View Full Version : Error since today, anyone seen this before?

10-25-2014, 12:59 PM
Today (the 25th of october) i started up my pc to play some archeage, cool a patch, seemed a bit weird that it's a 8 gig patch but lets download it anyway.
Got a 1004 error at first (corrupt file) reinstalled archeage 3 ~ 4 times. Also deleted all of my data for a clean re-install, so there were no corrupt files left behind. While downloading that it switched between from 1005 and 1004.

Weird i thought, lets fire up my laptop. Guess what? Same problem, did anything key change for the uploader or what happened? And kind of weird both my devices have the same problem (1005) while the day before everything worked just fine.

Would like to get some help on this, or if anyone has the same problem? Google doesn't makes me that much wiser (i already tried everything)


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