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10-25-2014, 07:30 AM
Hi folks,
It is Batfly. It has been 4 days since the bad thing happened. I did not receive any email to my email account about why Trion did that. 4 days already, 4 days= 96 hours. But luckily, I got some pro or con feedback from my post. I just want to share with you here:
1) “Doing a copy and paste response because there are a few threads about this topic. If you feel you have been unfairly suspended, please put in a ticket with CS. They have all the data, and can review your case accordingly. If your friend/brother/sister/girlfriend/child got banned, they can do the same. That being said, you never know if folks are cheating, just because they don't do it around you.” I received this one and a lock thread for my day 3 log. It is better than nothing anyway. I've just have some questions and confusion about this reply and want to ask here. First of all, it is truth that “there are a few threads about this topic”, however, there are also “a few threads” about “Dear Trion We the legitimate players of AA support you on your use of the ban hammer”(Nerelith 10/24 9:01 a.m) and “ The Big Ban Theory...the best show ever!!!”(Europa 10/24 2:36 p.m). They are also shared with the same idea and there are more than one threads. But on the other side, they are not lock at all. So it seems to be if you on the pro side of it, your thread will be fine, and if you on the con side of it and your thread become hot and on the first page of forum, the lock will arrive. Is that the way a big firm should do to face the complainant? What do you guys think about this issue?78Secondly, “please put in a ticket with CS”. Did I do it? Yes, of course. Did anyone answer the door? Nope. So I just want to ask Ocho who is the community manager of Trion. Can you spend one more second than just copy and paste to treat my words, and pass the massage to someone in the same company of yourself, please? Thirdly, there is a nice story in the final part of the reply. I understand people lies. I am here because I think it is unfair to me for doing all these to my little cat man without saying any reason as your promise. I am waiting for the reason which should be given to me as soon as this issue happened. According to your words, I should “check your registered email for a message regarding this action”. Trust me, I checked 10 times a day now. In conclusion, I don't think open one thread a day should be target as“thread by thread” and should be locked. Someone else might have the same issue, however, my voice is unique.
2) Please be nice. I understand a lot of people are on the pro side of Trion. I am totally fine with that. You might not believe me, you might think I was making a story than telling the truth. I am OK with that. I think you guys should all know the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. It gives us the right: freedom of speech. You can have your opinion and your side, I can have mine also. You think Trion is nice. I think it used to be nice, but now I no longer sure about that. So, please don't use “die cheater die” or called me a **. You can say you don't believe me, but look at my eyes and treat me as a human being. In addition, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
3) I want to thank someone in the last part of today's thread.
HelzBelz, Zephire, Katif, Vencher, taidan24, Silverthorne07 and Totes Mcgoats:
Thank you for your reply and kindness, you let me warm again. I will keep going to fight with the unfairness until the last minute of day 14. LoL
Also I want to thank Ocho, the community Manager. At least, you are the first one of Tiron who give me something.

Incident 141023-002082 Unsolved
Thanks & Best Regards