View Full Version : Another F.N.G.

11-30-2014, 12:47 PM
Hello all.
My name's Peter, I'll be your ****ing new guy today.
I work swing shift maintenance at a factory, so I mostly play sometime between 0:30 and 04:00.
I'm finally getting around to this, but I've been playing for almost 2 weeks now. My main is Nipsy (33 Doomlord) on Aranzeb, I'm easy to spot, not many level 33 toons have a boat and a farm cart.

If you play on Aranzeb and have noticed the prices on some commodities starting to stabilize, you're welcome. I spend a good chunk of my time in game sitting on the AH playing stock broker, buying the undercutters out quickly and reselling at the going market price, mostly in an effort to prevent bubbles forming in our commodities market and bankrupting us all.
So yeah. Basically just a low level because to me this game is more "Stock broker online" than "Pirates vs. Merchants" lately.

I'm very easy going and laid back because I genuinely don't care about much of anything. I value intellect a great deal, and abhor self entitlement and wilfull ignorance.

If you have an organized and mature guild and are looking for a decent player, hit me up sometime. We can hang out and play together for a bit, run some trade packs, maybe walk the beach on Freedich under a full moon... Let's just see where the night takes us.