21. thirsty works flask
  22. New Reforging System?
  23. How to build Growling Yawl (Black Pearl)
  24. Switching property types without demo
  25. The sea will be red....
  26. Resource Harvesters in ArcheAge
  27. Vocation token purchase suggestion(s)
  28. obsidian armor and weapon crafting
  29. If you upgrade a thatched / house and demo it, what do you get?
  30. An Idea: House Textures
  31. Crafters skills dismissed?!!!
  32. Favorite/best housing spots
  33. Will High end crafters be further compensated .????
  34. One last thing about Fishing...
  35. Auction House Prices
  36. Trade run time?
  37. evolution housing zones
  38. Upgradable housing question
  39. Barnacle hype thread
  40. Best spots on the east side
  41. Enchanted blueprint
  42. Chests inside farmhouse upgrade
  43. Are new Fertilizer pack worth?
  44. Question about the Improved Scarecrow Farm
  45. Trademan's House and Gilda
  46. Kyrios Public Armorerís House
  47. Packs from new trade's man house
  48. Fishingboat v.2.0
  49. Which upgraded house to choose ?
  50. Random Barnacles on Fishing Boat
  51. So... Braziers & Radiant Tree's
  52. Thatched Farmhouse upgrade questions - zone climate
  53. Small building / shed
  54. Dazzling Magic Sealed <Item>. ??
  55. Can't place behives around Chalet
  56. Wilted Bundle Quests Removed?
  57. housing -> farmland question
  58. "Successfully regrading an item to Arcane now rewards a bound Green Regrade Charm."
  59. fastest way to Level Up+ after 2.0 with spending labor points?
  60. Trade pack question.
  61. How to obtain the 5% production speed buff?
  62. Miner's Thatched; To rotate or not to rotate?
  63. Can't find TIMBER COUPE and COMET SPEEDSTER design in Mirage
  64. Odds of proc'ing a free regrade during crafting?
  65. Vocation badges
  66. Question regarding house upgrades...
  67. Anyone have the new recipe/item cost for crafting weapons from a Armorer house
  68. How many Specialization Snowflakes Do I Need to get 4 Authority?
  69. Upgraded Thatched Farmhouse
  70. Glorious experia procs
  71. Upgraded farmhouses daily quests
  72. Hasla crafting
  73. Mana Wisps
  74. Upgrade of haranya type house.
  75. Crafting and Salvaging Aprentcie Thypoon Guards in 2.0
  76. Gazebo vs lunar Pavilion 24x24
  77. Upg houses question
  78. Price check on isle 3 ( Delphinad Wave Necklace )
  79. I have a question about Housing locations/values
  80. 100 Gilda House Question
  81. Delph Life earring
  82. Calling all farmers quest
  83. Disappointed Patron -Lack of Land-
  84. A few crafting questions
  85. Livestock Thatched
  86. Tradesman's townhouse is useless ...
  87. Are the LARGE houses going to have upgrades?
  88. Plant spawns on Upgraded thatched farmhouse spawn at 6:00 gametime
  89. 24x24 on shatigon prices
  90. rotating house on upgrade: what increments per wheel notch?
  91. Improved Scarecrow Question
  92. Miners Thatch needs vfx when ready
  93. Question regarding Proven Warrior Necklace
  94. 2.0 trade and Mining House workbench
  95. Freshwater fishing area haranya
  96. Revert: Improved Scarecrow Farm Please
  97. Fish will not use abilities
  98. Archeum dust question
  99. Question regarding the "Delphinad Flaming Hatchetblade Cloak"
  100. Rancher's Farmhouse - how do u slaughter animals?
  101. Alchemy vs HandiCraft
  102. Question about housing
  103. Do you think AA needs more furniture?
  104. LunaSCALE question.
  105. Apothecary or trademans house my house is in arum iris
  106. Regrade Major Failure rewards
  107. First house built
  108. Tradesman or crafters hause upgrade?
  109. Misuse of houses territories
  110. Farmhouse or Boat?
  111. Abyssal Shard's, how do I get them other then Serpents?
  112. Rotated Upgraded Thatched farmhouse larder space?
  113. Glorious Dawnsdrop
  114. clipper speed
  115. House Upgrade
  116. Armorer House
  117. Upgrading Loot Items?
  118. 8x8 Housing.. next patch
  119. Auroran Synthesis Shard.
  120. demolishing upgraded house
  121. Housing Upgrade Glitch
  122. Farmers Workstaion
  123. Land availability fix
  124. Cars update
  125. New crafted pet armor runspeed vs. Serpentis?
  126. Upgraded Thatch question
  127. [Kyrios] Welcome to my Farm ! Public Armorer House + Plaza.
