View Full Version : Glyph Bug...Unable to complete your purchase...Well Sort of

11-13-2014, 07:33 PM
I have never had any issues buying credits. Never had the above error, well until today. I have bought multiple credit packages. Today I got the above error. I entered another credit card, still got the above error. I was trying to buy the $20 credit pack with no luck. Time and time again I tried.

I then noticed the new message on the page that says "Apex and higher credit packages are available for our players with a 15+ level character. I have three characters. 1 level 50, a level 12 and a level 10.

I thought to myself "I wonder if this is a bug with the 15+ character thing. I tried again to buy but this time only bought the $5 credits package. Tada! Worked. I am thinking there is a bug with the "15+ or higher level character" rule. Please check it out. Thanks.