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11-04-2014, 06:35 PM
So, I was downloading the ArcheAge game and left it overnight and when I woke up I saw that it stopped downloading with 1 GB remaining. I started to update it again. But, to my surprise, it started to re-download the whole game again. I realized that a new patch came up (which may have been the reason for the re-downloading of the game) while I was sleeping. I was checking around the forums and found out that I just needed to cut and paste the old files to the new files. But that did not work because the new folder where the files were in was different from the old folder.

The location of the folder where the game is being downloaded in right now is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Glyph\Games\ArcheAge\Live\Download
And the name of the folder it is being downloaded in is "209634"
The name of the previous folder it was being downloaded in is "209622"
I kept a back up of the folder named "209622"

I also tried renaming every .pak file in the old folder to match the .pak files in the new folder and it did not work. (WHICH WAS A LOT O.O)
i renamed "delta.0-208022.0" to "delta.0-209634.0"

Any suggestions on how to resume my download from where it left off?

Additional info:
The patch I was downloading prior to the cancellation of the download was this patch:

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.14: Patch Notes

* Explore six new lands: Nuimari, Heedmar, Marcala, Calmlands, Exeloch, and Sungold Fields.
* Be the first to claim Archeum Lodestones in Marcala, Calmlands, Heedmar, and Nuimari, each available for building castles.
* Adventure through the Serpentis (Level 50) instance dungeon in Exeloch.
* Fight new maximum-level monsters throughout the continent.
* Learn more!

* Added 14 new recipes for Brilliant Hasla Relics and Eternal Hasla Relics, the second and third Hasla weapon tiers. Crafting these tiers also requires Gilda Dust as a component in addition to Hasla tokens.
* Doubled the cost to repair equipment to make dying a little more significant.
* The Diamond Shores worldgates will now send you to Calmlands because Diamond Shore is not yet available. Worldgates are a type of portal in some major cities. They cost three Hereafter Stones to use. Existing worldgates have already allowed travel between the two southern continents.
* Added Illustrious Storage Chest (80 storage slots) recipe to Regal Carpentry Workbench.
* Reduced vendor sell price of Archeum Tree Sapling from 1 gold to 10 copper.

* Added designs for the Apex Squall Car, Ezi's Glider, Moonshadow Glider, Red Dragon Glider, and Thunderbolt Glider to Mirage Isle.
* Rebalanced the flight properties of Ezi's Glider, Moonshadow Glider, Thunderbolt Glider, Red Dragon Glider, and Feathered Dragon Glider to match the Ultimate Glider. This is prevent any one glider from being the overwhelmingly best option in almost all cases due to combination of flight properties and abilities. These gliders are now differentiated by their unique abilities which have not been changed.
* Removed vehicle designs from the Honor Points Vendor and Vocation Badge Vendor for rebalancing the cars before reintroducing the designs. Players who had already purchased these designs will keep them but these cars cannot be crafted until they are reintroduced to the game.
* Updated the four-slot Farm Wagon recipe to require the two-slot Farm Cart summoning scroll as a component, making the Farm Cart an upgrade path instead of a separate item.

* Added the ability for players to report spam in chat. Right-click the character name on chat or use "/spam [NAME]" to submit a report to a Game Master.
* Added a notification to the trade interface when a locked trade changes to an unlocked trade.
* Added a three-second delay before the trade interface's accept button is available when the lock status is changed on either side.
* Removed a duplicate recipe on the Regal Carpentry Workbench.
* Fixed a map issue where two zoom levels were reversed in some areas.

* This update is about 150 MB and will be available for download via Glyph during the announced EU and NA server outages. Please visit our Server Status forum for details.
* For the latest developments, be sure to visit our Launch FAQ and Known Issues threads.
* If you receive a Hackshield error after updating, please restart your computer. This will resolve the issue.

And the new patch must have been this one:

Added to Known Issues: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...h-Known-Issues

Disconnection Issues Following Build 4.14
Due to an updated HackShield file, some players may experience disconnections when trying to log into the game. If this is happening to you, please restart your computer as this will address the issue.

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