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10-24-2014, 10:52 PM
Red Impact was formed 2013 in the MMOFPS Planetside 2 (PS2). We still have a large group active in the game, but a part of the core group looked for new challanges, since PS2 doesn't has a proper end- or even metagame and has therefor started playing AA.
Most of our AA players are experienced MMORPG, a few players a new to it. But overall we are a very dedicated group and want to finally start deeper into AA.
Our part of our AA Members is playing since release, the others since the Server got unlocked.
We are an international guild, we have players from US over EU all the way down to Australia.
So there is nearly 24/7 someone of us in AA, even that we currently still are a small team.

General requirements:
You know your way around in AA (We do help you, but at the end don't expect that a guild carries you the whole way to your personal endgame stuff)
16+ years old. Recommended is 18+ years. At the end it depends how mature you, "derping" around here and there is fine, but during Guildstuff we expect that you to keep up with all calls and be serious and not acting like a 13y old kid.
Interested in a dedicated group, which works together.

We do 3-4 guild "events" per week, which goes from World PvP, gildas. trade runs to boss hunts etc pp.
Dahuta is a big Server with many big guilds, we want to grow, but going to keep it on a reasonable level, therefor we expect that all Members follow calls to a raid/trade when there is one, as well as keeping update with the major guild stuff. -> In short: We want dedicated teamplayers.

Minimum LvL. 35
Registered on the Forum (We don't expect that you are actively posting there, if you have nothing to add, but we expect that you read the News and know what is going on)
Teamspeak≥ + Microphone (and please use push2talk ;))

What are we looking for:
If you have a house/farm or are in general more into the economy of AA than PvP and want to earn some gold/resources for yourself, but also the group than we do have spots for that.
PvP Players
depending how big we become the amount of PvP stuff we do will increase, but in general we going have 2 main raid days, where we train and fight.
The PvP Players will also, as long as they are not needed to carrie, go for the protecting part of traderun, if we are going into PvP Zones.

(Joining 1 one of the Subdivision, doesnt exclude the activity of the other. Its just important for the organization part and the direction of the guild.)

You can apply at: redimpact.org (http://redimpact.org)

redimpact.org (http://redimpact.org) (Forum is very new, our old one died)
Steamgroup (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/redimpact)

In game contacts
Jordon, RJCody, SoliderRusH

11-05-2014, 12:47 AM
Merchant ship for rapid economical growth and galleon for naval warfare are ready.

Apply today.