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  1. rotating house
  2. Can't find land
  3. need rotate option house after building it.
  4. Concept land overhaul suggestion: free placement
  5. Auction house BOTS
  6. How to fix the land issue. Must see.
  7. Land, house, farms, and you.
  8. As we celebrate another house burning, we find out that dancing generates lights.
  9. Red border around your house / farms
  10. canceling a house sale
  11. can i have a house without subscribing ?
  12. Is this as intended? No house but can still port to my farm?
  13. Gazebo farm - 24x24 land expansion ticket.
  14. Auction house bot
  15. My big house
  16. Anyone get banned trying to place a house?
  17. What a built house and design look like together
  18. A house full of Bots
  19. Killing someone in their house... this has to stop
  20. Can you trade the auction house license?
  21. about "land grab hacker" where I can report?
  22. Auction house exploits
  23. why should i pay to be a patron if i cannot find any land?
  24. Meanwhile at my house
  25. warning regarding the new house placing system
  26. can I sell a house after my patron expires
  27. what happens to stuff when selling a house
  28. regarding house times
  29. what happens if house is demolished (expired taxes) with items inside storage chests?
  30. Video Detailing how to win land grabs !!
  31. Why make land a such big deal?
  32. WTS> 500 Gilda house. Salphira
  33. Hackers using land hacks on Calleil
  34. Damn you Trion - you cant get land hacks still fixed
  35. How much is land going for on your server?
  36. Want a house? Only have an 8x8? Read this!
  37. Manual house demolition as an expiring patron
  38. There needs to be an auction house on freedich and on boats
  39. Auction house
  40. This is why Keechi win's the land in Inoch
  41. Question about land ownership limits
  42. Does regrade hack / land grabbers still exists ? Considering coming back
  43. Ugh, land bots / hacks are STILL in the game
  44. land hackers banned?
  45. Can we get a response when the timber coupe will be added?
  46. If you go pirate, does your land shared with family members still accessable?
  47. cosmetic and land cosmetics
  48. Can i sell at auction house my friends?
  49. bought a thatched house, can i get my gilda back?
  50. Auction house tax rate / fee
  51. Seriously? Still land hackers?
  52. land grabbers
  53. Mega Auction house
  54. Naima land hacker selling land for real money
  55. Idea for fixing expired land grabs
  56. New to the game, need help with house.
  57. An easy interim fix that "might"fix the land grab issue
  58. Remove the Auction house 10% fee
  59. Where are the land expansion cert in the market place
  60. Experts advice on land expansion?
  61. Optimal Gazebo Farm Placement
  62. Unable to place a 16x16 house next to a Gazebo?
  63. Auction house disabled @ Janudar
  64. Kyrius: Louiland = Using Hack to take land ! Trion will do something about it?
  65. Is promising to sell someone your house, taking the money, then running away against the rules?
  66. @Khrolan: Suggestion to fix Server merge land problems
  67. Lucius server is underpopulated and has tons of open land!
  68. Suggestion: Ability to pay land tax from website
  69. Place house before prior farm was destroyed and on hill where it's not legal?
  70. Lucius Server - Lots of open land - Underpopulated
  71. Help me figure out what to plant/farm (Lots of new land)
  72. Is this land LEGIT ? it seems out of place and is only 2 plots no where else is even so much as an 8x8 near by
  73. Tax house and land
  74. Will someone list the benifit of owning land in Auroria?
  75. Whats the deal with trion actualy only in archeage game u get regional ban even though your playing legitly from your house
  76. Can we get the 2 unbuilt property limit BEFORE the diamond shore land rush?
  77. Different faction within the same account using 1 house
  78. question about a villa (28x28 house)
  79. Can we get a designated trading post forum for the different auction house clusters?
  80. How is a land expansion cert used?
  81. Placing a thatched house..
  82. Auction house prices crash, Is someone duping items or what is the reason for this crash?
  83. land question
  84. land questions
  85. Any land brokers / mediators out there
  86. Bots blocking regal house doorway
  87. I can see my house from here...
  88. Minimum amount of land to make a decent profit?
  89. 20 Regrade Scrolls w/charms ALL FAIL?!? WHy?
  90. VOID member using Green alt with land hacking software admits hacking to get land on Inoch.
  91. Impossible to build a house
  92. Warning: Bots on the auction house
  93. Obsidian Crafting Procs - Would like an answer before patch
  94. Library Costumes
  95. A Comparison of Obsidian DPS To Other Crafted Weapons
  96. Lets discuss OBSIDIAN WEAPONS
  97. Quick question about Ayanad crafting
  98. More land exploitations and server disconnects
  99. Crafting Obsidian Weapons
  100. Video: Khrolan discusses the current state of Archeum.
  101. Is it worth more keep the land or sell it?
  102. Need to Vent About Crafting
  103. @Khrolan:The math of crafting
  104. Regrade glitch
  105. Suggestion: Dead land between housing properties could be used as roads
  106. There is literally no land for new players
  107. Leveling Weaponcrafting advice
  108. Bracers vs Hereafter Stones?
  109. Taxes maximum percentage?
  110. Need a detailed guide on how to obtain tier 1 obsidian weps!
  111. regrading of 80+ celestial bows!
  112. Farmer's Workstation on alt -> on main's land?
  113. Thunderstruck Trees from Wood Lots possible?
  114. Ayanad design price?
  115. 7 straight regrades from heroic to Unique
  116. Personal Shop Stalls
  117. Idea's in regards to the crafting issue.
  118. Land question (again)
  119. Artistry Update with 1.7
  120. This is how the new housing safezones works in 1.8 Korea
  121. Are Experia Plants Worth It?
  122. Question about ayanad crafting
  123. in a future patch, can only pirates own land on growl gate?
