View Full Version : Scapes: Introducing 10% Bonus Credits for Patrons

11-07-2014, 03:10 PM
Adventurers,A few months ago when we first discussed the ArcheAge Patron Program, a 10% discount on Marketplace purchases was mentioned as a perk of being a Patron. While an "after launch" caveat was included in this perk, both XLGAMES and Trion Worlds have determined that the time to develop this perk would be significant, delaying the benefit to our Patrons longer than we're comfortable with. Instead, we will be implementing an equitable solution that Trion Worlds can execute on its own.Today, all Patrons who purchased Credit Packs after Head Start began (September 12) will get a 10% bonus of those sums granted to their accounts. This bonus will only apply to accounts that purchased Credit Packs after their Patron Time was purchased, are in good standing (not banned, no chargebacks), and have not had their Patron Time or Credit Pack purchase refunded. It does not apply to the Credits from the Founder's Pack and Starter Pack packages. The 10% bonus Credits will apply on future Credit Pack purchases by Patrons.The team has been eager to get this Patron bonus rolled out, thanks for your patience while we made it happen.

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