View Full Version : Scapes: Patron not updating??

11-19-2014, 02:20 PM
The transaction IS visible in my transaction history + i got the paypal email about paiment being doneBut so the site is NOT showing the 30 days i just added, and the game is still telling me my patron will expire on Nov 21st...WTF? Is that simply "lag" between the purchase and the update? (did the payment about 9 hours ago though)Thanks! Earlier this week, we identified an issue that caused some Patrons to not have their Patron Time reflected accurately by the game. We've corrected the Patron Time issue for the vast majority of affected accounts. The platform will re-sync with the game (resolving this issue) tomorrow but our Support Team is monitoring forums and tickets for additional reports to be handled as a priority so players don't have to wait until then.

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