View Full Version : Scapes: @Scapes...could we get an official explanation/reason for Rumbling Archeum trees?

11-12-2014, 06:30 PM
Now that you have acknowledged the issue and are likely aware of the damage it's done, both in game and to the overall user base, what is being done to immediately fix this problem? Are you in communication with XL Games specifically on the remedy of this issue?For example, are you able or interested in removing this cash shop item as soon as possible? Do you have ways of altering the existing cash shop box such that drop rates will be reduced to be more in line with your expectations?Currently, we will be removing the chest with a chance to drop the Rumbling Archeum Tree Sapling per our and XLGAMES' original schedule but are exploring ways to reintroduce it shortly afterwards. While we did a poor job of communicating that this economy-impacting item was coming to the game, we do not plan to completely remove it. Players have been reporting that there's a lot more crafting, a lot more trade, and a lot more fighting on the seas since the Rumbling Archeum Tree Sapling was introduced in direct response to its impact on the market.

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