View Full Version : [NA] Ollo - East <Evenstone Pact> - NOW RECRUITING!

10-31-2014, 09:00 AM
Evenstone Pact - looking for more members!

We have been around since the early Alpha days and are willing and able to help any new player progress and learn more about the game in a friendly environment.

We keep ourselves busy with all aspects of the game and have a strong focus on PvP. Our timezones are vast with members from the US, EU and Oceania, so we have activity 24/7.

We are looking for members that wish to achieve great things, have a team-player attitude and are not afraid to get their hands dirty ;)

Our guild offers:

A very friendly, team-oriented environment
Access to nearly all high level crafts
Regular events
Opportunities for members to grow both in rank and responsibility
24/7 activity
Active and lively voice comm servers
An opportunity to make some great friends

What we require from our members:
Team-player attitude
18+ years of age
A desire to learn new things and ability to handle feedback well
Understands that ArcheAge is a game geared towards group-play

Interested? Fill in an application at http://evenstonepact.enjin.com/home and we will contact you in game as soon as possible!!

Have any questions? Feel free to shoot me a message here or in game! <3