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  1. WTS Obsidian Crafting Mats: Your Gold & Wisps + my Crafting Mats = Your Shiny New Obby Gear!
  2. WTB "Experienced Adventurer's Compass"
  3. Will we be able to upgrade between the new cars later?
  4. gold making guide
  5. Gold Guide: Alchemy (with document)
  6. Green fertilizer packs
  7. Question - Demoing Improved (Stellar/Lunar/Solar) Pavilion Farm
  8. Gold Guide: Leatherworking (downloadable document)
  9. Commerce Negotiation bonus's
  10. In game gift ideas
  11. Request: Daily Watering to Maintain Plants
  12. Hidden proficency effects.
  13. Equipment Designer’s Workbench Quick Lookup
  14. Artistry proficiency
  15. WTB 16x16 or 24x24 spot in 2 Crowns Sirothe EU or Tatched House
  16. WTS/WTT Divine Obsidian Sword for a Divine Obsidian Bow Salphira server
  17. Pelt Farming Done Right :cool:
  18. Socketing Help please?
  19. two questions
  20. Improved Thatched Houses: How Does One Get on the Roof?
  21. Where does one find the Mornstone(s)?
  22. Need Urgent Help!! - Upgrading from Experimental Glider
  23. Mystical Regrade Brazier Workbench.
  24. Regrading and image item fushions?
  25. Ayanad Designs
  26. Incoming gold advice ^^
  27. V1 vs. V2 Katana
  28. mana wisp "farming"
  29. WTB epic/Legendary t1 Katana
  30. placing lunagems ?
  31. resources
  32. House orientation ?
  33. Gazebo vs Thatched: Leather mana wisp farming
  34. Furniture Limit Expansion Certificate
  35. Dream Ring, am I dreaming?
  36. Dawnsdrop armor question (mining fists)
  37. WTS great spot ( Leviathan EU )
  38. High tax with only 2 buildings
  39. Need to destroy bad gemming choice in pants
  40. Updated lunafrost/lunagem list?
  41. Upgrade for the bungalows
  42. How many mats do you need to upgrade a 28x?
  43. WTB Certed Chalet On Kraken Server
  44. Interesting (Hidden) Decorations!
  45. Thatched Farmhouse for sale in Sanddeep [Ollo-NA]
  46. Chckens on a Harvesters Thatched
  47. I want to get land!
  48. Pet Armor Regrade Chances stats (and soon Ship Component Regrading with 2.5)
  49. Crafting on EU?
  50. [Request] Please make car stands useable on large houses too
  51. Haranyan house for 2.5?
  52. Patch 2.9 Auroria Tradepacks
  53. Patch 2.9 Obsidian 7 + Materials
  54. Buying 24x24 plot nuian continent aranzeb server
  55. WTB 1200 gilda/Timber Coupe - Morpheus
  56. @Trion: Farmer's Workstation issues and contradictions that deserve resolution.
  57. Really need your help figuring this out ! <3
  58. Tainted Jewels
  59. WTG Land
  60. 105 Tax on 3rd Property?!
  61. Glorreicher Zimmerer Quest
  62. Cheat?
  63. Paying Taxes Forward
  64. New Private Workstations in 2.5
  65. List of gathers from the Merit Treehouses
  66. Are special decor items preserved when selling a house
  67. Multi-hauler pack train info/help
  68. No fishing changes?
  69. Unidentified Painting
  70. Anyone get the new gather from the upgraded thatched farmhouses yet?
  71. Culture Plaza mats?
  72. 6 new Masonry furniture items have been added
  73. What are thatched farm houses selling for now?
  74. Breakdown for Guild XP from Experia Patches
  75. Upgraded Harani Mansion! (Kyrios First?)
  76. winged megalith
  77. Traveler campfire creator ninja nerf
  78. Farmer's workstation Help please
  79. CarsInTheSkyAge - I'm calling you out Amary.
  80. Treehouse with Bug?! Allways abundant branch
  81. My TreeHouse of Azaleas
  82. Assassin's Stone Statue
  83. Housing is hard!
  84. Maestro Miner (Rock Bottom) title - HELP
  85. Carved Stone Pillar Illusion
  86. Trying to find....
  87. TAXES ISSUE BACK: 3rd land cost 178 taxes
  88. Rudal's and Iyor's Travel Journals - Quire help request.
  89. To trade safely which EU server would be better choice for west?
  90. Obsidian gear worth it?
  91. 2.5 New Miner's Farmhouse Labor/Mat cost.
  92. Gold Making
  93. Fastest Yet Profitable Way to Burn Labor?
  94. Price check on a tassets piece
  95. A small warning about paying taxes on time....
  96. Most profitable house?
  97. Returning to game(Regarding gold-making on an insane level)
  98. Housing on the Auction House?
  99. do beehives collapse?
  100. fix tree house dimensions
  101. Picking up objects
  102. Dream Shard
  103. Suit storage / Garment closet
  104. Larder drop references for treehouse
  105. Am I doing something wrong?(Making gold)
  106. Polar Bear tips ?
  107. Thunderstruck on Tree House :D
  108. TOP 3 Craftable Things you want added to the Game
  109. Streaming Crafting and Regrading.
  110. Fastest way to burn labour on ALT( minings vs crafting tax certs)
  111. Item Limit Expansion Scrolls
  112. Confused about Vocation Badges
  113. Gweonid > Two crowns route.
  114. Wilderness housing ??
  115. Evenstone or sell Epherium Sunset shield?
  116. Dress Dyes
  117. How do I place my house?
  118. WTS great spot ( Leviathan EU )
  119. Suped up Merch on a budget
  120. Building items
  121. Bound Vocational Hastner Scroll
  122. Spots on any NA Server
  123. 18 Larders on Upgraded Pavilion (Standard Drop)
  124. Can we remove Glider Customizations?
  125. would doing Two Crowns Larders be the best safe route?
