View Full Version : Scapes: ArcheAge to Launch with XLGames' Patch 1.2

06-18-2014, 09:30 PM
Spaces, i've been wondering if there's a chance to enable the beta accounts to test all this new patchs, its pretty important to keep in mind that most of the gold account buyers bought the game under the promise of play in early june, and I think this last announcement is a little disrespectful for all the gold and silver buyers, even if I have alpha friends, I also have many friends waiting for the closed beta. Our Beta schedule has shifted by a few weeks as the following passage details:
Launching with Patch 1.2 is a challenge as it adds over 70,000 words to translate. Since we want a complete English translation before introducing a larger audience to the game, this does mean that our Beta schedule has shifted by a few weeks. That means that we can't announce a specific date for the first Beta right now, but we wanted to get the great news about the game itself out as early as possible. "Early June" was a goal, not a promise.

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