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10-25-2014, 09:19 AM
Fellow adventurers,

We are a small(currently) guild, under the name ZAO, that consists mainly (but not only) of IRL friends.

Currently we are in need of more people!

Our main activities are:

Fishing (with fishing boat ofc).
Land Management and Real Estate. We own lands for our guild needs as well as participate in the real estate business for profit, we have made a good amount of money by buying and selling lands/houses.
Trade runs.
PvP in all its forms (Naval, World, Arenas). Since Auroria is to be opened very soon, we need a good PvP team for the epic battles that await us.

We are looking for people who:

Speak English and are active players.
Are into PvP.
Can stay up late in order to achieve some certain goals in the game.
Preferably have a fishing skill over 10k (or are willing to increase their skill).

We expect people to:

Not PK people for no reason. We are not a PK guild.We only kill those who are our enemies, and those are specific people/guilds.
Attend Guild Events.
Join our Teamspeak server and have a chat with us :) don't be shy!!
Help achieve guild goals and/or invest in guild decisions. For example we had 3 people invest in our Fishing boat even though one of them doesn't fish, he helped out financially and within 3 days from the boat's construction he was compensated.
Most importantly, have fun :D.

Anyone who is interested in joining our guild can message the following people in game:

- Derkith (General)
- Kinezodin (Officer)
- Armodius (Officer)
- Hotice (Officer)
- Coldfire (Officer)