  126. Large farm help
  127. House Experts
  128. Safe trade Gweonid > solis for charcoals
  129. Solarium Question
  130. Memory Shard Farming Location?
  131. Making Money Through Farming?
  132. YOllo's Functional Car SkyHighway
  133. Spending labor tips
  134. Delphinad Earth Belt & Delphinad Typhoon guards
  135. WTB [Divine] or [Epic] Delphinad Gale Bow
  136. 2.9 in May/June
  137. Aquafarms
  138. 90k Masonry Title
  139. Real Estate Flyers
  140. Farmhouse upgrade
  141. Mining profession worth it? questions
  142. Tips on safe Sports fishing?
  143. LF>Jewelry Crafting advise
  144. Need guidance on larders/trimmed meat senpais
  145. Penalty for number of houses for different servers
  146. Non-Patron housing purchase
  147. Decor limit increase scroll, when does NA/EU get it?
  148. Cleric Armor Crafting issue
  149. Any tips on how to make profit from Artistry?
  150. Anyway to make armor stronger?
  151. Yolo Ayanad Wave Flute (celest) what did i get?
  152. Seeking a quick Lunagem 101
  153. Guide on merchant runs.
  154. Never again will I buy patron.
  155. how to find all type of gear weapon,armor etc...
  156. Pool Question
  157. New T4 Gems?
  158. How do Solar / Lunar / Stellar Farms influence taxes?
  159. WTB full set of delphinad lake set (cloth) any server in NA that can be transferred
  160. Wtb 4 * harvester's farmhouse design
  161. is there a villa version for handicrafts?
  162. Hauler needs pdefense at least
  163. Solar/Lunar Farm Placing Issues
  164. Help with Gilda star tardepack run.
  165. Something is confusing me. I'm missing information here...
  166. WTB Epherium or Delphinad Flame Vambraces on EU
  167. Housing question, maybe silly
  168. New trying to craft a weapon
  169. Open Land
  170. What Quests do i need to do
  171. Making money these days.
  172. WTB Legendary Sword
  173. Luna gems and handicrafts
  174. @Celestrata/Trionteam: Please look in your internal build about Certificate
  175. Eternal Library Weapon upgrade
  176. Moving upgraded houses?
  177. WTS land Morpheous
  178. [REQUEST] Tweak crafting materials amounts for some tradepacks.
  179. Finally... we got our guild balloon!!
  180. Building furnishings extend scrolls and 2.9
  181. Tradesman's Housing (pack houses): Any use in 2.9?
  182. Crafting vs buying mats?
  183. Guild Sidewalk Sign
  184. A question of consistency...
  185. Profit question
  186. WTS Mansion Kraken server
  187. Guild Balloon decor vs Treehouse
  188. How to use a lot of land for gold?
  189. Degrade APEX Drift???
  190. Can someone explain costumes to me
  191. 2.9 buildings
  192. So island land holders, what do you think of the new islands?
  193. best fishing boat propellant?
  194. Obtaining custom land claim
  195. Is killing an alt in gladiator arena bannable?
  196. Reduced requirements for tier 5 and 6?
  197. Tier 7 Mats for 2.9
  198. Taxes doubled for hostile lands in 2.9
  199. resulting weapons/armors when crafting
  200. Selling Lots of Properties in Windscour Savannah.
  201. Looking for ideas on how to make gold in less time(opposite region)
  202. Huh? Tax assessment grayed out?
  203. 24x24 or larger only on new islands... REALLY?
  204. Logs and water.. What is the real deal?
  205. storage silo?
  206. Ladder and rug designs
  207. Pack system is spoiled
  208. Lilyut hills central vendor moved?
  209. New cute painting via dreamshard
  210. Fruit punch
  211. UCC samples thread
  212. New Wall Partitions
  213. Paintings
  214. Looking for a way to progress financially
  215. Land Expansion Certs....
  216. How to remove a prepared stone..
  217. What about Dawnsdrop armor T5 ????
  218. Rate my crest TV
  219. Car ucc
  220. Regrade Chance by Upgrade Weapon from T1 to T4
  221. Why do I want to farm potatoes?
  222. Just another crafting spreadsheet
  223. Ayanad can drop mana wisp?
  224. Mistsong weapons crafting
  225. House Full Kit
  226. Selling land with chest?
  227. Lager Silo - Welche Tradepacks gehen da rein? Arkadische See?
  228. Things I would throw money at...
  229. 28x28 Chalet expansion to armory House possible?
  230. ayanad crafting question
  231. Platecrafts
  232. Whyspron v.s. Redtalon: Why is the 'crafted' version inferior?
  233. Brine Flakes in Library
  234. Fellowship Plaza on Luckbeard Island
  235. Where do you get Regal Ore?
  236. Need 18 One Handed Wisps... what should I do?
  237. What's the fastest way to level up by crafting ?
  238. How do you safely remove a bed
  239. Armor Crafting Help - New Player
  240. Buying labor on morpheus
  241. Long-term crafting.
  242. Tax help!!
  243. Oily Cotton Seed and Seed Bundles
  244. Request for the new housing decor limit ticket
  245. Land Tax Management Question
  246. Min/Max Aquafaming
  247. Greenhouses?
  248. Housing Fanatics Wish List
  249. Buy/Sell Land website!
  250. Can someone explain why labor expenditures now also burn mana?