View Full Version : Why should I pay for a prime account?

10-26-2014, 09:57 AM
ArcheAge really kicks people in the nuts when they are not online 24/7 :mad:

Since one and a half months, more exactly since the launch, I have a prime account, paying ~13 Euros for my account and I only have a little scarecrow farm, because there is no place for a big one.
I didnīt even buy a small house cause looking for those places is a waste of time, so I saved all my Gilda Stars for a middle one.
But as I cannot be online all the day and not every day because there is work to do, you know, I obviously took too long, as all middle house places are kept now.
Meanwhile there are people selling 16*16 places for up too 700 gold....
People building their house in a spot big enough for 2 houses that way that no second one fits in there.

WHY DOESNīT TRION OFFER MORE HOUSING SPACE? Or, at least, make the housing space more senseful? With pre-formed spaces where you have to put your house in?

There are so much idiots just thinking about their own business, their own pleasures...

It really is like in the real world.

With publishers, only caring for the rich ones that pay a lot of real money extra, and not caring for those who only try to have a little fun. You should call yourself politics.

If this doesnīt change, I will not only end my prime membership, also this game will be dead for me.

Annoying enough that only those with a large amount of money and time get success in real life, I DONīT WANT THAT IN A GAME! :mad:

*If there was a vomitting emote here I would post it several times*

10-26-2014, 10:01 AM
The game is cut throat...... find a farm that has not had its taxes paid.... one that gets demod at midnight your time.

I had to work hard, but got me some land.

10-26-2014, 11:14 AM
Dont worry since they banned a lot of legitimate players who spent time and money on this game for nothing those players had land which will soon be free for you to take and enjoy till the moment you'll get banned by one of their's professional blind ban waves.