View Full Version : Amary: Should Gilda Stars be a reward for Continental Routes as well?

05-29-2014, 02:57 PM
Posted on Alpha forum, wanted to surface it here:
First: Our version of 1.0 (basically, 1.0 with the changes we've gotten) will go to Alpha before it goes to Beta. We're getting pretty close on getting a build with the first set of changes to go to alpha (1.0 plus: removing bounty hunter cloak abilities, adding gilda stars to intercontinental trade routes, ping dependent ability changes being the big ones) and I really can't wait until we do so the discussion can be in the context of that build. Second, there's some wider-picture things with gilda stars that I think are important to see as a system, which is hard to do without a build on Alpha:- Nui's Tears have been removed. Mirage Isle items are sold for either gold or gilda stars (plans for houses/ships are all gilda to my knowledge).- 1.0's daily quests guarantee gilda stars, not the random chance (these stars are limited by Time, a max number per day)- Story quests now reward Gilda Stars instead (these stars are limited by Quantity, a capped number per char)- Cross-continental trade routes can reward gold, gilda stars, or the new crafting items from 1.0 (these stars are limited by Risk Exposure, via PvP and level of trade activity at other ports)- We've requested tweaks to the costs of designs on Mirage so that a player can obtain EITHER a sailboat and small house, OR a farmhouse, within the max gilda stars obtainable through the story quests (activities in PvE zones)- Higher tier crafting recipes can now require dust made from Gilda Stars, providing a longer term demand once most house/boat purchases are settledI hope that helps explain the Circle Of Gilda to be expecting to see for our initial 1.0 builds. As always, things have potential to change when working with a developer partner.

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