View Full Version : Keybinds Break during gameplay - No response from support

11-17-2014, 12:37 PM
I use W,A,S,D to move (obviously) but for some reason the keys W & S break, as in I suddenly stop moving forward, whether on a mount or off one, and can only move left and right. Sometimes I fix this by going into keybinds and changing 'move forward' and 'move back' to A & D, play for a bit like this and then am able to reset them to W & S (which then usually stabilizes the issue). However, other times I have to exit ArcheAge altogether and restart it. When it's really bad (as in the keys have become completely none-functional even out of game) I have to restart my whole PC multiple times to get the keys W & S to work.

No other games on my computer cause this issue and the keys never break unless I play ArcheAge.

Anyone know of a fix for this as support have not responded?

Many thanks in advance.