View Full Version : archeage: Scapes: Should Gilda Stars be a reward for Continental Routes as well?

05-29-2014, 03:30 PM
In the upcoming changes, (in part I guess due to Patch 1.0), Gilda Stars will be made as a reward only for Inter-Continental routes. It's important to bear in mind that this additional method of earning Gilda Stars does not mean the regular and daily quest methods of earning Gilda Stars are being removed. This allows for players to choose how to earn Gilda Stars: via PvE (slower rate) or PvP (faster rate).As important to note that the Gilda Star reward and price quantities are both still in flux and not final.Jump to post... (http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?t=9139&p=118695&viewfull=1#post118695)

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