View Full Version : Server:Calleil Guild: Aegis

10-30-2014, 05:58 PM
I am an officer of Aegis LVL 50 Blade Dancer would like to put it out there that we are recruiting.We have active forums and use a 50 member Vox.Most of our members being pay to play but we do not restrict to that guideline.As a guild we strive for crafting/trading/guild pack running/pvp vrs reds open sea and by land/not limited to only being farm villians as we also like our pve.We don't however murder our own faction as that is one of our golden rules,less of course your defending our own or ourselves.

If your are interested please contact me via ingame mail Cruciatae and i will be more than happy to speak to you more in game.

GREAT MEMBERS GREAT TIMES look foward to seeing you in game