View Full Version : This game is CHAOS!

11-06-2014, 06:32 PM
This has been a tough week for AA.

I'm only level 34(Yummyfur - East), but I did prepare for Aurora by finally crafting my clipper, and purchasing a couple house plans to drop, if I could be so lucky!(...of course, I wasn't...but, at least after a couple cpu restarts, I was able to log in...)

I think it really, really sucks for the people who did prepare properly, hit level 50, had plans with their guilds, etc. AND THEN " The Gods disconnect you.........".

I don't know if Trion really cares, at the end of the day. I understand that XL Games controls things, but that fact can also be used as an excuse, whenever it's convenient for them.

It's easy to say,"get over it" when it doesn't affect you, as a player(I had pretty low expectations for Aurora, since I was just leveling up slowly, anyways), but what if you're the one that gets screwed over the next time around? What will you say then??

What I'm talking about here, is a general lack of confidence in the game, and it's publisher after all of this. I love so many features in the game, and the overall open, free world! I've enjoyed the CHAOS up until this week. I didn't expect to feel so differently about AA so suddenly. I don't blame people for overlooking the negative aspects of the game. At the end of the day, as long as it's working for you, and you're having fun, more power to you!

I thought my negative feelings would dissipate, and I'd get back to leveling & enjoying the game. After finishing up a quest hub, last night, I found a ridiculous area in the game where there were literally clusters of non-stop spawning Iron Ore nodes all in one small spot. I dove right in, naturally! I couldn't believe my good fortune!! Then, I noticed that there were a handful of other level 50 players, just running around in circles, mindlessly mining, mining, mining! I was like, "holy crap...maybe I should just stay here, and not go to bed, tonight. I'll be rich! HAHAHAHA!!" No, I did not do that. It stopped being fun after like 10 minutes. It was way too easy, and in that moment, the soul, the "character" of this game came abundantly clear to me: CHAOS.

Love it, or hate it. That is up to you.

I need to take a break. Maybe, I'll come back before my land gets repossessed...