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11-05-2014, 08:37 PM
Stories come and go all the while legends are forged through deeds, and lost in time. Will the heroes and adventurers of this generation chisel their own names in time, to let them be heard for hundreds of years to come, or will they burn away into obscurity; taken by time’s sickel.

Everyone can see it, they can feel it. From the colossus boneyard of the Karkasse Ridgelands to the white-cliffs beaches of Sanddeep, through the overgrowth of the majestic Gwenoid Forest to the bread basket lands of Solzreed. War is here. Two forces sit in the dark, knives in their hands. Both are pointing their hidden weapons at each other's back, waiting for the final moment to put eachother down.
Amidst even the most chaotic bloodshed, in the center of the storm, remains a key feature found in any of the sentient races: the ever present desire to explore and learn. Behind the frontlines, behind the back of the Crescent Throne, explorers and adventurers alike continue to roam the open seas.
With the Crown’s eye and hand trained fiercely on the East, bandits and robbers ravage the countryside. All the able bodied men and women, those who have more to loose should the war end in Haranyan favor, have already been conscripted and trained for battle.

Nothing is left to stop them.

Within little more than a month, the formerly disorganized crime gangs had evolved into something more insidious, something with the potential for growth. Cinderstone Moor, a former trade hub, has been desolated from constant conflict. Within the ruined walls of Falcem Keep, now known as the Burnt Castle, the Bloodwind begin their unholy rituals. Abominations and demonic horrors threaten to spill out into the outlying regions. All that stands in the way between these eldritch monstrosities and Marianople is the naval base known as Enza.
In the northern lands, in the antediluvian wildlands of Gwenoid Forest, other kinds of horrors begin to stir from the underbrush. Followers of an old, almost long forgotten religious cult have begun to take root again. The Cult of Dahuta’s Servants has risen from the depths.

Death lingers on every road side, lost coin caught on the edge of a thief's dirk.

Now, more than the Lost Era, each string that binds the Web of Fate are being tested and strung. The more that are severed, the closer the entire collection is to falling into the abyss. Among the smaller villages that dot the lands of Nuia is talk of a strange band of warriors who travel from region to region, village to village, protecting caravans that carry vital trade supplies: the lifeblood of a working kingdom.
By their words, it could be little more than a myth, hopeful talk of desperate souls. Anyone with their sanity intact wouldn’t dare attack the outlaws, not if they wished to keep their heads.
Not long after hearing the rumors, a weary wanderer, a worn adventurer, wanders into a tavern in search of a place to lay their head for the night. To their mild surprise, there’s a small group of well armed individuals sitting in a quiet corner of the room. They match the vague descriptions of the bandit-hunters. The townsfolk got a few details wrong, but there’s no doubt in the wanderer’s mind: it’s them.

So what will you do, adventurer?

Welcome to Aeloulaeva. We are a very small, tightly knit roleplay guild that focuses heavily on exploration, adventure and generally more of the PvE (Player versus Environment) aspects of Archeage. We are based in Nuia, the Western continent, but we don’t discourage using the islands or even the Eastern continents as other settings. Our goals are to unravel and explore the world of Archeage, to experience and develop our own characters, and while assisting in the development of each other's characters. As of now, we do not discourage PvP, but we do discourage PKing other players of the same faction (greens).
Send a message via in-game mailing system, or the whispering system to the character named Jaden. From there, after a short talk, we’ll get you started on joining the guild. If either of those methods are inconvinent for you, feel free to leave a message, including your character's name, here on the post. If you're a little shy, and we are all to some degree, leave me a private message here on the forums.

See you then, and have a fantastic day.