  128. [Suggestion] Crafter Signature on trade packs
  129. Can not craft
  130. Time to quit?
  131. Housing Remodel Materials by House Size/Type?
  132. Question(s) about crafting Cursed Weapon
  133. Question for my fellow crafters
  134. Making money in the mid 20s
  135. So... I have new roof...
  136. I Just Couldn't Wait Anymore...
  137. Good way to make money?
  138. New to House Ownership. Have some questions...
  139. Submarines?
  140. Updates to 16x16 Farm System?
  141. Impossislope Cottages.
  142. Idea: Player-Owned Vendor
  143. Question about Housing in Conflict/PvP zones
  144. A question about Rancher's farmhouse
  145. I made a Excel / google sheet for Timbercoupe. its still a work in progress.
  146. Specialty Profenency Items
  147. Crafting crit/upgrades
  148. Error in loosing item
  149. Tidal Bungalow & 24x24 questions
  150. Holy ♥♥♥♥, wing-clipped glider is maddening
  151. Townhouse v Thatched Farmhouse: GO!
  152. armorer house size
  153. I need a SNOWFLAKE now to level mining above 10,000??? SERIOUSLY???
  154. Beehives and upgrade?
  155. Tidal Bungalow ... opinions on best zone?
  156. Soon to get my own land. Question...
  157. WTS/WTT Delphinad Earth Guards DAHUTA EU
  158. Tradesman's townhouse
  159. Need to place a house
  160. Ice Fishing worth it?
  161. Your personal experience with regrading[Poll]
  162. House
  163. [Suggestion] Please remove percentage drops from fertilizer packs
  164. which animal is best for leather farm
  165. Revert Improved Scarecrow farm?
  166. Merchants town hause for packs
  167. Gaining Gold as a Beginner
  168. Armorer's House
  169. Lunafarm in Rangora
  170. Pot House Procs
  171. Upgrade materials
  172. Prices for fertiliser packs
  173. Tahyang AH cluster, charcoal stabilizers prices
  174. Housing Upgrade Glitch a Thing to Worry About?
  175. Gallery for upgraded houses?
  176. Multipurpose Trimmer
  177. Craftng Elite Merchant's Cushion
  178. Silly Housing question
  179. Armourer's vs Apothecary House
  180. Farmhouse question
  181. test
  182. How can you see what items you will salvage.
  183. Question on the upgraded Rancher's farmhouse
  184. Question about buying a pavilion and its land
  185. Name of this weapon?
  186. Submarine
  187. Decor limit increase
  188. How much cost 16x16 farm in Marcala with appraisal
  189. Does upgraded Houses looks different?
  190. Chrome Steamfish Submarine.. Where rear engine?
  191. Korean Panda Glider
  192. Question about profession skills levels.
  193. Is reforging viable?
  194. Quick question regarding Artistry
  195. farm decor?
  196. Halloween House/Farm Showcase
  197. Warrior Necklace Rank 7
  198. A Guide to Flowerbeds
  199. 16x16 farm - salphira
  200. Handicraft, Tailoring, Carpentry, Gathering skills
  201. Salvage question
  202. Do I have to be a certain level to start trade running?
  203. Upgraded farm house/Animal Pens
  204. Ocleera rift
  205. Guild cloak upgrade after divine how and where
  206. Crafting Obsidian Tier 4 leather
  207. Larceny and you.
  208. open alchemy house,
  209. New player with questions on housing/land/money making
  210. Lack of useable land
  211. Farming fire/wave lunarite
  212. Mummy, Prisoner, Ghost, and Golden dress costumes!
  213. Construction Proficiency
  214. Crafting Rings, Earrings
  215. Does Rookborne Basin "Carrot Ale" specialty pack still exist?
  216. Thunderstruck: A Journey
  217. Taking offers on land in Halc, Kyrios Server
  218. Aged trade packs
  219. how to make anya ingots?
  220. Most up to date tradepack spreadsheet
  221. Sea harvesting
  222. The greatest housing-system of all the time
  223. Character and bed
  224. is delphinad meadow earring garbage? :|
  225. customiseing you glider?
  226. Cool furniture idea..
  227. Whirlpool Isle Refined Crystal
  229. Thatched's vs Upgraded versions in terms of usable land around them
  230. Gold Guide: Farming and Gathering (excel document)
  231. Which one handed weapon to sells best at delph?
  232. Sapphire Solarium, wrong information?
  233. Merit Store More Expensive in NA/EU?
  234. ThePokerPlayers 31days of info on armor crafting. Hope this helps
  235. WTS Labor
  236. Help!!!.I`m problems with placing my house and creating a scarecrow garden
  237. What proficiency is profitable nowadays
  238. You would Subscribe if... happened?
  239. Illegal lemon farm? (Videos)
  240. Xmas Decorating
  241. Sooo...Ayanad
  242. Bear farm still a thing?
  243. Request - Improved scarecrow revert recipe
  244. High crafting proficiency?
  245. Request: Crafting Materials for Lunagems
  246. Coin purse farming to boost economy?
  247. Best way to make money with Harvester Farm House?
  248. Soulforged weapons / oclera event
  249. smart rod v santiago
  250. Delphinad Cloak noob question..