View Full Version : Scapes: 12 hours later and the gold spam continues .. hello trion anybody home?

06-06-2014, 11:30 AM
i mean for real, is the game left for dead ? if trion can't do anything against only 1 person, i fear this game will be just like archeage RU, more bots than players in every map and all chats becoming useless because of gold spam every half a second . edit: i'm not kidding, archeage RU has more bots than players . Our tools to fight malicious behavior are coming in our next build which isn't ready for Alpha just yet, hence why we're slower than we will be to address compromised accounts. The team is actively investigating these accounts. As you probably suspected and others have mentioned, the URL being linked is being used to compromise more accounts which is why the spam appears to be increasing. In the interim, the chat block function is a temporary if reactive fix. Thanks for the attentive reports of the spamming accounts.

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