  124. What's so good about land in Diamond Shores?
  125. Do larger land designs arise because of falling player populations?
  126. They are taking away our land?
  127. Please remove 12 hour CDS from Worker comps Like the other REGIONS!
  128. Why the recipe change for library costumes?
  129. Golden Library Index + Tyrenos's Index ninja change
  130. is there housing in this new area ?
  131. Obsidian Weapon + Image Items
  132. Crafting
  133. 281,250 T1 Accessories Required to Make One Ayanad Accessory (Handicrafts Get The Shaft)
  134. First obsidian weapon quests
  135. T5 Obsidian weapons/Upcoming Marketplace items gallery
  136. Subscribes and better housing options?
  137. NA/EU first Ayanad armor?
  138. Reduction to craft High tear weapons
  139. Experia duck patches disappear after one use?
  140. @scapes @Khrolan Timber Coupe
  141. Diamond Shores land rushing + new patch
  142. regrading obsidian lute
  143. [Suggestion] Housing District Music Consistency
  144. what mob drops ayanad weapon/armor designs
  145. Weaponry craft and profit
  146. Upgrading bound obsidian weapons.
  147. Everyone on ENLA server has a new DS house!
  148. Lunadrops
  149. making gold
  150. Errrmegawd
  151. Welcome to the Crafting & Housing Forum!
  152. XP boost from vocation tonic on Experia plots
  153. Storage Chests
  154. Experia farming sizes?
  155. Mailing Bound Books
  156. Really Trion???
  157. Missing Farm
  158. Scapes, just a question
  159. Salvaging a Obsidian Weapon
  160. Benefits of Fellowship Plaza
  161. Suggestion: Farming Idea - Farm Hauler Upgrades
  162. House transfer question
  163. T4 Obsidian, no fusion?
  164. My Farm House is twisted
  165. Professional Tonic work with Experia Sapling, Livestock etc. ?
  166. Labor
  167. a test
  168. Thunderbolt Glider - Yeah I built One
  169. How Do I Buy A House From Another Player And Not Get Scammed?
  170. Vocation Tonic
  171. WTS Gazebo Farm and Farmhouse in Lilyut - how much?
  172. Blue Tower Mansion
  173. Crafting towards Epherium- Experiences
  174. Stand up frame does not stand up
  175. High Crafting Proficiency should change due to Diamond Shores Patch
  176. Use for vocation badges
  177. RNG is not needed for crafting
  178. LURES should be a crafted item
  179. Request: Pen results
  180. I cant choose armor for my Blighter / Abolisher
  181. How to fit 12 larder in a thatched farmhouse?
  182. Can I Demolish A Cottage And Place A Scarecrow Farm In Its Place?
  183. The Ambiance Music Issue
  184. WTS Ayanad Shield Desighn
  185. Charred Tree?
  186. Archeage Housing Magazine
  187. Obsidian weaps and regrading
  188. 1.8 & Manor Housing
  189. Blighter to an AoE mage class(For Library)
  190. Question about Farm Cart
  191. How many things can you plant around a Nuian townhouse?
  192. Hi guys. I'm a Korean server user. I made a video of 1.8 New house(House upgrade) Review
  193. Wtf!!!!! Downgrade bs!
  194. How does a house/land get set to public?
  195. Braveheart Theme Song MML?
  196. Weird teleport behavior
  197. Transferring items during the sale of a house: (question)
  198. can not place 1st scarecrow
  199. Where to start making money please.
  200. A couple of crafting spreadsheets
  201. Any1 got a house on the water for sale?
  202. Obsidian Armor Materials
  203. regrade bonus on pbsidian weapon
  204. Underwater Farming - impossible to plant corals anymore
  205. Question about selling Gazebo
  206. 1st Free 8x8 Land Scarecrow
  207. Self-Sufficiency Craft quests use 100 LP but give no proficiency?
  208. Trade Info vs. Trader Prices
  209. Need Ways to make Money ( Im starting from the bottom)
  210. Fishing
  211. Regrading obsidian sword to EPIC clip
  212. Optimizing my farm(s) setup - need experienced opinions!
  213. Furnature guide?
  214. What now. Celestial+
  215. Epherium vs obsidian armor
  216. Archeum Tree Farms Test
  217. Should i craft delphinad or salvage my epherium for obsidian?
  218. Thought you could have only 2 unfinished properties
  219. current salvaged handicraft
  220. tightly placing tradepacks on a farm
  221. I have a stupid log pack on my back! Now WTF do I do?
  222. Obsidian Weapon Upgrade
  223. Higher tier procs and > 90k proficiency in crafting
  224. Wooden chest
  225. Lands for Gazebo.
  226. WTS Delphinad Earth Flute
  227. WTS Townhouse on Nuimari
  228. Can't find empty land
  229. Manequins
  230. Procing upgrades while crafting question!
  231. Crafting ability and it's uses
  232. Content that`s missing...
  233. Help trion, help!
  234. Help trion, help!
  235. Giant Black Pearls
  236. Are hackers still taking housing?
  237. Thatched upgrade ETA?
  238. mats needed for new galleon upgrades?
  239. New Players Can't Get Housing Land or Farms.
  240. new crafting ranks..what's the point?
  241. WTS Cart Survival Guide
  242. WTS Artisins/conqueror gale Ring Service
  243. Ezna Cutter help
  244. Why should I keep paying for nothing?
  245. Blue ribbon
  246. Fish Finder not working after 1.7
  247. ship regrading/upgrading question
  248. What are the methods to win the gold?
  249. artistry title
  250. exploration... Why?