View Full Version : Lag and packet loss only when performing actions in-game

10-24-2014, 10:18 PM
I've been running into an issue where every once in a while where I cannot maintain a connection to ArcheAge, or if I can then I experience extreme lag. Other times, everything's fine.

Here's what my tracert and pings look like while I'm running ArcheAge in the background (connected and in game, but tabbed out):


And here's what happens to my pings when I tab into the game and start running around for a bit:


And here's what happens while I run a speedtest (still running ArcheAge in the background, but not doing anything in-game): (100+ ms during the upload part of the test)


And the result, of course:


Any thoughts? Possible heavy-handed interference by HackShield or something? Other games are fine. ArcheAge is also fine much of the time, but gets into this state which makes the game unplayable for hours or days. Restarting my computer doesn't help.