View Full Version : Things you could do to make the game a lot better!

10-27-2014, 07:36 PM
The Alliance Tab
You could make an alliance tab in the guild tab and make a alliance view of members online and all that with a chat so we could easier get in touch with each other?

Maybe make Alliance Commanders channel - Only for the commanders, officers and guild leaders
Make a tab only for the alliance where we can see the guilds and tabs for each guild member online?
Make the alliance be unavailable to receive dmg from another alliance, so when we are above 50 members we have the possibility not to attack each other?

Fighting the opposite faction on their continent protection
Could you remove the reasons for why we can not attack the opposite faction before they attack us, this is really annoying when defending our trade ships which we can not they just nuke us 1 after 1....

Make everything a pvp zone, so we at least have a chance to defend our selves from attacks properly...! Cause this continental pvp zone mechanic really is ruining everything!