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11-13-2014, 01:30 PM
When we appeal these bans they are identified as valid bans by customer support without any specific reason for the cause of them. While bad actors are indeed using our appeal process to circumvent bans, we have reinstated accounts determined to be collaterally affected or otherwise innocent. Legitimate players are actively posting on the forums about being unbanned (and we're granting twice the Patron Time lost as a result of the ban).
The method being used for identifying the accounts that should be banned is failing. A review and amendment of this method needs to be made to ensure no more unfair bans are initiated. With every account that our Game Masters review from the appeals queue, we improve our methods of detecting actual bad actors and reducing collateral bans. This is accomplished by analyzing the behaviors that got the appealed-and-confirmed-innocent accounts flagged and adjusting our scripts accordingly to avoid those actions moving forward. This means our targeting is getting more and more precise daily resulting in fewer false-positives. Now that said, our appeals queue is being reviewed by the Support Team as rapidly as possible. If anyone in this thread hasn't already, email appeals@trionworlds.com to request an appeal. The team will work to resolve it in the order it was received. I know this is a total headache for legitimate players and personally thank you for your patience.

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