View Full Version : GM Taakaze's mildy unprofesionalisim and a question about a known botter/hacker on Enla NA

10-26-2014, 04:50 AM
I am thoroughly enjoying the game, this isn't a run of the mill complaint thread. However - When GM Taakaze came onto the server just a day or so ago to ban botters and hackers - he made a very unprofessional comment which does nothing but to confuse the players and myself.
After many repeated reports of hacker / botter Narwen he proclaims that "tried to kick but stubbed my toe and gave up"
This is far from enough information to our server about this horror.

Thank you GM Taakaze for coming to our server and kicking a few of the puny gold spammers and bots that were reported but could you please give the community more information as to why you can't / won't ban the server's most reputable exploiter/hacker? It seems quite curious what you stated; that a GM can't ban a certain botter - while giving some extra playful "stubbed my toe" excuse.

Needless to say, our server has no idea if you are joking, or if you in fact do intend to be active in fighting the plague of cheats on our servers.

Please also don't act like a child or RP as a GM, be professional. Had you been professional about this instance - this thread would have been pointless. (Had you been professional, you'd have explained why you couldn't ban our server's most widely known 3rd party exploiter instead of something playful and lacking in info which you shouted to the whole server over system chat.)